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    I've got a day off, I'm getting a new phone aaaand it's international Star Wars day. Does it get any better than this?

    Also, debating whether or not I should allow my almost 7 year old son to watch Star Wars tonight. Should be ok.

    Oh, and er, May the 4th be with you.

      For what it's worth, I was about that age when I watched them, and it was one of the best weekends of my childhood.

      I'm planning to show them to my kids in October (my 30th birthday present to myself). My girl will be nearly six by then, and my boy almost three-and-a-half.

        I would have been almost 8 when I saw Star Wars for the first time. It was Return Of The Jedi and I literally had to beg my dad to take me. Don't remember much about it, but the Rancor scared the absolute shite out of me. I reckon my son's a lot better adjusted than I was at his age though.

          The funny thing is: times have really changed. I think the big snowman thing in Frozen is actually a bit scarier than the rancor in a lot of ways. :P

            I've only seen a few minutes of Frozen (even though we own a copy), so I'm not really sure what your talking about. A few minutes was enough for me, I know I just couldn't handle watching the whole thing.

            Frozen sucks.


              I don't think it completely sucks, but I think it's ridiculously overrated, and desperately needed a rewrite or two.

                it's ridiculously overrated, and desperately needed a rewrite? needs a sequel or two.

                Fixed from the viewpoint of a Disney executive.

                Don't like Frozen. Tangled is far superior

                  Agreed. And Princess and the Frog is better than both of them.

                  I watched Tangled last night. It is unquestionably the best Disney-princess flick ever.*

                  I completely lost it at, "You should know, this is the strangest thing I have ever done!"

                  * Not a complete contradiction with @shane as I have not yet seen Princess and the Frog. It's up next. Actually maybe Frozen first, which I also have not seen yet.

          Oh yes, I had Rancor nightmares when I first saw it. That and the Saarlac. Although to be fair, the Saarlac does kind of look like a gaping anus with multiple rings of teeth...

            Stop the presses! Headline reads: New analysis of Return of the Jedi proves that George Lucas has unresolved issues with anal sex.

              He should've used lube instead of treating porn as educational material.

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        I think the main reason I'm kind of apathetic towards Star Wars is that I didn't watch them too much as a kid. All I remember is my father getting me to watch Return of the Jedi when I was about 8, and me not understanding the plot at all. I don't think I watched any of the others as a kid. I watched them all later, when I was about 14-ish, and I watched them in chronological order because no one told me what order they were released in.

          For reference of what I thought the plot was about as a kid, I thought the main villain was the Sarlac Pit and the movie was about a pilot trying to get home.

      I was about 7 when I watched Star Wars for the first time
      I can only offer 1 warning in relation to Star Wars exposure at such a young age
      I was addicted from that very day :o)

      I'm sure you could at least show him the original trilogy. Cover his eyes for any really scary bits.

      What's your new phone?
      Sounds like a great day ahead of you btw. :)

        Oh, I would never ever ever ever ever let someones first Star Wars experience be any of the prequel movies. Would start where any Star Wars fan that's worth his salt would, Episode IV.

        Edit: Haven't decided 100% which phone yet. Leaning towards the Sony Xperia Z3, but I might have a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the HTC One M9 when I go down to the store.

        Last edited 04/05/15 8:54 am

          Very nice. My brother has the Z3 and has owned the Z2 as well. It's a very fast and sturdy phone, i really like the camera too. He's a welder so it suits his trade. I love the visual design of the M9, front facing stereo speakers, all high end smart phones should have them!
          I have an iPhone 6, went Apple because we have a lot of Apple gear at my work, useful for testing Apple TV's with Airplay etc, i also have 2 Apple TV's at home, which i use quite a bit.

          I love my Z1 so I imagine the Z3 is three times as good....

            Interesting logic. I have the original Xperia Z, so that must mean it's 4 times as good. :P

      My son's been watching those movies since he was four, so I'm sure almost seven will be fine.

        Mrs. Monkey has done a good job of making him scared of things though. He won't go near even the smallest little spider, or even a Daddy Long Legs, even though I tell him that they won't hurt him. And about a week ago I tried to watch Jumanji with him and roughly 20 or 30 minutes in it's building up to when the Lion appears and he starts freaking out and balling his eyes out, nothing I said would calm him down, I had to turn it off

          Well, to be fair Jumanji is pretty scary! I didn't let my son watch that for ages. I even let him watch some 'M' rated movies before Jumanji! It does all depend on the child though. My son is always the one who has to tell me "it's just a movie". :P

          Jumanji is freaky. I remember going to the cinema to see it when I was 8, and had nightmares about being turned into a monkey for weeks.

