Patch Next Week For The Very Janky PS4 Version Of Ultra Street Fighter IV

Briefly: Sony says that a patch will hit next week for the very janky PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV.


    Other than a depressing lack of an actual online community, I'm yet to see any of these problems that they talk about.

    Some idea what the patch addresses would be appreciated...

      The only fully confirmed problem I've seen is that the main menu says "press start" whereas the DS4 doesn't have a start button. I don't know how it passed cert, what a lazy port, etc.

      Seriously though, I've seen some odd comments reporting that the game just "feels off". I'm curious to know what's going on with it, but I don't expect to know for some weeks when we can have a proper post mortem. In the mean time, a competition that was going to use the PS4 version has decided to use the 360 version, so there must be something wrong with it, whatever it is.

        I've actually experienced a few of the issues people have been talking about so I know it needs a patch. One match I played had the characters visually glitch out for about a minute the game crashed. The menu's are slightly laggy though that doesn't bother me much. And I've had a number of random crashes, one when doing trial mode which wiped my progress with that character's trials. It definitely needs some work.

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