Remember This?

Energydrinkhigh — what an amazing username — was first to guess that yesterday's Remember This was Max Payne. Nice job, I thought people were going to struggle with that one.

But that's usually how this goes. If I think it's going to be easy no-one guesses it. If I think it's going to be difficult it's gone in a minute.

Good luck with today's effort folks!


    My first inclination is Final Fantasy 7, but it could be Dissidia. But it's probably Beyond Good and Evil.

    I'm getting a "Freelancer" vibe off of that.

    Final Fantasy 8 - seifer's bit in the opening fmv,

    Beyond Good and Evil?

      Damn, you beat me to it! Was my first thought as well.

      I know it's not the exact shot, but perhaps the same scene as this?

      Last edited 01/05/15 1:18 pm

    I know i am wrong but i will take a shot anyway. Reign of Fire.

    I'll split the FF guesses and say FF8, with Quetzalcoatl

    Ocarina of Time? Reminds me of the cutscene about the creation of the triforce.

      yeah same near the deku tree right. but its too clear. the graphics were a bit know what im saying.


    Ff8 quetzalcoatl summoning animation

    looks like dragon age inquisition but thats to new....

    I think jupiterofthemonkey is right it looks like the start of one of the Aeon (Valefor maybe) intros into battle in FFX

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