Remember This?

Well, looks like I'm on a bit of a roll. No-one guessed yesterday's Remember This, so we're gonna need a second clue.

For reference, here's yesterday's effort...

Good luck.


    Biker Mice from Mars

      Is this the new, "The Dig" guess?

        I followed Shanes lead about 3 years ago. He stopped "Diggin it" a few months later. As a matter of fact he hasnt "Digged" it in more than a year. His spirit lives on. But that being said i cant continue forever and someone else will need to carry on the tradition.

          I stand ready to guess "Ufouria" for everything.

    Silent Hill 4?

    GTA V

    Is it Gun? Made by Activision and Neversoft for PS2, XBox, GameCube & PC back in 2005. Great game too!

      Gun was awesome! Now I want to play it again.

    If it's not that then I will suggest Red Dead Redemption/Red Dead Un-Dead Nightmare

    It's a poster on a wall...... >.

    Edit: Let's try counterstrike!

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    Maybe it's a sign on the floor... Micromachines?

    I'm liking these texture based images, they up the challenge level considerably. As for today's, umm, Metal Gear Solid 4?

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    Alright, let's try some wildly inaccurate detective work.

    *It's something with an excessive amount of really obvious photosourced textures.
    *It's pretty high res, so probably a PC game.
    *The top image looks like it has a normal map (though it's hard to tell for sure with the crappy compression), which probably makes it after Doom 3 - 2004.
    *The normal map (assuming it exists) is generated from the texture and isn't particularly well handled. Let's jump to the conclusion that that means is came out before Crazy Bump - 2006.
    *The first shot is a really familiar looking texture. It might be because it pops up in whatever game it is really obviously (like the id logo in Quake 3, but not) but I'm beginning to wonder whether it was a texture that shipped in a really popular texture library, like the default 3d Studio Max one. That suggests it might have been developed by someone who didn't really care. Maybe a crappy licensed property.

    With that in mind, this game is clearly 50 Cent - Blood in the Sand.

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    Max Payne


        God I loved that game. And I feel it was seriously underappreciated in it's time.

        Sure, it eventually got a sequel which was OK I guess. But for it's day, Mafia was revolutionary in many ways! Even in the driving component, it did a lot of things first. Real time damage system, a real fuel system [shoot out the tank and run out of fuel :p], police which would chase you for speeding [and fine you if they caught you!], manual transmissions..... The world was also absolutely HUGE! Large 1920's NYC, with an external countryside area as well.

        This game did what GTA:SA did, but 2 years prior, and had a much improved storyline and atmosphere. It just didn't have the crazy which comes with GTA, which is fine. But I thoroughly enjoyed Mafia so much more.

        Anyway, umm, yeah. Mafia is awesome :-)

          And that music!! cruising around the city with that 1920's tunes was satisfying as hell.
          Although that race car mission I'll happily avoid :(

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