Remember This?

A few people correctly guessed that yesterday's game was on the SNES, but very well done to Astrogirl who was the first to guess Bubsy. You win a car*! Now for today's game.

* You do not win a car.


    Link's Awakening.


      Oracle of Ages/Seasons were GBC, but they crossed my mind

        Yes, but now that I think about it if you play the games in a Super GameBoy one can change the colour settings.

        So it would not surprise me if you have the right answer because of that trick.

        At last I think the colour could be changed on GBC games. It's been so long since I last used the ol' adapter.

        Last edited 27/05/15 3:28 pm

          I can't remember if they were the type that still played in a brick, I'm leaning toward no

      I would love if this is some sort of double bluff and it isn't a game so obvious, or was something that used Links Awakening assets.

      The best Zelda game ever made. No arguments to the contrary will be heard.

      dang it. too easy. even i knew that. and thats saying something cos i suck.

      hes loosing his touch, second one in a row I've recognised instantly.

      Yeah too easy. Pots are so integral to the game that I think it's just too simple. Now, if it had been the bananas instead, that could have been harder.

    Tossing up between Pokemon and Zelda on gameboy. But since pokemon i'm pretty sure had a red or blue colouring I would say Links Awakening GB

    Too Easy... its obviously Link's Awakening

    Fleshlight, the enveloping.

    On Gameboy.

    It's Link's.... Oh. Never mind. This game is stupid. I didn't want to win a car anyway.

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    Biker Mice from Mars? :)

      hahaaaaa...wait....youre not decoy.

      Last edited 27/05/15 2:41 pm

        I was surprised he hadn't piped up already :)

      Decoy never misses a beat! What have you done with him? :-P

    What, not even a virtual car? So disappointed. ;p

      Would a picture of a car be okay? I might be able to swing that for you!

    It's The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening in the Bow-wow lady's house.

    Final Fantasy Legend 1 or 2?

    Most likely 2 but going to add 1 just in case lol

    Last edited 27/05/15 6:52 pm

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