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    That worm gif at the bottom of the page is just gross.

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      I think it's pretty cool :P

        I agree, it's fascinating that such a thing exists.

        But still gross. :P

        But you're the weirdo who likes bugs...


        it's kind of cool how it branches out

      *arches eyebrow* Oh?

      *turns images back on in blocker-plugin*
      *barf* Bleeurgh.
      *images off*

        You've seen it now. You can't turn off the image blocker in your brain.

    Decided to boot up FTL again tonight for some reason. Picked the Rock cruiser, since I still had to unlock Type B. Managed to end up with the Crystal guy first go. Then of course there was no friggen Rock Homeworld anywhere afterwards, was there. Spent the rest of the night replaying the first sector over and over again, every time the sectors spun up for me either had no reds at the end or no/the wrong greens at the start. Or had the two separated by paths that wouldn't meet.

    RNG hates me. Never gonna get that crystal ship.

      I think I wound up using a mod to unlock the crystal ship after having a dozen runs just like yours.

    Oooooooh @trikeabout and other Elite players... I convinced one of my colleagues whose handy with an Arduino to build me one of these:
    And it works fantastically!
    Managed to get all the components for $16 all up and it's really improved my enjoyment of the game...
    Be interesting to see if I can get it to work with Project CARS now :-D

      Yeah, I made one out of my old Xbox webcam, three IR LEDs and a battery

        This one purely works with a magneto meter that gets translated into a joystick axis by the drivers... Works great for all games that allows you to assign axis to look around

      I wasn't really sold on the idea at first - surely, if I turn my head to look left, I'll have to look right to be able to see what's to my left, cos the screen is still directly in front of me, right? But I got one of those a few weeks ago, and with a lot of fiddling about with acceleration profiles and such, it works amazingly well. Small smooth motions to look around, it just feels so natural. I can actually find where to dock without rotating my ship every which way! \o/ I spent a good ten minutes that night just circling a station to have a good look around. Need to find time to play it, now.

      I've been meaning to try and see if I can use Opentrack to get ED to detect my Hydra as a head tracking device. Apparently it should be doable, people use the program to use other things as trackers. Though I don't know if it can be done in conjunction with the Rift, which would be the main thing I'd want it for.

    Sorry for being a bit of a dick lately guys, if I pissed anyone off I apologize.

    Anywho, any of you guys planning on signing up for the GOG Galaxy Beta? I just did.

    Don't be scared off by the prices, while almost every game I searched for was cheaper on Steam, GOG is offering something called a "Fair Price Package", meaning that if they're selling a game cheaper than the amount you pay in a different region they'll refund the difference to your account as a store credit. Not quite as awesome as just giving a straight out discount, but hey it's still pretty awesome.

      Wait you've been a dick?
      I lurk a lot more then post lately and this is news to me!
      Never change man :-)

      I think I may have signed up for the beta when I signed up to receive Aliens vs predator for free XD
      Haven't tried anything yet though

        Why you lurk? We love you mang.

          I think the same reason why you feel like you've been a dick XD
          Over thinking things and not much interesting stuff to say :-P

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            I have this same problem

        I did the same thing to get Alien vs. Predator, and I don't think I ever used the beta in the entire time it was around.

        Edit: Actually... just realised it went into beta today. I'm so smart.

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      You gifted someone Project Cars the other day, you're in credit mang!

      You haven't been a dick! Having different opinions doesn't make you a dick. I'm sorry us discussing these things with you made you feel like a dick, I'm fairly certain that was nobody's intention. I think when people here are discussing differences of opinion they're mostly just trying to get to the other side to understand their side.

        It's not you guys, it's me. Sometimes I take things personally. I have self-esteem issues.

        On a side note: So many mentions of the word dick, where's @liondrive when you need him :P

        Is it hot in here?
        *fans self*

          I've spent a long, long time arguing with people on the internet. Life gets such much easier when you learn to separate the person from the argument. I never take someone disagreeing with me personally unless they make it personal. That's the point where I back out.

          It's a useful trick to have but I probably only gained it by being a colossal dick online for a decade.

      Just found out that The Witcher 3 is $80.99AUD on GOG, but it's 38.99USD on Greenmangaming. Curiously it says that it will be delivered as a GOG key, could've sworn it said Steam key just the other day.

    Couldn't be bothered getting my new phone on Monday, so I got it on the way to work yesterday. Ended up getting the Sony Xperia Z3, it's a tad bigger than my original Z. Haven't had much time with it, but so far it's a pretty cool guy.

      I hope Sony keeps making great phones, I can't imagine ever using anything else now.
      I love my Z1 and only have one complaint: it takes absolutely forever to recharge. It's plugged in for 15 minutes and I get about 1% charge, whereas my previous phone (which was also a Sony) gets around 25% charge in the same amount of time.

        That sounds like a dud battery... or charger.

        Can you get to battery on Z1 or does it need a shop visit to access is it?


