StarCraft II Mod Turns Game Into Tactical RPG

StarCraft II Mod Turns Game Into Tactical RPG

StarCraft 2 is, most days of the week, a real-time strategy game. Thanks to this mod by greythepirate, though, it can also be a turn-based tactical RPG.

You can download it here.


    Wait, this is one of the low-effort crap posts!
    Luke Plunkett
    You've done it again Luke! sarcastically claps

    this article would have been better if it was a comprehensive list of decent SCII mods w/ links to download them - maybe include some of the new ones too?

    I've heard you can also get mods that turn Starcraft II into a tower defense game, or a DOTA-style game, or a tug of war type game, or a last stand type game, or a cat and mouse type game too!

    Last edited 11/05/15 5:16 pm

    I've seen on other craptacular posts, where all the text in the article is on the main page, the word 'briefly' added to the start of the piece.

    This post could have used such a thing.

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