Sunrise Totally Tried To Make A Portal Joke

They're only about eight years too late, but this morning Sunrise tried to make a Portal joke and it sort of felt like that time your Dad emailed the Star Wars kid video. Last week.

Still, it's hard to be too harsh. Props to Sunrise for using the joke correctly, and in a place where it actually made sense. NICE JOB SUNRISE.

Thanks to Colin Ho!


    What's this star wars kid video you talk about Mark?

      I don't know for sure, but this is totally relevant:

        One of the first ever viral videos.
        Large kid made a video, other kids found it and uploaded it to file sharing networks.

          I thought it was more he was filmed by those kids, His parents later sued the other kids parents due to all the stress the kid suffered.

          Fun fact fat kid is now a lawyer.

            Just checked up on wikipedia. They reached an out of court settlement.

            The videotape was left somewhere and found by friends who uploaded it. In the video you can see him come up to the camera and turn it off.

              He pretty much refused to go to school because of all of it. Poor kid i still remember the first time i watched it sadly the CD it was contained on had a lot of other weird shit that i wish i could forget.

          I should have mentioned I was being sarcastic...

    There are countless pop culture references which are regularly used which are far older than this. Don't get me wrong, I take as many opportunities to rag on Sunrise as the next bloke but, similarly to you, I rather enjoyed this. good was the star wars kid rip off in Arrested development. And then Gob uses it by accident at the school rally. all kinds of lols with that one......STEVE HOLT!

      you know you could have just stopped at 'how good was arrested development' ;)
      Ahh Gob... classic

    It was probably one poor production assistant who doesn't love the show and tries to get her shits and giggles in wherever she can. Power to her.

    Nobody is talking about the bullshit being spun in the actual content of the actual TV piece?
    Compelling chemical illusion? like how water too is a chemical compound, and chicken, and people? -_-

      Superfoods! Toxins! Cut out all salt - including water, and watch the weight disappear.

        Absolutely correct! I spent 2 years in the wilderness consuming foreign foods and I found the one simple detox regime that will cure all your ails! click the following link to find out how! (because nothing is more aggravating than seeing those words on something that makes you mildly curious)

        Eat whatever you bloody well please, you have a liver don't you? and if you don't have one then there might be more pressing issues like imminent death

          It's so totally simple and it's one little thing, but we've totally hidden it behind a paywall anyway, and ten minutes worth of videos telling you about the thing without actually saying what it is. And don't forget to sign up to our mailing list, which we'll sell on to providers of things we're sure will interest you.

          Sure hope no-one figures out what that one simple tip is and tells people for free!

      More people need to be aware of the dangers of DHMO. Too much of that stuff will kill you. Especially if you inhale it.

      Last edited 11/05/15 4:41 pm
        That shit looks awfully dangerous, just read up on it on the internets and now I'm an expert, is this where start a blog advocating people's abstinence from DHMO? lord knows the people who flock to this shit could do with a little less of it

    Did any of the presenters get the joke?

      I doubt any of them would even know where it came from.

      Last edited 11/05/15 8:34 pm

    old people discovering the Internet for the first time, and not checking time stamps on things at all (not even realising time exists on the Internet!)

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