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    Well that's a shitty start to the week.

      I tried searching for it via the PS4 but couldn't find it, so here's the direct web store link so you can 'buy' and download it before it's pulled:!/en-au/games/pt-demo/cid=EP4511-CUSA01114_00-PPPPPPPPTTTTTTTT

        * Avoid playing if you have a heart condition

        Lol. Won't argue with that.

        I found it via the PS4, go to Games > Demos and it's there.

          Ah. I just went Games -> P and couldn't find it. Also did a global search and found a bunch of 'P!nk' albums but no demo.

            I imagine Pink would've left you just as terrified!

              The women's bathrooms at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre are all P!nk themed and it is more terrifying than the P.T. bathroom.

                The men's toilets are themed as a dilapidated hell hole no one treats respectfully! We all have problems! :P

              Pink is one of my secret shames.

                Haha! I don't mind her actually, it's just the terrifying frenzy that happens every time she tours and performs 150 shows in one city. :P

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                I like Pink. I enjoy probably about half of her songs which makes the majority of her albums comfortably listenable-to. I didn't know she was seen as a guilty pleasure.

    Yesterday was just the worst day for me. Did terrible and came last in my Warmachine tournament and have officially given up on using epic Reznik.

    Then when I went to D&D, everybody thought it would be funny to get my character raped by some 50 year old inn keeper, then they tossed me in front of an undead Beholder and watched me die. Only then did they realise that they could die and it was the only time they gave a shit about having a cleric.

      @SerNobulus joined our game with a brand new character and first thing I did was get him addicted to Dwarven Fire Ale.

      RPGs are fun.

      Our group was fighting in a crypt and the end boss climbed out if his sarcophagus. My mate who hates my character because I'm a necromancer laid down in the sarcophagus and then I leered over him and successfully rolled to appear sexually appealing to him. I then did the same with another character I was controlling while my housemate was at work :-D

      Holy shit.

        I only wanted to try Turn Undead so that I could find the one innocent person they dragged into this dungeon and get out. It succeeded then rolled a 4 for disintegrate ray, minimum of 40 damage. My max HP is only 33 and the special rules state my body shatters to dust once I reach 0 HP.

        Oh, by the way, they had no problem forcing double duty of tank and healer onto me.

          It's pretty funny though when tank/healer goes down and everyone realises they are glass cannons or 'specialist' characters on their own with no-one to hide behind. All of the combat then becomes like Bloodborne where you are constantly retreating and trying to attack at the same time, or just running away :-)

            Like I said, it's the only time they actually gave a damn about my character. Once I was gone. They immediately ran to the closet city.

            Or if you're like me, picking fights with ogrekin as a sorcerer :P (I got one shot but I did hit my attack first so HA!)

      I achieved something when playing Dark Heresy on the weekend. I died when I fell off a moving train. I was also hit by the train when we chose to explode part of it.

      It's okay though. I only lost two out of three nipples.

    Bloodborne slow progression continues. Cleared through to the dream host then spent the rest of my time derping around and dying a lot in a side area with those stupid eye brain frenzy things. Pulled a lever and dropped *something* to *somewhere*, didn't quite make it to the chest though.

    Edit: oh yeah, also had a fun death during the first time I felt I was going to beat the one reborn when I rolled and promptly got stuck in a wall. Fun times.

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      Blue Exilir works reasonably well to help you sneak up on them. They will still sense you when you get close, though, but it helps a bit with the long-distance frenzy. I died so many times in that area. The good news is that once you get that chest, you have no reason to ever deal with those dumb brain things ever again.

        Those were the worst. I died way more to those things than I did to some bossses

          Same here.

          I must have died six or seven times trying to reach the chest in that area. No other point in the game had that many deaths for me. Most (non-Chalice) bosses were first/second-try victories.

            Edit: haha, meant to say:

            The wiki video explaining how to find that chest is hilarious. The guy just sprints for the chest, opens it and gets killed. I think he must have given up trying to survive that encounter too :P

              I thought about trying that out next play session since it's cheaper than burning items to fight.

              Exactly. Put on your frenzy resist gear, run and hope you can spam your controller enough to pick up the item before you die

      I miss Bloodborne. My PS4 just randomly enters sleep mode when playing Bloodborne.

      Urgh. Those brain things and their stupid singing. You're off key. Stop singing. Stick to what you're good at, killing me over and over again until I give up on that chest.

