Splatoon Demo Available Now, But You Can Only Play At Certain Times

Splatoon Demo Available Now, But You Can Only Play At Certain Times

You know what? Splatoon is looking pretty great, and I can't wait to try out the demo (which really sounds like a server stress test) in the next few days.

As part of a Nintendo Direct for the May release, Nintendo revealed a bunch of news:

Most importantly, a "global testfire" demo is available to download from the eShop right now, and it will feature working online play tomorrow from 11pm to 12am EST (Saturday, 1pm to 2pm AEST), Saturday from 7am to 8am (9pm to 10pm AEST) and 3pm to 4pm (Sunday, 5am to 6am AEST). This is to ensure the most people globally can play together, according to Nintendo.

I probably won't be getting up that early to play Splatoon on Saturday, Nintendo, but I hope the rest of the world has fun!

Bucking the trend of most online shooters, the game won't be asking you to buy a season pass for additional content in the months ahead; Nintendo's rolling out a bunch for free:

Five Turf War stages will be available at launch, but Nintendo will continue to add free new stages throughout summer 2015. Additionally, Nintendo plans to continually expand the game with new weapons, battle modes and gear. A major game update event in August will add two additional matchmaking options, including the ability for friends to form four-person teams and search for other four-person teams to battle against. The second option lets eight friends join up to battle in four-on-four matches on any stage and with any rules they want. The August update will also deliver a new battle mode and additional gear for characters to wear.

Not bad.

This might be the most Nintendo thing about Splatoon, though:

Themed events called Splatfests will pose questions to players such as: Do you prefer dogs or cats? Players must choose and represent their side during online battles. Players who rank high enough can even get a valuable Super Sea Snail item to upgrade gear. Prepare for the first Splatfest, taking place on June 20.

Dogs, of course.


    Dogs, of course.

    I demand satisfaction! *glove slap*

    Edit: Also, I've seen people hitching about the limitations of this "demo", but it's not like the stupid pre-order baiting "demo dressed as a beta" we're becoming increasingly used to. It's an actual server stress test, and considering how many new games are falling over on day one, it's a good thing they're running it.

    I might catch whichever session isn't being run at an ungodly hour. I'm pretty hyped about the way it handles the trinity of health, ammo, and movement. It's "tribes-ish", which is pretty much the highest praise you can bestow upon a competitive shooter.

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    Any news on if you can play online with more than one person? We've got a cafe in Perth tgat has 4 wii u setups and ran events like mario kart nights where we could have 8 of us racing online together.

    Would be amazing if we could have a similar 2 online per console and do 4v4 in the same room

      What's your cafe? I'll swing by next time I'm in town

        Cafe Myriade.

        It's primarily board-game cafe (Has tonnes of great ones), but it does have the aforementioned Wii U setups, as well as runs a lot of Smash Bros events too. Definitely worth checking out :)

      I'm in Perth! How come I've never heard of this Cafe! Keen!

    Also, from a Nintendo email:

    Players who download the Global Testfire demo before 05:00 AEST on Sunday 10th May can also claim a 10% discount off the price of Splatoon on Nintendo eShop, with the offer starting 30th May and lasting until 4th June.

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