      I have a friend with a little girl about that age (a bit older). She LOVES episode 1 - because the main character is a little kid.

        I've got the feeling little monkey would love Jar Jar, so I think it's best to wait until he's older to show him the prequel trilogy. Good thing I don't own any of them.

          I kind of love this.

          "I have a feeling my kid would love the characters I hate, so I have to wait til he's older to properly imprint the appropriate degree of disdain on him."

          It makes sense, I swear! Jar Jar is terrible!

            Lol. Other than series staples like R2, 3P0, Yoda, etc etc my favourite character in Episode one was actually Watto. Didn't like the little kid as Anakin, he gave me the shits, actually like Jar Jar better than him.

            Jar Jar is actually okay in the Clone Wars cartoon. Rather than being stupid slapstick, he's made into some kind of idiot savant and almost like some kind of walking act of god or something.

            Like, if he was a D&D character, he'd basically have a 1 for every stat but always roll natural 20s.

              That might be the best description of the clone wars jar jar I've ever read

      What order are you going to show him the films?

        There's only 1 order I will ever watch them in, and that's IV, V VI, and then if you really must I, II, and III.

        But when the sequel trilogy is finished it'll be IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, then I, II and III as optional extras.

          No Machete Order?

          I can respect wanting to keep it to the original trilogy though. Also he might be close to old enough for Rebels / Clone Wars as well, both of those are actually really good.

            Nope, I'm kinda old school like that.

            Been seriously thinking about starting on Rebels and Clone Wars for a while now. Do you know if any of them are on Netflix?

              Clone Wars is. Rebels not yet but I think it will be, Disney seems to be pretty happy to have their stuff up on there.

              I think I saw something last night about how they were doing a Rebels marathon on TV today. From like 11:30 til 5:30 or something crazy like that.

                Yeah, on 7Mate apparently. I'm gonna miss it all :(

                  I would've checked it out but that would have required both getting up early and missing the end when leaving for climbing :P

    Morning TAYbies, I had a pretty chill weekend, painted a bit more of the ladyfriend's car, watched a few movies on Netflix and cleaned up my house. Pretty chill weekend. Now on to the pretty chill week because unemployment has some benifits. What did you guys get up too?

      Went to QLD but didn't tell anyone.
      Came back, cleared out a small forest of weeds from out front of our place so the council doesn't fine us.
      Have probably reset about 2000 times so far but no shiny regice yet.

      Guardians of the Galaxy is on Netflix now too!

    So the GM decided my character really did die and everybody else blamed me for it.

    At least I finally started finishing off my Halo 2 review.

    Monday mornings are anime mornings. Best way to start the week, catching up on anime with breakfast. :) I'm glad there's only two shows I'm currently watching by the week, though. I'm not good at waiting!
    I've also given myself the day off, so it may turn into a whole day of anime, or I might even play a a game for once. Although usually when I give myself permission to not work on important stuff for the day, I end up working on it anyway. I guess it's just more fun when I don't "have" to do it. :P

    Speaking of important stuff: @bdkiaf which version of Harley Quinn is your favourite?

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      Sounds so good. Much superior to Monday Work Mornings. (Boring)

        I like to give myself Mondays off every now and then because weekends are always the busiest for me, so I don't really get a holiday for weekends like everyone else. I don't even get a holiday when we go away on holidays as I still have to cook and do dishes and distract the kids so they don't get bored and pick on each other. :P

    Morning TAYbies
    The wedding went great and next up...
    Japan tomorrow :o)
    (Stay tuned for some pics for those who are interested, particularly the outer perimeter of the Studio Ghibli Museum)

    and I scored myself a shiny new PS4 and PS Vita over the weekend, amazing kit :o)

      Welcome to the Vita club! Do you do much portable gaming?

        Thanks :o)
        I played some DS/3DS but Im loving the Vita!
        Going to get some real portable gaming time in on the flight tomorrow

      So jelly. I wanted to do the Ghibli Museum when I was there but I didn't want to go alone and no one else on the trip was available during the extra days I had. In retrospect should have gone anyway.

      Hopefully they still have it open next time I'm in Tokyo and it doesn't end up going the way of the rest of Ghibli.

      EDIT: Also the Vita's an amazing piece of hardware, probably my favourite dedicated gaming system right now.

      Last edited 04/05/15 10:42 am

        I have been in love/awe of Ghibli since I saw Howel's Moving Castle many years ago!
        So psyched to be going :o)

        I am super impressed with the Vita
        Tinkered with the remote play function and did a little MKX over the wi-fi, the performance was much better than I was expecting.

