Remember This?

Okay well, I'm going to go ahead and give yesterday's to Steed1080, who correctly guessed Space Invaders, if not the exact version (Super Space Invaders for ZX Spectrum). Now for today's!

Good luck!


    Biker Mice from Mars!

      Also looks like some chess game. Chessmaster maybe?

    That looks like a skirting board and a mouse hole, from probably a SNES game, but damned if I can work it out.

    Leisure Suit Larry

    Looks like it could be part of a Mega Man stage select screen.

    The Shining

    Looks very zelda but thats been said so i'll go Golden Axe Warrior on SMS (best game they ever did next to Dragon's trap)

      Actually it could be zelda four swords or minish cap. Reminds me of a DS texture

      Last edited 26/05/15 5:10 pm

      I absolutely LOVE Golden Axe Warrior! I fired it up recently on the emulator, such a great game.

    It's frustrating that I recognise this but can't figure out the game it belongs to...

    Bullfrogs 'Theme Park'?

    Made me think of Little Computer People or Smash TV.

      Smash TV i have that game on my Nes but have never ever played it. Any good?

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