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    Broken Age Act 2 week! Wooo!

    Things I did on the weekend: I watched The Princess and the Frog. Played Mario Kart with Greenius and Sughly.

      Do you know if Broken Age is going to be released on PS4 this week, or is it just Act 2 for PC?

        Dunno, friend. Intentionally been trying not to follow this too closely to avoid spoilers.

          Apparently it is being released on the same day as PC \o/

      The Princess and the Frog is sooo goddamn lovely.

        Insanely beautiful animation and catchy jazz songs and a cool setting. Wasn't up there with the Disney greats, but still pretty damn worthy and great all the same. <3

        Last edited 27/04/15 9:26 am

          I think it's up there, tbh. Of all Disney movies release in the last five or six years, this one is my top pick (except maybe Toy Story 3, but that film's just out-and-out exploitative).

            I think my mind compartmentalizes the stuff I saw as a kid in a league of its own. Realistically, it's probably just as good. Damn good movie!

    Dammit, Monday. I was looking forward to you, why'd you'd have to turn on me?

    What do you do if you buy a brand new, sealed copy of FF Type-0 from Target, but when you put your code for the FFXV demo into the PSN it tells you it's already been used? Do I contact Target, or Sony, or someone else entirely?

      Hmm, I doubt Target would understand the issue, so maybe try Sony first? I've always found their helpline to actually be pretty helpful. If that doesn't work, then yeah, maybe ask to exchange it at Target.

        Thanks, Jane.
        Although I guess I should let Target know if it's because one of their employees "stole" the code. They only put the seal/sticker on as they were selling it to me, and it wasn't sealed in plastic so maybe someone on staff decided they wanted to check out the FFXV demo, but not buy Type-0.

          If the box has the advert for the FFXV demo on it then you can tell Target unless they issue a replacement or refund you they will be in breach of section 29 of the Australian Consumer Law. Link:

            It's printed directly onto the game's cover as part of it, so this is handy to know. Thanks.

          Both Target and Kmart don't sell sealed games, they get the contents from a drawer and put it in the case, so there's every chance a staff member wrote down or took a picture of the code out the back and used it.

      Hmmm, have you tried entering it again to make sure you didn't make a mistake when entering it the first time?

      If it has been used, I'd probably try Target first (I doubt they'll do anything, but it's worth a shot). If you have no success there, I'd probably try Sony and or Squeenix, via their Facebook or Twitter.

        That was the first thing I did. Even though I knew I hadn't made a mistake because I always check it a bazillion times to avoid having to go through the tedious process again. :P

      Everyone, separately. Shotgun-scatter approach!

      Seriously though, if the FF15 code is advertised as part of the package you buy, my understanding of consumer law is that it's the retailer's job to source the missing, advertised component.

      Prime points for highlighting:
      "Businesses that provide goods—by selling, leasing or hiring—or services to consumers in Australia must comply with the consumer guarantees."
      "Some goods may fail to meet one or more of the consumer guarantees due to a manufacturing defect or issue that would otherwise be the manufacturers fault. The consumer can ask the seller to provide a remedy, and the seller is required by law to oblige."
      "You must not tell customers they should approach the manufacturer or importer of the good for assistance – the seller must deal with the problem when approached."

        The problem with going back to Target is how are they going to give me a new code? Even if they still had another copy of the game, I'd essentially then be stealing it from that potential new owner.

          This proves that you're very kind, but shrug - damaged stock / request new codes from the supplier. EB knows that process in and out, and even though Target/Big W/K-Mart etc stores management is completely out of touch with the electronics section, the folks inside it who do the liaising with distributors are going to be a bit more clued-in.

          In many stores pre-order codes, retailer-exclusive codes and the like don't actually come included with the copy of the game. They get a sheaf of codes separately which they slide into the game boxes before they shrink-wrap 'em. Far as I know, it's more likely that someone missed your box in that process, and there should be someone in a distribution centre who has a bunch of them spare.

          ...Every chance those already got used up thanks to employees 'distributing' them (to mates), but there should definitely be someone knows where they are and they're not specifically linked to the disc they get stuffed with.

            Thank you. This is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to know. I like to be armed with info like this before complaining so I know exactly what is reasonable to ask for.

          They should open another copy of the game to give you the code, then contact their supplier for a replacement, or just discount it.

