Spelunky World Record Speedrun Looks Like Magic

Spelunky World Record Speedrun Looks Like Magic

I've played more than 100 hours of Spelunky. Olmec? No problem. Yama? Done. Speedlunky? Did it on PC and Vita. But that didn't stop this world record run from making me feel terrible.

Spelunky God, which is an entirely appropriate name for this speedrunner, beats Olmec in one minute and 47 seconds. Speedlunky, considered a reasonably hard achievement, asks the player to beat the game in less than eight minutes. Spelunky God's doing it in a fraction of the time.

Even if you've never played Spelunky before, this run looks seriously impressive.

He's pulling this off using the teleporter, a high risk item that most players actively avoid because, more often than not, it leads to death. The teleporter allows players to skip through chunks of the level, and while there's a science to how it works, you need to internalise its design enough to be pulling it off within a game that has randomised elements to it. Oof!

Spelunky isn't entirely random, which is why the teleporter can be useful for speedrunning. It's possible to recognise repeating elements in the geometry, the pieces Spelunky puts together to generate its semi-random levels, and know whether you can safely bounce from place to place.

It's why I can reasonably say this world record will eventually be broken, since he makes a couple of mistakes along the way, and loses precious seconds. Of course, since Spelunky God can't achieve the world record by running through the same map again, he'll have to keep playing until another fortuitous set of level elements are placed in his lap. But it will happen.


    I'd be surprised to see the record broken. This run had an extraordinary string of absurdly lucky elements like the teleporter in the second level or a series of levels where the exit was exacyl below the entry. That's not to discount his ridiculous reflexes or mastery of the teleporter.

    One thing is that for the life of me I cannot see when or how did he pick a compass.

      The AI buddy must have stumbled across it just as he hit the exit to the first ice level. Again, super-lucky.

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      For the compass, he got it from the Yeti King on 3-1. After he teleported down, he telefragged the Yeti King from below and immediately went back down. Yeti King always drops ropes, compass and spike shoes. It takes about half a second to pull off and is pretty easy to do.

      I do Spelunky speedruns myself (nowhere near this fast). Getting the teleporter on the second level isn't lucky. It's mandatory if you're going for an any% run. There is almost always a shop on the second level (only really unlucky layouts that have something like a snake pit or shrine in just the wrong place will stop it appearing). Some runners will restart constantly after reaching the shop on the second level until they get a teleporter or an item combination that lets them do another run.

      The shop itself was actually really bad. The ideal shop for an any% run has a compass and teleporter with possibly a jetpack. It's pretty much accepted that you need a compass to deal with the occasional poor layout.

      The layouts he got were amazing. Even hitting an arrow trap on 1-3 didn't really get in the way. It's not too hard to read the level layout to work out where there exit is. With the compass it would have taken a few seconds over the course of the run instead of slowing down (very slightly) to work out where you need to go.

      All that being said, it was not a perfect run. Hit by an arrow trap on 1-3, a bad temple and normally you don't the special level with the Yeti King but that bit of bad luck actually worked out in his favour.

      Every time someone gets an absurdly silly run like this we end up thinking that things can't get any nuttier. I'd happily bet on a sub 1:40 run in the next year.

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