Surprise! Supergirl Actually Looks Really, Really Good

I don't know why I expected this to be terrible. I just did. But CBS has just released its first look at upcoming super hero series Supergirl and I'm actually... really into it.

Maybe its because I've watched too much Gossip Girl, maybe because I was a closet Dawson's Creek fan back in the day, I dunno. But seriously, this looks like a really well-advised take on the superhero thing. Supergirl should be like this, it should be a mix of Gossip Girl and... I don't know, Smallville maybe?

I can't put my finger on it, but this looks like actual well-made fluff TV that I could get on board with.

I don't know if I'm in the minority here, but this doesn't look terrible and I'll probably watch it. It's the complete antithesis of "I'M A BROODING SUPERHUMAN BEING WITH FEEEEEEEELINGS..."

I'm down.


    Grimdark Supergirl would be the worst.

    Looks pretty cool, and I can't wait for the crossovers with Arrow/Flash.

      Grimdark Supergirl would be missing the point almost as much as grimdark Superman.

      I love me some Supergirl. She's a great character, even when a good chunk of story lines are about trying to define herself as something other than Superman's cousin.

      At this point, even though its a Berlanti show, they're looking at keeping Season 1 of Supergirl seperate from the other shows apparently, with the option of 'joining' the universes later on. Not a bad idea at all, letting it establish its own identity. That may have changed since but that was the idea recently anyhow. Either way love the look of it.

        Also, they're on different networks.

        I can't see much incentive for cross overs.

          It's always been unclear if or if not they can't cross them over. DC retains the rights to cross characters over onto any of their shows as Warner Brothers still owns the rights to all their shows but it's all changed recently. The only show that officially exists 'outside' the continuiity at this point, is Gotham, as they want it to be its own 'elseworlds' style thing (not really elseworlds but you know what I mean). Now Constantines gone kaput, Amell has been championing for Constantine to appear on Arrow due to the Lazarus pit storylines etc for season 4. Hopefully that pans out.

          CBS is also the parent channel to the CW, so there's no issues at all with them crossing over Supergirl.

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            Arrow is really starting to vex me... but I'm too invested now to walk away, y'know?

              Yeah, I completely get that. Season 1 really good, Season 2 brilliant beyond words, season 3 first half meh. Season half really good. But still missing 'something'.

              Season 1 of the Flash? Consistently *off the hook* every single episode.

              I can't wait to see how Daredevil influences Arrow next season in terms of action and character development just as Arrow influenced all tv superhero shows.

                I really liked season one and two, but in retrospect I think they weren't great they were just the best thing on at the time. Now we've got so much comic stuff on TV that it's really raised the bar. I feel like Arrow sort of helped start a golden age that it would require a reboot to live in.

                  It's akin to Ironman 1 and 2. When you go back and watch them, they're good, but they're definitely not up to par with current Marvel movies. It's a growth thing, quality improves as lessons are learnt etc. In 2 - 3 years I wouldn't be surprised if TV shows are on the scale of Marvels phase 2 movies considering stuff we've seen on Arrow, Flash and AOS wasn't possible 3 years back, which leaves me wondering what the scale of cinematic movies will be :O

                  I think it's dragged down by being on the network it's on.

                  It's so desperate to include relationship elements and drama in the show.
                  Everyone is related to everyone, everyone knows everyone... it's just getting absurd (I know we're talking about comic books).

                  Also, taking him off the island is a bit... I don't know.

                  @banderdash He ends up back at the island, it's just explaining where he gets all his training, knowledge etc. So far it's fairly logical. Slade training him, the Japanese couple giving him training in language etc. Not a bad setup. But he does end up back at the island itself eventually. Berlanti said at one point that by season 4 or 5, the Island flashbacks will stop completely though. As for relationship stuff, I don't think that's a problem personally mostly, just that one or two characters are generally on the nose. Last season it was Laurel, but she's fine now thankfully. This season, christ almighty, its Felicity. SO damn annoying.

                  "Oh so you were off saving the city from being destroyed... saving hundreds of thousands of lives... did you THINK TO CONSIDER ME? HOW I WOULD FEEL ABOUT THAT? ME?"

                  That's how most of her shit comes across this year. She's terribly written this season. Immensely so.

              Walk a season or 10 in my shoes, Supernatural has been shit for about 5 seasons now but I am still watching it due to investment :'(

                I thought it's picked up quite well in S09 and 10.

          Also, did nobody use the word "Superman" in the clip? They keep referring to superman as "him". Maybe they aren't allowed to?

    Retcon late 90's rom-com, insert Supergirl.

    Struth that was easy!

      Should it have gone grim-dark like Daredevil and Arrow instead? I mean, seriously, how many people here *honestly* hand on heart can say they've ever read a Supergirl comic. I have, and that's pretty much the tone.

        Not at all looking for dark.

        This just seems so disingenuous. Like Big Bang Theory presents 'Superheroes'.

        Yep. As uncertain as I am about how I'll feel about the show, I can at least give them credit for getting it right (so far). It probably wasn't easy to get them to allow Superman to exist in their continuity, but they clearly recognised how important Clark, Kal-El and Superman are here. It's not just a spin-off thing, her relationships with those three are vital to the character.

      Yea, If the target audience is comic fans...I really don't know if this teenage girl discovering herself angle is going to work. Maybe have "some" elements of it but yea this seems like the entire season is your typical rom-com. Probably won't interest me.