          You wouldn't really be taking a code from another player. If something is taken out of a new product (game) it shouldn't be sold.

    More like Moanday, amirite.

      Save it for page six! >:|

      Also, HEY JANE!

        Nooooope. Just because we dad joke on page six doesn't mean we can't joke on other pages. Your humourless ways don't influence us DC!

        HEY DUDE :D

        ALSO @highperformance get outta here, really?! That's what "bae" means?! Crikey, I thought kids were just slack-jawing on 'babe'. hahahahah.

          I think there's a little bit of that going on, I know that's what I was getting at when I would call my girlfiend bae at first.

          There are different ideas of what bae means I suppose, somebody in these hallowed halls once explained 'bae' is actually the Danish word for poo.

            And everyone knows poo is just short form for pookie! Hence the connection! Dammit HP stop confusing TAY =P

          They are =,= highperformance is pulling acronyms out of thin air!

    Hola Tay

    Back at work today after 3 days sick last week.

    Still have not seen Avengers.

    Yesterday was feeling a bit better so went to the Discworld fan club's regular board game day. Played Stone Age, a prototype NASA-themed games some guys were working on, and Dead of Winter. Also won the door prize, a copy of the Spartacus game (which looks like it could be OK) and got an interesting offer from the head of the club.

    They're running the 2017 Discworld convention and have asked if I'd like to run the board game room for it!

    They've also asked if I could help them retheme a couple of gateway games to discworld themes, starting with Ticket to Ride. Apparently they've done Love Letter, and I've suggested Coup, so my Monday morning Question:

    Which board games should be rethemed to discworld? And which board games need a retheme in general? We've recently seen Batman and The Hobbit Love Letter, for instance

      We need more Monopoly variants! *decisive nod*

        GET OUT

        GET OUT

          Actually, in all seriousness, an Ankh Morpork themed Monopoly could possibly work pretty well. For the utilities, you could use The Clacks and the Post Office, and the railway is sorted. Tokens could include a Wizzard hat.

            But it'd still be monopoly.

              And we all know Monopoly is the best board game!
              I own three different monopolies! :D

                | |
                /\ /\

                Okay, that looks like a frog.

                ^ o/\o ^
                |--| |--|
                /\ /\

                Okay, now it looks like a space fighter. Pew Pew!

      I think Dominion could work pretty well as a Discworld themed game.

      I think an Unseen University version of Cluedo would be fantastic.

      "It was the Lecturer in Recent Runes in the H.E.M. building with a ground-glass-and-black-pudding."

        Once upon a time murder was a well-established means of succession in the wizarding world, but ever since the instatement of Ridcully as Archchancellor it has been nearly impossible so all the wizards have become fat and lazy.

        I don't know if Cluedo would drivep layers to find out who finally offed Ridcully, or if we'd have to repurpose the game to fit some lesser crime.

        Also, I would want to play as Hex.

          Or set it in pre-Ridcully days.

          You could also avoid that entirely and use P.I. as a base instead. It's similar to Clue but every player is solving a different crime. You have a set of locations on the board (easily replaced with Ankh-Morpork locations) and tiles representing characters and crimes. Each location has tiles for a character and a crime placed on them during set up.

          To make things more interesting, on top of the usual mundane crimes, you can throw in a whole bunch of the random things Nobby and Vimes mentioned in Night Watch.

          Bonus points: It's a Martin Wallace game and he makes the Discworld licensed titles.

            I have no idea what P.I. is but I think I want to check it out now.

              It's better than Clue but not exactly an instant classic. Just a solid deduction game that seemed appropriate here.

              BGG link.

              I'll be in Sydney for the megagame next weekend. I think we're doing board games on the Friday (May 8). I can bring it if you're going to come and things actually get organised.

                Ah, don't bring it on my account, I didn't know about any plans for a meetup thing so I don't imagine I'll be there.


        That's actually happening in a way - theres a game called The Gods coming out - its a risk/Dominion combination style thing.

      My usual movie going companion is currently in the US so wanna go see Ultron this week? If you don't have other plans for it.

        Hey man, sorry, just saw this. I'm Ultronning tonight with some peeps

      Thanks to Raising Steam, the Ticket to Ride retheme basically sorts itself out.