        I have FF VII and FF X lined up along with Muramasa - Rebirth for the flights :o)

          I got into anime in the late 90s so my first exposure to Ghibli was when Disney made a big push with Princess Mononoke, which was the first of their films I ever saw and still one of my absolute favourites. Didn't really get into them in a big way until a few years later when I picked up Nausicaa on DVD in Hong Kong, and also a set of bootlegged copies of most of their works in China. Subsequently replaced them all with Madman's DVD releases, then have replaced all those with the Japanese blurays. Which, by the way, are all subtitled in English at least, and all of the releases pre-Ponyo have the english dub on the disc, so if you see one you want in Japan you shouldn't hesitate (When Marnie Was There came out while I was in Japan in April so aside from Ocean Waves, all the Ghibli films can be gotten fairly easily on BD there)

          I really like Muramasa. Did you play it back on the Wii? For the Vita version, Aksys re-translated it from scratch and it's miles better, actually makes sense!

          The PS1-era FF games are brilliant on it. VIII and IX especially end up not looking anywhere near as dated as they actually are.

          Oh, one thing that I only found out recently about the Vita: in the settings, there's an option called 'Use WiFi in low power mode' or something similar to that. It does not do what you expect. You need to turn it off.

          It sounds like it's allowing the WiFi to run when the system's in sleep, but what it's actually doing is reducing the WiFi chip to run at half power so that you conserve some battery life. What this actually ends up doing is causing the signal to drop out a lot which can affect remote play and more importantly can affect your ability to download stuff from PSN at decent speeds and not have it constantly break off and pause the download mid-way. I'd had the problem for years without realizing you could solve it this way.

            After Howel's I made it my personal mission to hunt down as many Ghiblia titles I could find.
            My Neighbour Totoro is my all time favourite (obviously) but Spirited Away, Porco Rosso and all the others are very close behind.

            I read a lot about Muramasa, thats why I chose it, seems right up my alley, if only someone would do a new Wonderboy In Monsterland!

            I noticed that about the Vita's wi-fi, thanks for the heads up, I'll turn that off now

    Morning TAYbytes.

    Hope everyones weekends were good and fun and stuff. I know mine was. Played a good amount of GTAV (PC), really enjoying it, it definitely has my favourite narrative of any GTA game, even if it is truly ridiculous, that's kind of the point.
    Went to the drive-in with the wifey and saw F&F7 and Avengers both for the third time, haha! That was really fun, haven't been in quite a while.
    Played some more GTAV, Mario Kart 8 DLC and F&F meets Forza Horizon thingo.
    Bought Avengers 1 on 3D Bluray (JB finally had it at a reasonable price) Went out for Pho with friends at Sunnybank for dinner last night. :)

    What happened in your weekends?

      Im just firing up GTA V for the 1st time (PS4)

      Played some MKX over the weekend, great fun but damn I suck at fighters now after 10+yrs break
      Still have Bloodborne in its shiny, shrink wrapped goodness, to fire up yet :o)

        Oooh you're in for a real treat. I love the intro missions/sequence.
        I'm sure i would equally suck at MKX. The last 7 years, the only fighting games i've played is Super Smash Bros Wii & Wii U. I wish i had the chance to try Bloodbourne, alas i don't have a PS4 (yet, haha)

    Hey gang,

    How's it hanging? I unlocked a couple more Bloodborne trophies last night. I only have ONE MORE TO GET. Pthumerian Queen in the deepest Chalice Dungeon. I started the Defiled Chalice yesterday. Half health SUCKS. Hoping to get some co-op going just to get through it...

    The Undad Kickstarter continues. There'll be a few articles popping up on the internet about it soon, hopefully. We'll see if they draw an audience. My guess: probably not.

    I have the Undad launch event this weekend, but my printer shafted me and sat on my order for more than three weeks before beginning the printing, and now they might not get here in time. Stressful times. REALLY hope I don't have to cancel that.

    Hope you all are well on this evil, evil Monday.

      I'm on that same trophy but I'm only up to the end of the Central Pthumeran Chalice. Luckily I got the collector's edition guide, which is so comforting. Some of those chalice dungeons look diabolical.

        Lower Pthumerian isn't that bad (note, though, that it's got 4 levels instead of 3, so don't quit out of it too early! :P). It's a bit of a slog in places, but I got through it without too much difficulty. Defiled Chalice is looking like a brutal challenge, though... I'm up to the first boss, but haven't gone inside yet.

        Last edited 04/05/15 9:20 am

    Saw Ex Machina yesterday. If you enjoyed that Quantic Dream tech demo of the robot lady (ahem @DC), then you'll probably dig this. Oscar Isaac is crazy good.

