Rainbow Six Siege Comes Out On October 13

Video: Rainbow Six Siege — the newest entry in the Tom Clancy-branded tactical action series — comes out on October 13 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


    Never really enjoyed the R6 games, but i'm actually pretty hyped about this one.

    I’m still annoyed that they ditched the whole Patriots thing and made it a team-shooter.

    R6 Vegas was one of my favourite games early in the last gen. I wanted an epic co-op story, and I’m not particularly interested in this at all.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this game sells. Most other shooters have been implementing more dynamic controls and features to keep things interesting (Titans, double jumping, wall-running, grappling hooks)… this looks kinda vanilla.

      Vanilla still works, look at the amount of people that are still playing Counterstrike Source & GO,
      I love the rainbow6 franchise but i'm hoping this will get me hooked like i was with CSS :)

    I haven't played much of the R6 games in general but Vegas2 was awesome, it's still a go to game at house lans because the terrorist hunt mode never gets old.

    1.Got hyped
    2.Watched gameplay
    3.No longer hyped

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