      As for other rethemes, I just don't like the idea. Love Letter in particular is a terrible offender here. When it was the new hotness everyone on /r/boardgames and bgg was doing their own rethemes. Worst of all? They were terrible. After a few months, people lost interest in that and AEG decided to start doing official rethemes. It's just unnecessary.

      At least with Munchkin and Fluxx they remake the game slightly for the rethemes.

      Oh and there's a Munchkin Love Letter too (called Loot Letter).

      Then again, I'm one of those odd people that don't pay too much attention to theme in board games anyhow. I'm a mechanics nerd. I'm a Melvin not a Vorthos.

        Certainly does retheme itself, we're just going to do one on a Discworld Mapp. May even keep the same points/route distances as OG TTR, just make the map and destinations discworldy.

          The Europe map is balanced a bit better. The central corridor in the base game is a little congested while Europe gives a good East/West divide.

            I'm working on simplicity, not "the best game"

            I've got till 2017 to fiddle with it anyway

              Well, there's also the fact that the EU board has a lot of congestion around Paris, which would be the perfect place to slap Ankh-Morpork. The more spaced out and open parts of Eastern Europe would work well for parts of the Disc that are a bit further apart (Ramtops or maybe Uberwald).

              EDIT: And Scandinavia lends itself perfectly to being Klatch/Djelibaybi etc.

              Last edited 27/04/15 2:42 pm

    Oh, and I saw The Avengers: Age Of Ultron yesterday. It was...okay.

      Is... is this for serious-serious? Your restrained enthusiasm is meant to be a dignified cover for your true, rapturous admiration? Or are you actually, as DC claims, a monster? I haven't seen this yet, everything I've read says I'm meant to wet my pants with joy when I do! :(

        I found the first movie pretty overrated. We're all monsters now.

          I'm the biggest monster of all.

          I really didn't like it, not even a little bit.

            I shall join the 'monster' ranks by fanboyishly criticising you for having a contrary opinion to the one I have formed about something I haven't even seen yet.

              First Avengers or second? I haven't seen the second, and probably won't bother with it.

                Good LORD, man! I thought you were talking about the second! You're breaking my heart.

                  I think half the reason may have been his expectations. See, I'm doing you a favour by lowering yours! :P

                  Also, I'm not sure if it relates at all but Shane, Strange and I have all been hardcore Joss Whedon fanatics at some point. Maybe our experiences of other Joss stuff has coloured our expectations here? I DUNNO!

          I avoided buying into the hype but still enjoyed it. I also liked Gravity and expect to enjoy Interstellar when I get around to it, all movies the internet simply cannot stop jacking off about hating while simultaneously calling overrated.

            I absolutely love both Gravity and Interstellar.

        Well, someone needs to keep your expectations down! If you go into expecting it to be pants-wettingly awesome, you have nowhere else to go but down. But if you go into it expecting "...okay", you have nowhere else to go but up.

          Heh. I am always saying this is probably the primary reason I've enjoyed a lot of movies everyone's ragged on as crap.

          It's a very convenient excuse for my poor taste in movies.

        I found it okay too. Not amazing or great.

      I thought it was okay as well. But I assumed I only felt that way because I never watched any of the lead-in movies and was completely lost the whole time :P

        I was planning on watching Iron Man 3 beforehand, as it was the only one I've missed, but didn't get around to it as we had to grab yesterday's childless movie chance while we could. It was probably one of the more important ones to have seen, though. :P

          Don't! Iron Man 3 is awful! Don't listen to anyone else aside from me or evilmonkey with regards to this opinion! They're all crazy!

      I enjoyed it. It was better than the first Avengers movie, but inferior to the stand-alones like Winter Soldier and GotG. Seeing it at Hoyts LUX in a recliner with a G&T probably helped ;)

      I also went and saw Insurgent because I had a freebie ticket that had to be used before the end of April. It was meh.

        Had you seen Divergent before you watched Insurgent?

        I've been told if you haven't you'll have no idea what's going on.

          I had seen Divergent. It was a perfectly serviceable SciFi action movie. There's some nice effects, but the story is pretty pedestrian. Tagging @transientmind because this answers his q as well.

        Had you already seen Divergent? Those movies are ones I was curious about but also wary. On account of seeing them to be kinda uh... Twilight'ish Teen Romance flicks more than post-apocalyptic/dystopian future sci-fi.