    ALSO, I fiiiiiinally saw Guardians of the Galaxy, you guys! And I liked it, and I was able to ignore that dumb song. It was silly but totally fun and very pretty.

      Man, that tech demo hit me right in the feels.

      ...And again when I learned no-one was picking it up to do anything with it, or likely ever will.

        Yeah, it was SO good! This movie is as close as it's gonna get.

        The tech demo before Heavy Rain had a similar feel to that game, so maybe QD's next game will have a similar feel too? WHO KNOWS! I absolutely loved it, though.

          I like how she showed up as a supporting character in the game. Though I think I did get her killed in my first playthrough...

      Yesssss. I was investigating that movie last week and couldn't find anywhere showing it. Where'd you see it, Janey?

        Palace Centro. So lovely, going to try to see films there more often.

          Oooooh! I even looked at the Palace Barracks times. Didn't even think to check there. *shakes fist at self* :D

            Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter is playing there too!

    Morning TAY... How are we? Weekend was great... Went to the Dog Lovers show on Saturday at the royal exhibition building... Imagine PAX but for dogs :-P
    Was allot bigger then expected but was a great experience...
    Sunday i had completely forgotten was my birthday until the missus reminded me... So I had cake and it was good

      Happy Birthday for yesterday! Also, Dog Lovers?! Amazing!

        Yeah it was fantastic! Could have spent way too much money there, so much cool stuff!
        And they had a booth called "Hug a Pug"
        We didn't go in though because the line was ridiculous..
        Walked away with 10-15 bags of free samples and give aways XD
        And waaaaay to many new toys because we're terrible and can't help ourselves

        Last edited 04/05/15 8:54 am

      Happy Birthday for yesterday mang. I don't like to play favourites, but you're totally one of my favourites. Check your Steam inbox buddy.

      My parents used to go to dog shows with our older dogs. The last dog we had was also show-quality but we only ever took him once, as a puppy, and then he got really sick with amoebic meningitis and we decided we'd rather just enjoy having him as a pet. I never really liked shows, because rather than celebrating what's good about the animals it always felt like everyone was just wanting to point out every flaw instead. So negative.

      Happy belated birthday, we're only a week apart! How old are you now? Not old enough to join @strange and I in the old folks corner I assume

        Well @strange is still 21 right? :-P
        I've managed to steer the globe around the sun 27 times now without crashing, so I'm doing pretty well XD

    Random Monday TAY post. Hello all. Don't think I've got much motivation this week...again. Orange hot chocolate is the answer

      I swear, every English person I know has a thing for chocolate orange! Terry's and the Jaffa cakes and all that business. Ugh, no thanks :D

        What is this blasphemy?

          The Australian palate, mate! An' if youse don't like it you can get yourself some chocolate orange because it doesn't affect me.

        I'm with you Jane, i don't like it either. Normal HC for me thanks.

        It's not Terry's, it's mine (Dawn French would say that in tv adverts for it fyi). Jaffa Cakes are the nuts :D

        I'm not English (New Zealander by birth though...) and I quite like chocolate and orange. I wouldn't go for it in a hot chocolate though. If I'm going to add another flavor to HC then I'd rather it be mint or hazelnut.

          Ooh mint hot chocolate yes please. I've made this before by just throwing pieces of an Aero bar into hot chocolate. Good lord it's good.

            I'm a dirty heathen that drinks capsule coffee, and this is relevant because a while back I discovered there's a company that makes nespresso-compatible hot chocolate capsules and they do a choc mint one and it's pretty good.

          Makes sense. Mint-choc-chip is the best flavour of ice-cream in the world, stands to reason the same flavour would be good when hot.

            I don't know about best flavour in the world (since maple walnut exists, and there's some fancy-pants flavours like liquorice or orange & cardamom that are quite interesting), but you're right it's certainly up there.

            The difference is that we're talking choc-mint, not mint-with-bits-of-choc. So it's more choc than mint. The mint just adds sort of high notes to the overall flavor profile.

    Played a truckload of MKX over the weekend my thumb is feeling the after effects today

      Time to play some motion control games to give your thumb a break! Hehe

      Last edited 04/05/15 9:56 am

        Woahwoahwoah, let's not get crazy and do something we might regret, here...
        I know it hurts, but there's never any reason to go to that kind of extreme now.

          Time to pull the dusty Wii Balance board out. KIDDING. ;)

          Last edited 04/05/15 10:33 am

    @evilmonkey YOU GLORIOUS AND WONDERFUL MAN! That wasn't necessary at all but thank you so much!

    Edit - I guess I should clarify, SOMEONE just gifted me Project CARS on Steam... SO.DAMN.KIND!

