Sometimes I Wish Dark Souls II Was A Little More Like Hotline Miami

Sometimes I Wish Dark Souls II Was A Little More Like Hotline Miami

I feel like this video game should exist in a parallel universe, where Dark Souls II is a little bit more like Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami is a little more like Dark Souls II.

I’d like to live in that universe for a while.

I feel like this video sags a little bit in the middle, unless you’re a big fan of watching Dark Souls PvP over and over, but the start and the end is pretty much perfect.

And that soundtrack. Hotline Miami has the best soundtrack of any game ever. I’m calling it.


  • Hotline Miami is certainly a lot like Dark Souls in terms of punishing you until you learn the level layout and the enemy behaviour.

  • Might be an inappropriate article to ask on, but….. fuck it.

    Who has played Hotline Miami 2? I finished it earlier this week and holy Batman it is surely my game of the year. The soundtrack is as good as the first one (perhaps better?) and I really loved how the story(stories) worked around the original. The gameplay continues to be sweet, too.

    • I really wished there were more of contract-killing type of missions in the game; more like Pulp Fiction and Drive, and less like the way the game is structured – where there are just too many characters and the story sort of floats restlessly on around their perspectives. It needed a strong central character than just 12 guys with different motifs and all… but it was ok on its own.

    • I’ve started playing it this morning. From what I’ve played so far, it feels pretty good. I was a huge fan of the original, so there was no way this could compare, but I’m still enjoying it.

      But… the sexual violence was too much. I think they really overdid it, and I’m glad it was banned in Australia due to this. Imagine if an impressionable young child played this.

      That last part was a lie.

      • It is pretty crazy that that one little scene got the whole game banned.

        Once you finish the game (assuming, like I, you enjoy the story) you’ll feel like we as a country have been robbed of something special.

        • I’m up to act 3, and I’ve really enjoyed the gameplay. I think they nerfed the story, however, in order to put so many characters in the game, but that adds diversity, which I enjoyed. Perhaps not my game of the year, but a definite contender for best action game.

          • I dunno, though I don’t really wanna say much til you’ve finished it.
            You might not get to know all the characters as well as you did Jacket, but I think the over-all story is still pretty strong.

            You got some bastards of levels coming up. Hope you like challenges!

    • Well, I torrented it on the first night, got a partial refund for my Collector’s Edition w/vinyl because now couldn’t get the game with it, then made a US PS4 account to play it on my PS4 as well as PC, then used to preorder the HM1 + HM2 ‘Gamer’s Edition’ thing, then bought the Japanese physical Vita release from playasia, then Devolver sent me a LEGIT HM2 Steam key because my soundtrack code that came with the vinyls wouldn’t work without the base game, so now I even have it officially on PC with my Australian account. Oh, and my Jacket figurine should arrive this month… with a Steam code in tow.

      So basically it’s okay I guess, 6/10.

      • I’m aware of how obsessive that sounds, partially ashamed. Partially satisfied. All poor now!

  • I bought HM2 the day it came out on the US PSN store, who the fuck cares what the little ACB thinks? Obtaining it is piss easy and it’s an amazing game. The so called sexual violence is a joke. Back in 2003, killing hookers was considered sexual violence. Yet now we have GTAV with first person views of 1080p hooker BJs, HJs and generally riding them. You can kill them with an axe, pour gasoline on them and set them on fire. The definition of sexual violence changes again and again with forever hypocritical ACB. Got Saints Row IV too, uncut.

    I urge all to play Hotline Miami 2 and enjoy it in all it’s glory. Pay zero attention to what this pathetic government says, they’re absolutely powerless.

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