Remember This?

Alrighty, here we go. I believe it was littlejulesy that got the last one? Well done on that! Mine are typically easy for you guys, so have at it.


    Micer Mike from Bars

        Clicked on that, not knowing what to expect...was not disappointed!

        I now have to explain to coworkers why I sprayed coffee over my laptop and started uncontrollably giggling.

        Thanks for nothing, Decoy.

        I'd like to think you already had that image for an unrelated reason.

    That's either a floating head or a little green man in a black suit without a helmet. Unsure as to which

    Ummmmmmm..... Space Invaders ?? Although I don't remember a black on a green background, always thought is was green on a black background. (its a long shot I know)

    Colour palate looks like a Spectrum game...

    Maybe Druid, Aliens, Wonder Boy?

    That being said... it's obviously Lee Carvalo's Putting Challenge

    Last edited 25/05/15 12:38 pm

    Looks like the outline your character gets in one of the original Pokemon games when it shrinks from the full size version to the sprite during the intro.

    By all the greed I suspect it's something on the Apple ii

      Apple's greed didn't really kick in until they started putting an i in front of their product names.

      Last edited 26/05/15 4:47 am

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