Remember This?

Wow. I don't think a Remember This post has ever gotten this much attention ever. I was getting tweets about this. I'm almost sad to say that at 8pm last night someone finally guessed it correctly. My fun is over.

Congrats to Robafett who guessed Crackdown. It was Crackdown you guys.

It was Crackdown.

Good luck with today!


    Hmm, kind of reminds me of System Shock 2.

    It's Crackdown again. Mark is trying to trick us.

    Arkham Asylum

    Perfect Dark

      That's way too hi-res to be anything on n64. ☺️

    Mark, any chance you could post the screenshot you used when someone correctly guesses it? It'd give a nice sense of closure...

    As for today...

    Soldier of Fortune? Goldeneye 007? Red Faction 1 or 2?

    Last edited 13/05/15 1:14 pm

        @decoy your reference lines were spot on!

          haha wow i just checked! Holy crap. lol.

            I'm still not 100% sure that Decoy isn't Serrels' alt account.

              If it was, Remember This would be Biker Mice From Mars every day.

              Who else would be here to comment every day right after it opens? And we all know Mark has been slowly going insane over the years. Maybe he doesn't know he is me or i am him.

                ... guys. What if Serrels is actually Decoy's alt account?

                MIND = BLOWN.

      Go with the second red faction I reckon.

    I think the lines are too messy to be a 3D game like everyone's suggesting.

    No idea what it is either way, though.

    Full Throttle.. with the Halo map pack ;)

    Cod4 in the bathroom on broadcast.
    Edit: with the ak-47

    Last edited 13/05/15 2:23 pm

      No, it was Colonel Mustard!

      Just checked and the pattern seems close but not perfect :(

    Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

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