Remember This?

Littlejulesy got very close by guessing a Mega Man game on SNES, but azure7 put the nail in the coffin with Mega Man X. Set 'em up, and knock 'em down. Good team effort. Now for today's!

Good luck!


    Kirby's Dream Land?

      I was going to say this as well. It's all in those Japanese cloud designs! Original Game Boy version - August 1992!

      Damn, no one had commented when I started to log in.

      You're a freak :P HOWWWW DID YOU ALL KNOW?!?!?! I mean I played it to death too, but that's impressive...

    Pokemon? Red/Blue - looks like the start of a battle. looking at this picture of all of the pokemon back sprites the bottom right looks like persians tail. Can't find a match for the top left sprite tho. It might be one of the original sprites from pokemon green. before they improved them.

      Last edited 30/05/15 7:12 am

    Super Mario Land on original gameboy maybe??????

      Kinda looks like it could be from world 4?

      that was my first thought, dammit if it's right!

    Super Mario Land

    *Edit beaten to it!

    Last edited 29/05/15 12:43 pm

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