Project CARS Should See ‘Good’ Gains From Xbox One DirectX 12 Update

Project CARS Should See ‘Good’ Gains From Xbox One DirectX 12 Update

We can all agree Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS is visually stunning. Graphics that impressive however don’t come cheap and while the game runs well enough on consoles, it’s hard to say no to free frames. In the case of the Xbox One, will the DirectX 12 update provide that boost?

It’s no saviour, but it helps, according to studio head Ian Bell.

In a post on Slightly Mad’s forums, Bell clarifies the benefits of the new API for both the PC and Xbox One. The PC nets the largest gains, in the range of 30-40 per cent. For the Xbox One, there are improvements, but they’re nowhere near as significant:

On Xbox we will see a good gain though.

The next patch (very soon) adds about 5-7%

Following that we’re focusing on the hardest hit areas on circuits, this is mainly art optimisation.

The above should get us very close.

DX12 will add probably another 7% or more to Xbox for us.

Given how demanding Project CARS is, the developer has probably already squeezed what it can out of the Xbox One’s hardware, so it’s not surprising that DirectX 12 isn’t going to magically make the game run massively better.

Still, who’s going to say no to a performance patch?

A question to the devs about the frame rate issue [Project CARS, via Videogamer]


  • Introducing Asynchronous shading through the DX12 feature set should do the Xbox a lot of good relatively speaking. The PS4 has had support for it since launch, should help close the gap a bit. Not all the way obviously since there is still a raw hardware gap on the GPU side between the two.

    • Will this come as a patch threw project cars update or threw Xbox up date and do you know when a full pit crew patch will come

  • What about a patch to fix the bugs with the handling? It would be nice to finish a lap in a go kart without randomly spinning out before worrying about the graphics.

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