      Isn't that a summation of all the Marvel movies? They all fun and entertaining but not exactly amazing movies.

      I would say that it reached the bar set by the first one. Problem being that we've already been there before with the first one.
      Did not notice the passage of 2+ hours, definitely got that going for it.

      This. Saw it on Friday and it was an okay action film with some major flaws preventing it being amazing.

    Played Little Wizards with my 7 and 5 year old daughters. My older daughter really loved it but younger daughter couldn't really concentrate for long enough. I'm thinking 30 minute sessions are best.

    Had a lot of Bloodborne too! Enjoyed some co-op and the odd inadvertent PVP (I joined the Vilebloods covenant).

    Still reading RJ's Dragon Reborn (for the umpteenth time) and slowly getting through Bravely Default.

    So P.T. is being pulled and Silent Hills cancelled, yet Collar Doody is still being released year after year. How depressing.

      I'm actually pretty hype for Dorito eating and Mountain Dew Simulator, I like Treyarchs take on the franchise (I really like the Zombies mode and not much else of the game lol)

    Question for tabletop RPG people of all sorts (GMs and players): which type of game do you prefer? More rules or less rules?

      I tend to like to come up with solutions by working around existing boundaries so put me in the more rules camp but not F.A.T.A.L levels.

      I'd say Numenera has it just right in terms of rules of all the RPGs I've played, but I like more complex ones like Rogue Trader, though both has the same outcome with me, I feel really useful with all my skills at my disposal :)

      Last edited 27/04/15 10:05 am

      Less rules.

      Games need a strong framework for everything to happen but a game with clear, simple rules gives a lot of freedom to the players (and especially the GM) to work within. Restrictions are important to foster creativity but should be an element of the campaign (aside from obvious things like Magic X is Magic X).

      It depends.

      I probably lean toward having more rules than less, because the rules can help add structure, but too many and all you're doing is looking up this and that table and not actually playing the game. I'd say I like more mechanics. More options for a given situation. But not more rules that restrict what you can do.

      Eg I don't like what I played of Numenera much because the whole system is far too open and that makes it really hard for me to have anything to really grab onto.

    You guys, I'm going to talk about Mario Kart 200cc again. I only have 2 cups left to get a 3-star rating in. The cup with the new Rainbow Road and the cup that has Electrodrome. I just can't get the hang of those courses at such high speed! I was SO close at one point, but, yeah... Watch this video: I just sat there with my mouth open for a few minutes after that...

    Totally fun though.

      @sughly did the same thing to me last night in Cheese Land. He made a (not-so) powerful enemy that day!

        The worst part is that it was completely my fault. If I'd just held onto the shell instead of trying to fire it backwards like a dumbo I would've won :P

          Ssssssh. Never take the blame yourself. Blame everyone else but you! :P

            Damn Koopa Troopa.

            I can't complain though, because this also happened:


              Also, you're the only one I know who actually uses the Mario Kart video upload dealy! :D

        hahaha! I don't think I hit you though, I just did one of those drift speed up things by driving behind you :3

          I've changed it in my mind to be more dramatic than it really was! :D

      That's what you get for picking Toad.

        A fun time? Yeah I know!

          Pow etches "FOR A FUN TIME PICK TOAD" on a wall somewhere.

      Spending all weekend playing single player mario kart instead of with us :'(

        NPCs don't cry when they lose.

        I really shouldn't trash talk...

          The running joke that Pow cheats was just something we picked up from Greenius. Really hope it's not keeping you from playing. We've all improved now as well, so way more level than it was back in the day. Don't not play because of our stupid comments. :'(

            Don't know about all of us improving. Pretty sure I haven't, but then again this weekend was the first time I played since about a week after the first DLC came out.

            @dc For some reason can't reply to your spoilered post above... Working now :P For some reason I can't post comments with single or double quotes...

            No, no, nothing to do that. It just got to the point where I got way too worked up while competing with people. Trying to maintain a rep or something. Didn't feel good.

            Same reason I could never be a pro athlete :P

            Last edited 27/04/15 10:52 am

      200cc is crazy, so fast, I have only played a couple of levels but I need to totally change my Kart set up, new levels are pretty awesome too.

        Yeah, I had to change my kart setup too. I love how the tracks play now. Should show the "Mario Kart requires no skill" people at least :P

    I saw Age of Ultron on the weekend. Underwhelming was the first thing that came to mind as the credits began to roll.