    I wish they updated the costume so it wouldn't look like it was from the 50s. Capes just seem so impractical. :(

      They're iconic though.

      From the trailer, looks like they'll at least handwave it.

        For flying heroes, capes just look right when they are in motion, and it gives them classy landing moves etc.

          Also it gives them motion other than rippling hair when they're flying on a greenscreen.

          But capes just seem so pointless. Look at Rogue in the Marvel universe - no cape. (although she does wear a jacket)

      Edna Mode doesn't exist in the DC universe.

        *whoosh* that just went over my head. No idea what you mean.

          Edna Mode from The Incredibles, doesn't like capes because they get caught in things.

          The Incredibles reference =p

            Ah, did a Google search and it makes sense now. I never watched it properly.

    I like every thing about the trailer, but it just seems like it may be too sappy love story. I will give this a good shot though before I pass judgment. So far it is in the "to watch" list.

    I know it is a comic book world and stuff, but I have often wondered, could you help a plane like that, or would your hands just punch straight through?
    You are only helping it a bit I guess, but I wonder if you would have to pick up a semi-trailer truck bed or something to support the plane a bit?
    Serious question.

      Kryptonians stopping plane crashes is kind of an iconic thing, so this has come up before. From memory, she wouldn't punch through the plane but it would snap in half because it's not designed to take that sort of stress. A flatbed would help distribute the load but wouldn't look as cool.

      Which means that the super strength has to be given some necessary secondary powers so that everything stays intact. Some form of unconscious telekinetic ability does the trick. Hoping the viewers/readers aren't paying too much attention is another very good trick.

        I have the same ponderings about when they lift entire tankers out of the sea by the middle. A normal tanker would just break in half. The same thing applies to using ships as clubs.

          Maybe it's just easier to think of the laws of physics as another superhero and, just like Superman, they're never around when it would trivialise the plot or make the whole situation devolve into nonsense.


          I always theorised they'd sort of punch through the middle like a bullet at some point when the weight got too much O_O

        You can usually explain it away with some vague stuff about how they fly. She isn't gliding, jumping, being propelled, etc which throws how they do it into question. Their movement is more will based than anything so it's more likely that she is extending her ability to control herself to whatever she's carrying. Bigger and heavier objects spread that thinner making it harder. It has the bonus of 'explaining' how Lois Lane doesn't just splatter against Superman when he catches her (he is after all harder than anything she could land on). He's not merely catching her he's extending whatever it is that allows him to manipulate his position in space.

          he is after all harder than anything she could land on lol

    Looks shit.


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      No, It looks like a show that would appeal to a more targeted female Audience.

      Not because the cast are women; but a lot of the jokes and sentiment in the trailer were thing's a girl is more likely to appreciate.

      "But first you need to get changed"
      '*Laughs* Yeahh...'

      ....what was funny about smelling bad?
      definitely a girl joke.

        Looks shit.

        I mean, it looks like a chick flick, definitely a movie for those who like that sort of stuff. I prefer a Super Girl origin story, it would be more interesting IMO.

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          Then you should check out Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. Despite the title it's basically a Supergirl movie with Summer Glau as Supergirl.

    so Felicity is leaving Arrow and got her own show now? I cant be the only one thinking that.

    I think I'm going to end up being too harsh on this. I'm a huge fan of Power Girl, enough that I can usually handle Supergirl as just not-quite-Power Girl, but I get the impression this is going to stray too far into that territory and end up frustrating to watch.

      Well, Supergirl *is* Powergirl, just without the changed name. And a slightly smaller chest...

        Yeah but it's less of a Robin/Nightwing situation and more of a multiverse thing. They overlap and that's fine, but they're different characters. Supergirl is a kid trying to figure out what she wants and where to go. Power Girl tends to be an adult that has the hero side of her life figured out but struggles to figure out what she wants outside of that. Even though they're effectively the same person at different stages of their life they're different people.
        I also find that Power Girl is just a better independent female role model and more interesting character (not that Supergirl is bad, just not as good). Sure she's got rocking tits from beyond the stars, so it's easy to dismiss her as a shallow character, but she's also this weird alien trying to get by and be happy and that's strangely relateable.

          I always found that to be a great side of her, her giant chest, just in the sense while people are drooling over her pornstar looks, she surprises she shit out of them with a great intellect and actual ability equal to that of the greatest heroes.

    It looks okay, although everytime I look at her, I keep seeing Felicity... I don't fully understand why this isn't CW, maybe because it's theme IS drastically different, but still. Needs to be in THAT universe, I feel.

    Yeah I get the superhuman being with feelings sentiment, but I think there has to be some kind of middle ground between that and this. I think this has a lot of good ideas behind it, but looks like it settles a little *too* much for that goofy fun stereotype stuff. Any time there's mention of something half serious, like the 'S crest', it kind of looks really laughable. I think it had the chance to be something a little better than that.

    After watching the trailer, I feel like I've no reason to watch the show. Not because it looks bad (which it doesn't), but because the trailer tells-all. There's no secrecy. We see all the major plot points.

    This frustrates me.

    On the wrong side of cheese for me. If Nic Cage was playing Supergirl we'd be in business ;)

    Did anyone else see the SNL skit a few weeks ago about Black Widow from the Avengers? It felt exactly like this.

    This has to be the most lame and contrived crap of the last 2 years. Who, under the age of 14, could watch this drek?

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