Sick Of The Witcher 3 Yet? Nah, Me Neither.

Are you tired of watching The Witcher 3 be pretty yet? I hope not, because this is most likely just the beginning. Just wait till the game is actually in the wild.

But the fact of the matter is, this game looks phenomenal. I also believe it'll be phenomenal, based on what I've played so far. If ever there was a contender to oust Bloodborne as my game of the year (so far) it would be this one.

This is more of your traditional 'VIDEO GAME TRAILER' compared to some of the other videos we've seen of this game in action, but it's still worth watching.


    No audio on that video or just me?

    Happy to be hyped about this. It'll be like a threesome... Best case scenario, it'll be awesome. Worst case scenario, it'll be awesome.

    Other games go home!

    I cannot contain myself. Most excited I've been for a game since Mario 64.

    Taking two days off work for this. Should have taken the week.

      Taking a day off of work too! LOL

    That last scene though, with that woman blinking away and slashing at sanic speed and torsos falling off was so sxey

    Fuck. Yes. Comes out the day before my birthday!!

    Sick of seeing all these videos popping up and having to use every inch of willpower I have to not watch them.

    I want to be completely content and spoiler free when I start the game.
    Going in 100% fresh.

    Been doing this with all new games I've gotten this year. :)
    Much nicer.

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