    On a seemingly neverending shopping spree of Nerf guns and related accessories, I have bought 200 darts on amazon for a good ol' $15 or so. If that ain't a bargain, I dunno what the hell is. Now I'm eyeing those $100 giant motorized ones that I'm pretty sure veers from the target demographic of kids to "adults with no fiscal responsibility or conscience."

    Also: You guys should really watch If You Are The One with me. Last night a guy came on wearing a flanno over a t-shirt, the girls made fun of him for it, he failed to get a date, one of the hosts walked over and ripped the flanno off him, took a lighter out of his pocket and tried to burn it in front of him while saying something about "a fresh start".

    It's. Amazing.

      I guess the lumberjack look hasn't come to China yet.

        Watch out for people in China, DC. They have lighters.

      Obviously the show isn't set in Melbourne where a tartan flanno and a t-shirt is a hipster staple.

      That show can make you crack up whenever its on

    Anyone been watching Bojack Horseman? I was about to give up on it when it finally settled into a coherent story arc that's more a drama series wrapped in a comedy than a meaningless series of jokes. Watched episode... I want to say six... last night and the final 10 minutes or so kept punching the feels pretty relentlessly.

      I'd seen a few clips here and there and finally watched it when we got Netflix. I think I was tuned into the humour by episode 3 but yeah, the show doesn't really seem to have a point until around episode 5 or 6. In retrospect, this might have been deliberate narratively, but taking that long to give viewers a reason to watch is risky.

      I really liked it, looking forward to a second season (which I assume is coming).

        I like the continuity of his house. Things like his footstool in the background being charred and all the photos still have David Boreanez' face taped to them.

      I semi-binged watched it, though it was more of a background show for while I did assignments.
      Funny enough to have on and listen to, but not too distracting.
      I like what I saw of it though!

      I watched the first ep and it left me with absolutely no desire to watch more. Just couldn't get into it.

    Good Monday, all. Weekend was pretty good. Plenty of AFL watching over the 3 days and Freo now sitting clear on top of the ladder (it's Round 4... marathon, not a sprint, be patient...) I'm in a pretty good mood. Of course I could have done without the minor heart-attacks watching the 2nd half against Sydney.

    Yesterday went to Cirque du Soleil, had an amazing time. Managed to book front row, centre aisle seats when I booked the tickets a literal year ago, and it's fantastic to be so close to the stage. Also made enjoyable when one of the clowns chose to include me in his pre-show warm up act by "re-seating" me and putting another couple in my seat, then "kicking me out" of the tent. Got a handshake for being a good sport about it, and a memory to last me for a long time.

    This week is shaping up pretty good too! Tomorrow got whisky tasting at Cobbler with @transientmind and @freezespreston - I'll be there probably around 6 or so, for a 7 start. Really looking forward to it.

    Then later in the week, but earlier than initially planned... @janexo, @cufcfan616 +2, and @sernobulus - Wasn't able to sort out the ticketing SNAFU so our table of 6 for Simpsons Trivia is now Thursday 30th April. If you're unable to make it on Thursday please let me know ASAP so I can organise replacement players. I know Freeze was interested and I've got non-TAYfolk who can step in if needed as well.

      We all know that Whisky Tasting is just a cover for fight club, Bob. We can read between the lines!

        The first rule about whisky tasting is you do not talk about whisky tasting.

        Huh. That's why I barely remember that bar that night in Brisbane.

      Crikey. Can you twitter-DM me your bank details for payment?

        Haha, yeah it's kind of crept up hasn't it? If you'd prefer to just give me cash on the night I'm fine with that too.

          Yeah, let's do that, since it's tomorrow.

            I'm told by a reliable source that it's only a day away.

              This is very confronting for me. Gorillaz told me that tomorrow comes today. I'm going to have to do some research on this.

                Well, if it helps, Sheryl Crow informed me that tomorrow never dies...?

      Thursday is good for me, even better than Friday for my mate and should be ok for the missus, she's hobbling around a bit better now, just getting xrayed to see how well her ankle's healing. Just making sure though, there should be room to walk through with a walking frame you reckon? I've never been there. And money on the night ok?