    Last edited 04/05/15 9:26 am

      Ooh, let me know how it is. I'm pretty keen on it.

    Wet weekend saw me binge on Bloodborne. I put in about 12-15 hours overall, including an 8-hour marathon on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Just loving the co-op / pvp and chalice dungeon crawling.

    Went to Macquarie Centre and visited EB Games and JB Hifi. I think I haven't bought anything from EB Games in the last dozen times I've visted. Don't know why I keep going. Maybe on the off-chance there will be some pre-owned gem that is available at a somewhat low price? Almost picked up a copy of Wet for PS3 at JB. It was $9 but in the end I was too apathetic to do so.

      I'm the same, I do think to myself I wonder why I'm here when JB and other stores invariably have better prices. I do think it's because it's a specialist video game store though, maybe they've got their store set up in the right way to keep us there?

        I think the set-up has something to do with it. We all like shiny things. I do choke sometimes when I see the prices EB puts on older games. I think you'd have to be mad to buy new games from EB that weren't supply limited or special editions or something. I don't trade in old games myself, but I understand that the EB trading regime is great for those that take advantage of it.

          Totally agree with you I haven't bought a game from EB in years but when im at the mall and im over shopping with the wife I will pop in and splutter at some of the crazy high prices they have stuck on some pretty old games. but hey they have a PS4 and a X1 to play and sometimes playing through the knack demo for the 50th time is better than going to another clothes shop.

    And now it's time for yet another AdVenture Capitalist reset.

    *shakes fist at hyper hippo*

      I'm resetting about once a day... get everything humming and then let it run overnight. Grab angels and go again.

      Bwuahahahahahaha all shall fall to the lure of the recursive revolution!

    How about dat boxing? Pretty disappointing for a "fight of the century".

      Pretty slow century. There's a reason why MMA is taking off though. Boxing is going the way of Formula 1

        It's hardly surprising, though... I mean, no one was ever going to top that Balboa/Creed rematch.

          I'm like that guy who single-handedly built the rocket and flew to the moon. What was his name? Apollo Creed?

      Yeah, pretty disappointing actually.

      My Grandpa summed it up nicely that he's seen better fights outside of the local boozer than he did on Sunday. There were some exciting parts, but a big part of me wanted to see them go toe to toe trading punches.

        Yeah I'm no boxing fan/expert but it seemed like Pacquiao was the only one fighting and Mayweather was only chipping in counter jabs for the points. If that is how he won all his other fights I don't think he should be able to call himself 'the greatest' against Ali.

    And now apparently Guardians Of The Galaxy is now on Netflix. Awww yeah. Today just keeps on getting better and better. Thanks to @redartifice for the heads up on Twitter.

      That's pretty cool. Between this and the Ace Attorney movie, Netflix is getting harder to harder to resist...

        They've added a few decent things recently. Still getting annoyed though at second films being on there but not the first films like Thor & Captain America.

          Yeah, that IS frustrating. I saw The Raid 2 on there, and everyone raves about The Raid but it's not on there!

          ...I don't know why this is a problem, I can, uh... 'source' that film whenever I want. But comfort, dammit!

            Yeah, I bought The Raid 2 recently and desperately want to watch it, but I've only seen the first one once. I hired it from the video shop and fell asleep about halfway into it because I was so tired. Hopefully grab a copy of it when I go to Adelaide this weekend.

            I'm frustrated by that too. I saw that The Raid 2 was there so for a moment I got all excited thinking I would finally get to see The Raid. Dammit Netflix!

    Weekend was great. Had Friday off, got the paperwork to go and pick up my first rifle - went and picked it up, then spent about 4 hours at the range on Saturday. Was a lot of fun, and I sucked a lot less than I was anticipating. Rest of the weekend was spent with GW2 - started looking at building my first legendary weapon. Holy balls there's a lot of work involved. Watched the first couple of episodes of Black Sails because my housemate is bonkers for it - enjoyed it, but not smitten as yet. Will investigate further.

    Orphan Black is pretty freaking amazing. I've watched the first five eps on STAN, and am totally hooked.

      That's exactly where I'm up to. Put it on hold to get caught up on Game Of Thrones (got 9 eps to go), then I want to marathon Daredevil before going back to Orphan Black.

      That's not to say it's a bad show, it's pretty great.

      So I've just struggled through the 1st ep and am halfway through the second. Does it pick up soon?

        If you didn't like the first two eps, I wouldn't bother continuing.

          Thanks, I guess it's not for everyone...

