Remember This?

Congrats to Puck! On the third day, with the third clue, he finally guessed that our current Remember This was Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay. That was a good game.

Now on to the next one!


    Looks like a JRPG or maybe a Dragon Ball Z game. Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi?

      I thought it was Fire Emblem: Awakening, but I can't find a screen that looks anything like it.

      I get thar JRPG feeling too, I'm thinking Final Fantasy 7 or 8 maybe. The flare looks familiar.

    Looks very much like the Dick Smith ad running in the panel on the right....

    I'm thinking something like Dawn of War 2.

    One of the early jedi knight games? Jedi outcast? Jedi knight 1 or 2?

    Populous or populous 2? Some sort of God type game

    One of the Killzone games? Looks suitably grey and concrete-y.

    Turok? nah...textures are too good for that. screw it...Turok.

    Decoy's getting real slow :(

      on a business trip and unable to comment :(
      P.s. biker mice from mars!

    Looks very Final Fantasy 7/8 but otherwise i'd be guessing Metal Gear Solid 1 or 2; or games of that era.

    Disgaea, it gives me a jrpg vibe

      Yeah I don't think it looks Western, at least from this screenshot.

    Looks like a blast decal thrown over a texture on a wall when something is shot - looks old too.

    So going with...

    Golden Eye?
    Perfect Dark?

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