So Many Faces Blown Off In The First Five Minutes Of Not A Hero

Warning: Playing just five minutes of Roll7's Not A Hero can result in facial detonation euphoria and the random affectation of a horrific British accent. Ask your doctor if Not A Hero is right for you.

Because over-the-top violence is just fine when it's pixels, Not A Hero is a gleeful romp through the innards of people trying to kill you as you further the political agenda of a purple bunny. It's the only game I can imagine living up to a trailer featuring the Egyptian Sun God Ra using testicles as a punching bag.

Roll7 has done for shooting games what Roll7 had previously done for skateboarding games. Roll7 needs to do this for every genre.

Can the official Steam page explain Not A Hero?

Professional assassin turned amateur campaign manager Steve is charged with cleaning up the city by an anthropomorphic rabbit and mayoral candidate from the future named BunnyLord. Now Steve and his expanding roster of dubious heroes must wield their unique skills to shoot, slide, dive, and take cover behind a political platform built on ethics, accountability, and an inordinate amount of gunfire. Eliminate the criminal underworld of the city's three major districts and persuade undecided voters to your cause, tackling the issues that matter by putting a gun in the mouth of those issues.

At one point the game called me this:

So Many Faces Blown Off In The First Five Minutes Of Not A Hero

Not A Hero is out now on Steam, and is coming to PS4 and Vita one day.


    At last something for Vita as well

    Aw man, don't header tag this as Playstation if it's only coming to PS4/Vita "one day". What a tease!

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