        I've never been there myself but I'd say there'll be room to walk. Public safety / accessibility codes and whatnot should take care of that. Can always show up a little earlier if needed to have less people around for manoeuvring purposes. Cash on the night is fine. :)

          Well x-ray this morning has come back and she still has one fracture that still looks quite nasty and the doc said to keep off her foot as much as possible so she's going to be out I'm afraid. Just me +1 now. Never mind though, I'm the one who always wins Simpsons Scene It :D

    The company that owns Dodo is looking to buy iiNet now. Can't decide if this is just as bad as TPG or worse.

      That's much, much worse.

      Dodo are the worst.

        I'm genuinely surprised that after all these years, dodo haven't done something that gets them barred from trading in Australia.

      How is it that way around?! I don't even... I've heard nothing but bad things about Dodo

      You know what's weird is that when I was doing wholesale for Telstra, we didn't get a lot of Dodo tickets. TONNES of Optus and TPG, but not a heck of a lot of Dodo. I'm not sure why that is.

      Also, volume of tickets submitted wasn't particularly important. Not as much as why they were being submitted. TPG for example, were notorious for submitting authentication failure tickets that were not auth failures, amongst many other things that made us roll our eyes and comment on how their tech support area was being run by idiotic chucklefucks who didn't care about frivolously wasting customer time by adding Telstra processing delays where they didn't need to.

      iiNet, westnet, Adam Internet, Internode would all submit quite a few tickets too, but they were usually legit faults that needed Telstra input to fix, and they'd done their homework first, reducing needless waste of time on back-and-forth. Optus were a mixed bag, being one of the biggest, the quality of their reporting largely resting on who was submitting the faults; they had good guys and bad guys. Dodo? Pretty rare. Which was weird.

      Not sure if that was a good thing or not. Good that they weren't having faults, or bad that they weren't dealing with legit faults? Maybe a function if it being early 00s, and still relying way too much on dial-up for their customer base?

    Played Destiny all weekend in the hopes of phat loot drops. I'm still desperately seeking a Gjallarhorn, my wife is waiting for the day RNGesus blesses her with even a single legendary ship. Seriously, she runs more strikes than I do and I've had about seven ships drop, while she continues to be stuck with the least ugly rares scrounged from the shipmaster.

    I also watched two movies. I rewatched Superbad because even though I hated it the first time around, the fact that everyone else on the internet loves it had me questioning my sanity. While I didn't hate it as much upon a second viewing, I still don't see the appeal apart from a handful of very quoteable Jonah Hill scenes. I guess this is the same deal with Napoleon Dynamite, which I still refuse to watch.

    The other movie was the Get Smart movie starring Steve Carell which I watched for the first time. It wasn't terrible as a standalone spy comedy, but branding it as "Get Smart" was clearly a cheap ploy to sell tickets. Apart from shoehorned in references such as one liners like "missed it by that much" which weren't even delivered in a way that made sense in the context, it bore no resemblance to the childhood staple of a TV show I grew up watching.

      I picked up a Hawkmoon in a drop at the end of the week.

      Also, after complaining loudly last night that I still don't have a 32 character, realised that my Titan has 3 pieces of Crota gear - chest, arms and feet. I have an exotic helmet, so I CAN reach 32 after all! Woohoo.

      The RNG are still being fickle though - I cannot get Crota gloves for my Warlock. :(

        I have three pieces of Crota gear for my Titan, also missing a helmet, but since the best Titan exotics are helmets I don't mind. If I need to be a 32 for anything I've got my Helm of Inmost Light/Helm of Saint-14/Insurmountable Skullfort to choose from.

        Warlock has the chest and gloves, I'd love for the boots to drop so I can reach 32 with my Obsidian Mind/Light Beyond Nemesis/Skull of Dire Ahamkara - but for Warlocks I feel that the best exotics are chest and gauntlets (such as Heart of the Praxic Fire and Claws of Ahamkara).

        My hunter fares worst of all. I have the chest and gauntlets for him too, but as much as I love the exotic helmets I think my favourite hunter exotic are my Radiant Dance Machines. Since you need to beat Crota for the helmet to drop, I think I'm perma-31 on my Hunter until House of Wolves drops.

          I like my Argumentarium chest for Titan. Two grenades in Striker is really handy. But I have a maxed Glasshouse and I think an Inmost Light so I'll make that work.

