Remember This?

Casual Prolix with the late win! Goddammit. I thought I had another Crackdown on my hands!

Congrats! The game was Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy depending on where you bought the game).

Time for another. Let's go!


    I don't know what game it is but it looks like a chocolate biscuit and now I want one.

    I'm getting Abe's Oddysee for some reason but it's the loading screens and not actual gameplay graphics

    Alf's rape dungeon

      It's not often that I literally LOL at a comment. This is one of those rare, rare occasions. Kudos, haha!

    Clive Barker's Jericho?

    I was going to say tomb raider, but some one tossed that out there so I will say Uncharted.

    Well Abe's Oddysee has been chosen so I guess I will go for Abe's Exodus.

    Serious Sam

    Command & Conquer

    ... any of them ...

    Last edited 14/05/15 12:31 pm

    Serious Sam 3 or one of the HD remakes?

    Uncharted was my first guess, but seeing as that's already been said I'm going with Wasteland 2.

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