      I've finished the first season and watched the first two episodes of the second, but that was months upon months ago and I'm stuck in limbo now waiting for Mr. Strange to want to watch it. It never comes up on his list of "what there is to watch" that he rattles off each night, that's really just the list of what he wants to watch. :P

      Mrf. This title has come up so often that I am finding myself compelled to give it a look. Even if it sounds way too similar to that Sarah Michelle-Geller series which apparently had the same premise, which I enjoyed even if it didn't get rave reviews.

        That SMG series was awful. I couldn't get past the first few episodes it was so painfully bad. I'm still not sure how much of that was due to how bad(and annoying) of an actress SMG is and how much was other factors.
        Buffy was great in spite of her, and because it had a strong ensemble, so for her to carry a different show on her scrawny little shoulders was always going to be difficult.

          Wow that's harsh! I liked it! Not so much for SMG acting, but more for the very soap-opera-defenderish desire to know what was going to happen next. (I mean come on... No-one watches soap-operas for the acting. I mean they're doing something, but it's not acting.)

            I have that desire to know what happens and it's why I've watched a great deal of sub par shows and movies all the way to their conclusions, so if even I couldn't get through it, it must be bad. :P

            Oh, and when I first left school I became addicted to soap operas. It was just before the internet was a thing so there wasn't really anything much else to do of an afternoon.

      I watched the first season and enjoyed it. Yet somehow I just haven't felt like I wanted more. It just feels like a show that's going to run out of momentum, so I figured I'd cut myself off before it gets to the inevitably disappointing filler.

        Start of season 2 felt a little filler-ish... but towards the end I think they cut themselves short and tried to cram too much in the last 2 or 3 episodes and it started getting more complicated than it's ever been.

        Ends with a band and sets up Season 3 to go down a very very different path to first 2 seasons.

      Twins! Looks like we spent the weekend doing the same thing! I'm nine eps into season one after watching on Netflix, and am totally hooked. :P

    Hola Tay

    I played Magic all weekend- hosted people at mine on Saturday for Commander and then got invited into a cube draft on Sunday, built a sweet Green-White-Black deck.

    Hell week until Thursday this week, then GODDAMNED MEGAGAME!

    A Monday Morning Question: I'm heading to Sydney, which is fine but not my favourite other Australian city. What is your favourite Australian city that you don't live in?

      Melbourne. I don't live there. I want to live there.

      Probably not fair for me to make a decision as I've only been to Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. But out of those my top two would be Adelaide and Brisbane without a doubt.

      I've been to all the cities on the east coast, Sydney is the scariest, Brisbane feels most like home, Melbourne is the best place to visit, but I think Canberra is the place I would like to live the most. It has the feeling of a big small town and I don't think I would ever be super comfortable in a big city.

      Melbourne has the most sportsball and an active board gaming scene (that includes a bar underneath a board game store).

      If I can put up with Canberra being cold as balls, I can deal with Melbourne's weather.

        I... I was not aware about this bar underneath a board game store. Apparently I need to get out more often?

          The Alchemist's Refuge, under Games Laboratory on Little Lonsdale. I only heard about it because a couple Melbourne based people I follow on Twitter are regulars.

      I really need to visit some Tasmanian cities so I can make a more informed decision. By all reports their weather and landscape is ideal for me.


      I'm gonna say Brisbane, I travel along the Eastern seaboard for work and Brissy is the one for me.

      Adelaide, actually. It's just so... pleasant. And cheap, too :P

    Got caught up on my Marvel phase 2 movies on Netflix over the weekend since my wife and I plan to go see Avengers 2 shortly.

    (minor plot allusions which could be spoilers, tagging to be safe)

    Thor: The Dark World
    The Thor movies have really surprised me with how much I've enjoyed them. I was never into comics as a kid so aside from the Avengers yet to have their own movies (who probably never will, like Hawkeye and Black Widow) Thor was one of the comic heroes I was less familiar with. Of course I vaguely know about the Norse mythology, just not how the comic adaptation carried over. But for some reason I find these movies some of the more interesting comic adaptations. Maybe it speaks to the quality of the movies as a whole.
    Anyway, I really enjoyed this. It had some great action but wasn't overwhelming, there were a lot of great character moments, and managed to surprise me a few times. It was also the first time I saw an aircraft taken down in hand-to-hand combat on a bridge, which is always worth a couple of extra points on the scale.

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    (Definite spoilers)
    I was always aware of the character of Captain America but never thought it was a character I would identify with, but the previous movie Captain America: The First Avenger, convinced me that there is more to the character than patriotic propoganda for a country I don't live in. The social commentary about freedom and surveillance was a bit heavy-handed in this one but overall it was a nice framework for Captain America to operate within. The idea of S.H.I.E.L.D. being completely compromised was a great turn in the story and I liked the way it played out, if slightly idealistic.
    The hand-to-aircraft combat on a bridge in this movie was also even more impressive than in The Dark World.

