Riot Games Is Holding Its Australian Season Finale At Luna Park

2015 has seen the debut of Australia's first Riot-sponsored League of Legends eSports league, and that competition will see its conclusion with the Grand Final being held at Luna Park on August 8.

This is the first standalone eSports event being held by Riot Games in the Oceanic region. 1300 tickets will be made available and you can pick them up here.

In addition to the games themselves, which kick off at 5pm, there will be a host of other events taking place — cosplay, theme matches, workshops — from 11am.

"We invite all Oceanic players to come to the OPL Grand Final. Even if you don’t manage to get a ticket, there will be plenty of free community activities and screens around the park to watch the live broadcast," said Mirko Gozzo, country manager at Riot Games Oceania.

The winning team will go on to represent Australia in the upcoming International Wild Card event to compete for a spot in the World Championship in Europe.


    Had to google which Luna Park is hosting it. Got my hopes up, just to shoot me down.

    One more thing that Sydney is gifted, just to help them keep up with Melbourne.

      The saddest part is that if you read the info page, they say that Riot is passing on PAX AU this year to put all their energy into this. =\

        Will you hurt me if I say that I have never actually been to PAX AU?

          Same. I live in Adelaide if that's actually an excuse. Plus, I'm not great with crowds these days.

    You had me excited until I saw the little "Sydney's" in the picture.

    Melbourne's little man syndrome steps up to the plate....

    Oh if you've bought tickets to PAX and want to claim the free LoL skin for it - you can use the link in the article to find the email address. Still want free stuff.

    Real shame that riot bailed on PAX

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