State Of Origin Matches To Demo Oculus Rift

State Of Origin Matches To Demo Oculus Rift

You know all those ads with off-road vehicles climbing mountains to see incredible vistas? Now you can be in one. Holden will be giving State of Origin attendees a chance to try out the Oculus Rift, as it shows off the new Colorado.

Just when you thought New South Wales and Queensland couldn’t have more of a Rift.

According to Holden the demo will be using “purpose shot 360 degree, 12K resolution video footage combined with 3D positional sound recording and in-car vibration simulation”.

With little actual movement involved, there will probably be minimal issues with motion sickness. But the cameras will be on you as well, so they can show off all the happy people that tried their isntallation — hopefully they’re ready for the occasional bit of nausea as well.

Those partaking will be able to use the Rift’s headtracking features to look in 360 degrees, rather than being stuck at the… state of origin (nyuk, nyuk).

There’s a short demo below, which is a far cry from actually trying it out.

The Rift demos will be taking place at all State of Origin games:

  • 27 May – ANZ Stadium, Sydney
  • 17 June – MCG, Melbourne
  • 8 July – Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
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    • I’m sure it’ll excite more people about the Oculus Rift than the Colorado…

    • I’d be more excited if the Oculus Rift was playing someone beating the crap out of Gus Gould to be honest….

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