    Guardians of the Galaxy
    My wife lingered on the "Play" option for a long time before launching this movie, bemoaning the utter ridiculousness of the cover art. How could she take this movie seriously, when it has a Raccoon as one the characters? I reminded her that this was one of the most popular movies to date, but it was still difficult for her to commit.
    Then all that was forgotten about 10 minutes. It was more of a comedy, sure, but a very self-aware comedy that didn't allow it's humour to make excuses for the action sequences being any less amazing than the other entries into the franchise. I honestly expected it to be a letdown after all the hype and it was not in the slightest.
    The movie was weakened considerably by the absence of someone fist-fighting an aircraft on a bridge, but I've also never seen a raccoon fly a prison watchtower before so I'm going to give it some points back for that.

      Which of the three is your favourite? Mine is Capt: WS.
      I felt like it had so much more dramatic tension that the other marvel movies, which was a nice change. I agree the plot twists were great.

        I think I'd say Winter Soldier was my favourite of the three, as well. I really enjoyed them all but WS really built so well on the Captain America/Avengers storylines. I feel like Black Widow had room for a much bigger part in this one, and the introduction of Falcon was just awesome. Heck with the ensemble cast it was almost like a mini-Avengers movie.

          Yep, i completely agree. Mini-avengers, with less comedy and more tension.

    Weekend spent mostly doing Iron Banner in Destiny. Upside: Saturday's run scored me 3/4 of the rep I needed to get the nice warlock robes, and the PvP side to three exotic bounties, and I had a decent time ignoring the game objective and pursuing my own - lost maybe 1-2 of every three games played. Downside: As good as Saturday's run was, Sunday's was the exact opposite... lost 4-5 games between wins, but I got the last 1200 rep I needed. By Sunday night, I had a Thorn, an Invective, a Bad Juju, the IB Warlock robes, Efrideet's Spear, a throbbing headache, and determination to never touch PvP again. Worth it.

      Didn't even realise Iron Banner was on until Friday, had a look at what he had, Timur's Lash at level 5 rep? I've had 2/3 of them drop during matches. The scout rifle from a couple of events ago and the felwinter's lie, they were worth getting the rep up for, but Timur's Lash?

    I saw Avengers 2 on the weekend. Was pretty good.

    James Spader had the perfect voice for Ultron so whoever cast him for the role, bravo. Considering I didn't/don't watch Agents of Shield or Winter Soldier, I'm sure I missed a few nods to the prior movies but aside from that I enjoyed it a lot. I kinda feel like Avengers 1 had the better climax and a solid ending whereas Age of Ultron kind of petered out. Also on a direct villain to villain comparison, I think Loki was much more threatening than Ultron. Wanting to conquer the world rather than destroying it outright made him a much more dangerous villain in my mind.

      James Spader is also great in the TV show The Blacklist (even though the show itself is a bit wet sometimes). He's always worth a look in!

        Let's not forget Boston Legal. The Blacklist is a joke compared to Boston Legal D=

      If you didn't watch Winter Soldier, but did watch Avengers 2, I think you could still watch WS and not be totally spoiled or fully realize what major plot developments happened in it to set the stage for Age of Ultron.

      (Edit: Also, oh my god. Ultron. So perfectly characterized and such melodic synthesized rumbling. I have to buy the extended edition DVD on the off-chance there's additional Spader-time.)

      Last edited 04/05/15 10:20 am

        If Bioware ever do a new Mass Effect and don't cast James Spader to be a Reaper they're doing it wrong.

          I was going to make some snarky comment about Hollywood actors in games, but then I remembered Martin Sheen really added to the Illusive Man. Any actor could've played him, but I think few could've lent that 'star power' that conveys power and authority.

          Plus obviously, y'know, Keith motherfucking David. Damn he was good.

            Martin Sheen rocked that role so hard that whenever I hear him or see him in other stuff now I expect him to whip out a cigar and call someone 'shepard' in that particular way he does it.

            If there's one thing that Bioware just nails it's voice direction.

            Also Sheen and Keith David aren't the only recognizable traditional actors they've used in their games. Kate Mulgrew does Flemeth in the Dragon Age games and she's incredibly good in the role, for example. Seth Green (Joker), Tricia Helfer (EDI), Carrie-Anne Moss (Aria), Lance Henriksen (Admiral Hackett) and Freddie Prinze Jr. (James Vega, also Iron Bull in Dragon Age Inquisition) all are fairly well-known actors that are in Mass Effect. I think it's just that they're big enough and have a big enough budget that they can hire from outside the usual game voice acting pool.

