Remember This?

Well done to WiseHacker, who was the fastest gun in the West in guessing yesterday's game was Link's Awakening. Quickdraw! Now for today's.

Good luck!


    Reminds me of one of the Mega Man games on snes...

    that's gotta be a SNES RPG - Chrono Trigger?

      My curiosity got the best of me.... damn it and search :(

      Chrono Trigger is incorrect

    Looks like Megaman X3 to me. I'd swear that's an X series game

    Rocket Knight Adventures. On Sega Megadrive.

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    Beneath a Steel Sky?

    EDIT: Thanks Glen for pointing that out, can't believe I got the name of it wrong. >.

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      Beneath a Steel Sky

    MegaMan X
    The first one, Chill Penguin stage.
    In the area before you get the Mech Suit

    @Junglist: Sorry in advance if I'm crossing the bounds, but you forgot the 'er' in my handle. :-P

    As for the game, I'm thinking Bahamut Lagoon.

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    Rocket Knight Adventures. Sega Megadrive.

    megaman X...chill penguin stage....gotta be!

    Probably already guessed correctly but i want my own guess just in case.

    Ninja Turtles on the SNes or Battle toads.

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    Super Empire Strikes Back

    Getting some easy ones these last few days - Seems we can only not guess them when we're working with obscure titles or a we're only offered a snippet thats 1x1 px in size :)

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