Retro Console Promises To Play ALL The Games

Retro Console Promises To Play ALL The Games

This is the Retro Freak. It's promising to play game cartridges from the Famicom. SNES. Genesis. PC Engine. TurboGrafx-16. Game Boy. Game Boy Advance. Game Boy Colour. And even the Supergrafx. Holy shit.

Retro Console Promises To Play ALL The Games

It comes in two parts; there's the actual console, which is a small box that takes care of all the actual work, then there's a giant "adaptor" which is where you plug all the cartridges in (the console slides in under the adaptor). The console has various settings that let you change video (and conversion/upscale) options, as well as built-in cheat support. It also supports USB controllers, so you can plug just about anything in there.

Most interesting, though, is the fact it will let you install games from a cartridge onto the console (which looks like it will let you use a microSD card).

Retro Console Promises To Play ALL The Games
Retro Console Promises To Play ALL The Games

Currently announced only for Japan, if there is a Video Game God, it is time to pray to him/her/it, and ask for a Western release (or at least a semi-affordable import and some language FAQs).


    Will it output higher quality visuals so my LCD doesn't make my eyes bleed?

      Im guessing thats what it means by upscaling options..

        Yeah, but sometimes it's not enough.

          Its kinda the only thing these things can do jimjim. It cant exactly recreate graphics on the fly! All depends on how they've designed the upscaling to work, can result in very different looks. I'd be more concerned about whether they have in built tech that mirrors the original consoles, or if it is just emulating the consoles. Emulators never really look the same, and I'm guessing for this much varying console support it's most likely cheap emulation that wont look as nice.

            Have you seen @porncomments?

            Soooo funny!


              (I was laughing at pretty much all of them though) (just, so many)

                I know, I got carried away.

                I was in tears.

    My PC already plays all the retro games...

      Yeah but this is like a media player PC hooked directly into your TV. The goal isn't to do something new it's to provide a solution that's 100% tailored to the task.
      Like @jimu I'm wondering if they'll get the graphic output up because that's what really sets emulation apart from legit hardware. Also I'm wondering if they're coming up with a controller solution to go with this. Getting something in my hands that doesn't feel like a third party knock-off is pretty important. I guess if it's using USB you can just plug an adaptor and use official hardware.

    link, product name, price, or anything useful? It might have only a japanese release but importing is an option.

    as someone who grew up in the U.S., and has retained all his childhood consoles/games, yet lives presently in N.Z., if it gets a western release and is region-free they've got a customer.

    I wonder if my mountain of Famiclone (Ending Man / Terminator) games would work on that.

    Sooo it's a PC filled with emulators plus all the port connectors?

    i would love a good TG16 system, none of the emulators I have found are worth a poo.

    Since most of the old consoles are region locked, I wonder if this system could play from all regions?

      My mega drive used to play US genesis games no problems.

    What Controllers is it compatible with? Does it come with Controllers? Anything I can shove in a USB slot work?

    Is this playing the game or running a pr e loaded rom once you put the e cartridge in like some of the other multi systems these days?

    NES as well or just famicom? Given it is Japan bound I wonder if it doesn't consider the NES worth it?

    It's a cool idea but isn't there likely to be some kind of licencing issue? There is just something familiar about this idea, like maybe I've seen it once before but it was shut down by a tsunami of legal threats. I like it though, I think if sega did something like this (and did it well) they could cash in on the retro market and pay for some new blood to redevelop themselves into a sexy hip gaming company again. ( And then shenmue 3 might finally become a thing ^_^ )

      There was an indiegogo campaign for a media center device that would have a retro game addon similar to this, that might have been it:

    Struggling to see "MASTER SYSTEM" on this list - I would think that would part of an "all the games" list.. and an MS Converter for the MD is not counted

    The Mega Drive is the Genesis, brah. Unless I'm mistaken that's what's it's called overseas.

      The cartridge slot was slightly different. You could put genesis games in the mega drive but not the other way around.

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