Remember This?

Let me just say that I am extremely surprised no-one has managed to guess the current Remember This. Heading into day 3 now. This is great! Finally I've stumped you all!

Y'all have to guess it today. Surely.

Here are the last two clues for reference...

Good luck!


    Biker Mice from Mars!

      This is the masterpiece i've been working on.

      using reference lines im trying to re-create an approximate image of the screenshot

    Mirrors Edge????

      The latest clue does remind me of mirrors edge, but the first two not so much.

        Exactly what I thought, but I can't picture the car from anywhere..... Mark has me stumped, the bugger

          I've never been too good at this, (the only time I've known or thought I've known the game someone else has guessed it already) but same here. Was thinking Walking Dead (season 1) from the first 2 clues (the opening segment in the police car), but I think the polygons are too basic on the wheels for that to be the case, plus the skyline doesn't match up.

    World Driver Championship on the N64? I'm just grasping at straws. Congrats Mark you may have finally stumped us!

    I swear to god this is Tokyo Jungle.

      Yeah I thought that yesterday too but apparently not :(

    Looks like the hospital from Sleeping Dogs kinda. So I'll go with that.

    Edit: I just looked up Sleeping Dogs screenshots and... Shut up. Don't pick on me for ridiculously different the game looks from this image.

    Last edited 12/05/15 12:35 pm

    If Mark wins, do we get a prize?????????

    Disaster Report?

      That was the vibe I was getting from those images.
      Didn't think anyone would guess it before me.

    It's not one of those Silent Scope games by Konami, is it?


      Looks a lot like it, but the Asian styling makes me think not.

        Yeah, and I think GTA3's graphics were a bit sharper than this too.

          I think i guessed GTA SA and someone else guessed GTA 3 the other day

            You guessed Yakuza, stoob mused about GTA trilogy (which is three games) but didn't name a particular one and seemed like he kinda revoked his guess.

            Last edited 12/05/15 3:29 pm

              I guessed Syphon filter originally my GTA guess was for the one before that. I guessed Yakuza today but someone else did before me anyway.

                Right, the one you guessed GTA3 on was a different screenshot, not part of this series. So this one could have still been GTA3 =)

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    Police quest 3?

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