            I'd say if I had to rank my titan exotics I'd put them something like:

            Helm of Saint-14 > Armamentarium > Helm of Inmost Light > Ruin Wings > Insurmountable Skullfort > Crest of Alpha Lupi > No Backup Plans > Mk. 44 Stand-Asides.

            Which is strange because Mk. 44 Stand-Asides are basically the Titan equivalent of Radiant Dance Machines, which are probably my favourite Hunter exotics after Achlyophage Symbiote. Of course it's all context-sensitive. I switch to the Skullfort when fighting Crota because I can pick up orbs to heal instead of needing the chalice.

            I've been tempted to buy Glasshouse in the past just because it looks cool but I don't think it would be that much more useful than my current array of helmets.

      I spent most of the weekend playing Destiny... Got lucky and scored a few raid invites. After three Crota Normals and a Crota Hard, I requested to run VoG so I could try for a Fatebringer. So we start VoG... from the Gatekeepers. Twice. *sigh* Fatebringer will always be beyond my reach...

        I only have Vision of Confluence and Hezen Vengeance from Vault of Glass, very much looking forward to seeing how they perform after I can raise the damage cap to 365 after HoW.

        I really just need a void primary for Void nightfalls, I don't care exactly what it is. I have Confluence, three oversoul edicts and two abyss defiants. Arc and Solar are more than covered across all three characters.

        I should try and run VoG more. I've only completed it twice. It's just so time consuming and no one I play with likes to split it across multiple nights so if you don't have six people willing to invest the several hours to get through it in one sitting, you don't have a group.

        Of course it seems the void primaries are all locked behind the Hard Mode wall. I guess HM isn't that big a deal for VoG since we can hit 32 now, but my usual group aren't exactly elite raiders.

          Atheon's Epilogue isn't a hard mode-only drop, so if you want an easier time of it, just do normal. VoG's still hard if you're 32 - you need a team that knows the encounters, more than anything else. But, I certainly agree - arc and solar seem over-represented in primary weapons. At least arc-burn comes up relatively often in the weeklies...

            I think the people who really track this stuff on reddit had stats that suggest Arc Burn has come up about 60% of the time in nightfall (I assume that includes weeks like this one that include "rainbox" burn - or all three burns being active). I have no idea what the weekly heroic stats are sicne burns aren't very common.

              *rainbow, not rainbox. I can't edit posts at the moment for some reason. :/

              Yep, arc sits at 54% including rainbows. Without rainbows... about 40%. Heroics... 20% arc burn, 14% void, 8% solar. Such a pity about solar... solar burn is a bunch of fun as a sunsinger. :D

    Is it just me, or does the running and walking in GTAV feel clunky as all hell?
    The shooting wasn't overly great either, after playing Saints Row (which admittedly can go to far)
    running and shooting just feel horribly clunky.
    Does anyone else feel the same?

      I think it's just because GTA is a bit slower paced and more grounded in realism. SR1 was a GTA clone, SR2 was similarly grounded in some respects while being crazy in others. SR3 really made the player character pretty OP, while SR4 was off-the-charts ridiculous.

      You can't really compare them anymore, but I agree about how they feel to play.

        Yeah, I'm disregarding the perfect car handling and super powered played. But more of how it was just so much easier to walk from place to place.

        I know it's grounded in realism but I can turn around and start off in the opposite direction in about 1-2 seconds (I just timed it)

    Watched The Matrix for the first time in years. I forgot how god damned exciting that film was when it first came out. The sequels never stood a chance at holding up to them

      Yeah, that film has held up incredibly well. I watched it recently too!
      The sequels are offensively bad, though :P

        Netflix is giving me the opportunity to re-watch a lot of older stuff :D

        The sequels weren't horrific (mainly the second one, the third one...was I guess :D ) but didn't have any of the intrigue of the first film and took it in a completely stupid direction. The additional characters they introduced were interesting but they then jumped from one to the next without expanding on them at all instead focusing on ridiculous fights scenes and making 10 minutes of robots shooting at other robots, which is normally awesome, completely boring and irrelevant (I think that's where Michael Bay got Transformers inspiration from). Plus the kid who has a manchild crush on Neo is completely annoying

        Yeah...they're offensively bad :P

      I make a habit of watching quite a few trilogies on a yearly basis so yeah that movie series ages pretty well =]

        It just sucks that nowadays any moderately successful film has 2 sequels tacked on that weren't planned out well when the first one was made.