              Oh my god. I can't believe I neglected Joker, EDI and Hackett. (Vega I didn't care about.) They rocked their roles so fucking hard, too. I can't imagine anyone else in those roles.

              I think the best thing is that with a Mass Effect movie, actually most of those actors could probably play their characters. Illusive Man is meant to look a lot younger than Martin Sheen, so that's the only one that would be iffy, but I think they could probably pull an Arnold with CGI and it would look pretty viable, given the lighting effects of the areas he resides in, or being a hologram already anyway.

      Well then, you haven't watched the best Marvel movie yet! (Cap: WS) Get right onto that! It's on Netflix!

        I don't have Netflix! :P But yeah, I'll get around to Winter Soldier eventually.

      There were a couple of things that confused me about the film.

      Plot spoilers
      I thought Dr. Cheol was shot and killedn, nek minut she's working at the Avengers Hq? When did 'S.H.I.E.L.D disband, I must have missed this part. Who was the guy in red who killed Ultron at the end, he said that didn't want to work with Captain America but wanted to kill Ulton... Nek Minut he's an Avenger, wtf! So many things confusing me lol

        Regarding the Dr Cheol, I was led to believe she died but I guess she didn't. She was still alive when Cap left her so I guess she got better.

        I think SHIELD disbanded in either Agents of Shield or Winter Soldier. Haven't watched either so can't tell you if that's right or not.

        The guy in red was Vision. Having not read the comics, I think he's just going to hang around and watch humanity while being a pseudo-Avenger. I can only guess at this point.

          The Vision is a cool character really. He can alter his density at will, so he can become almost incorporeal and float around, or he can become stupidly heavy. Also has extreme analytical speed.

          In the comics he and Scarlet Witch were a pair for a bit. There's a subplot around him trying to become more 'human'.

            That's awesome insight, for half a second I thought in my mind as he seemed to change colour when he was looking out of the window... Is he going to become the Silver Surfer? :O

            It was wrong on so many levels so I put it out of my mind quickly lol.

          In the comics Vision was a full member of the Avengers. He was also married to Scarlet Witch. So i wonder if they are going to do some sort of strange AI/human romance in the next Avengers.

    So I tried out Spotify for the first time this weekend and I'm a little underwhelmed tbh.
    I'm sure it's great if you like a broad spectrum of popular music and have a massive data cap.
    But while there was far more metal than I was expecting, many older/obscurer bands were not and some artists were missing albums or often bonus tracks.
    Combined with average streaming stability I'd have to listen to the music I want in offline playlists for an optimal experience.
    Which is what I do already without paying $12 a month :/

      I never tried Spotify, but I did try both Sony's Music Unlimited and Google's Play Music. I found Google's to be the most comprehensive, at least in terms of its metal selection. I don't have much money, but I do not regret the $11 a month I spend on that subscription. The amount of bands it has introduced me to that have now become favourites of mine make it worth it for that alone.

        Yeah the finding new stuff part is pretty cool.
        I'll give Google's offering a go, see how it compares.

      I'm a tad miffed as a metalhead as Nuclear Blast withdrew the majority of their stuff off streaming sites as they reckon that's the cause of falling record sales...

      I'm fairly happy with Spotify though. Even moreso that I get it free on my Vodafone plan and now that Sony have merged their Music Unlimited service into Spotify

        From what I've read, streaming sites also pay complete crap so it probably wasn't worth it for them to keep things up there.

          Well that's their argument, but I really don't think it's the cause for dropping sales. Record companies will need to face the facts that people just don't buy physical copies en masse anymore. I think a lot of record companies will go down the drain in the next 5-10 years and streaming services will replace them with artists putting their music on there independently. It won't get them much money (I don't know how it's split, if your music is played more you get a bigger cut) but it would give them somewhere to put their music without getting a record deal

            Oh it'd not be the reason for declining sales, just that the low pay is likely the real reason they're doing it, just not making the money they hoped for.

            I've heard mixed things about NB as a publisher over the years so it's hard to guess if they actually care about their artists not getting paid for anything

      Spotify doesn't have Peter and the wolf but it does have Tubby the Tuba and Baby beluga.


    Last edited 04/05/15 10:33 am

      I do that regularly when I'm tired. I wake up and it's like 'Damn! What have I missed?' I even do it at the cinema. The first one I remember doing that for was Reign of Fire (Christian Bale dragon movie). Falling asleep during The Raid was definitely tiredness, because I certainly wasn't bored by that.

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