    FRIDAY (red) MEAT

    @cj has suggested a bar called Stitch for a meat this Friday at around 6:30 pm. He's looking to book us a table, so please let us know if you can attend

    The bar:

    I'll be there! Also possibly @trjn and @freya

    @35 @alexpants @anonymous_pessimist @batgirl @batguy @cakesmith @cj @cookingmama @dkzeitgeist @doc_what @effluvium-boy @fatshadylive @gingerchris86 @gorzilla @harli @hugo_the_hungarian_barbarian @mawt @morkai @markserrels @mrtaco @novacascade @powalen @pupp3tmast3r @ruffleberg @shiggyninty

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      I'm at a show that night, Sorry guys, this weekend is pretty horrid for me.

      I finish work at 7 near Newtown so I'll head in after that. I'd say I'll be there close to 8.

        How the shit does it take you an hour to get from Newtown to the city?

          It takes less than an hour to walk that. I know, I've done it.

          Security takes 10 mins to clear me out of the building, 15 minute walk across the park to St Peters, train at 7:30, 15-20 mins to Wynyard, 5 - 10 minute walk to brews with bros.

          Mate, that's an hour.

            15 minute walk across the park to St PetersThat sounds like a huge park.

              One day I will make the trip across the bridge and do the St Peters parkrun

            Its more like 2mins from Wynyard

      Sorry all, my Friday/weekend is all booked up. Next time.

      We're also invading @gingerchris86's apartment for board games on Sunday (late morning? We probably need to leave for Canberra in the early/mid afternoon).

        Speaking of, what do you want me to throw in from the collection? Travel Qwirkle is a must, and I could possibly lug Dead of Winter that far

          I've recently got Cosmic Encounter, also Anton and I have a lot of games.

            I figured you did, just if there's any curios in my collection you wanted to try.

            That said I'd love to learn Cosmic

              I've been meaning to play Cosmic for a long time. We were going to try and play it at CanCon but that fell through.

              I'm going to bring P.I. so you can try it out and maybe something like Village but otherwise, I'm just going to rely on Chris's collection. I've seen it, there's plenty in there worth playing.

                Right, I'll travel light then.

                Besides, I can't guarantee that I won't go board game shopping in Sydney anyway...

                  Yup, I get the feeling that's going to happen.

            Wait wait wait... *reads other comments*

            You mean there'd be a game I've played that the others haven't?
            ...Not that it'd make much of a difference to anything, I'd probably still take forever on all my turns no matter how well I understood any of these games :P

              Yeah, I've wanted to play it for ages though.
              You could always teach! :p

        Board games from 10:30 or whenever people show up sounds good to me :)

      Given the start time and the numbers I think we should be fine to just walking in and grab a table, but ill still go confirm.

      I'll likely be around, but given how early it looks like I'll need to be up to get all the way to the event the next day (of which I'm still not sure how to get there which is good) I don't know how long I'll be around for.

    Browsing around the internet trying to find a new job or more specifically a career that interests me is fucking depressing. Apparently still having 30-40 years left in my working life means I'm past it and no one's interested.

      Even jobs I've been trying with the idea of entering for a few years have suddenly added a full uni degree requirement. Easy enough when you have the time :/

        And once you graduate after 5 years of part time work because you have real life responsibilities you then find out you need work experience in that field on top of that.

        Hopefully I'll get to start doing accounting at some point though and hope that being kind of related (accounts payable) gets me in somewhere

          Experience and a degree count for naught in the face of networking and real life connections; I had trouble getting accounting jobs until I started constantly forcing connections with people in HR companies (i.e. calling them every week and asking got work yet?!).

          Edit: Also accounting sucks and I'm glad I quit the career =P

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            Agree, I was made redundant but I'm glad to be out of accounts.

      Go through your networks.

      Or work through a recruiter.

        Second this.

        Apply to a shit-tonne of recruitment agencies until you meet a recruiter who obviously isn't all false smiles and apathy and actually gives a shit about figuring out where you could fit in their portfolio of clients.

        ...Might take a while.

      That sounds about right.

      Are you straight out of school?
      If no please use closest exit

      I was lucky that I was kept on from a Christmas casual from a job I got because I had connections with someone that works there.

      I know the feeling, been looking for almost 3 months now, it really starting to wear me down. Good luck man, I hope you find something.

        Yep, been over a year for me. I have a casual job that gives me one shift a week (thanks to my brother being a manager). Super depressed most of the time. Good luck to you too, gutsoup!

          Thanks man, sucks about your situation too, let's all band together and form a company that'll make us all millions.
          Step 1: steal underpants
          Step 2: ?
          Step 3: profit?

          @gutsoup Just don't give up guys; the greatest nemesis in being jobless and looking for work is the attrition effect of rejection. After 1-2 months you lose all enthusiasm and clicking apply on a job ad just becomes a ritual; I used to reward myself with mini-treats every week after getting through a certain number of job applications to keep my spirits up.

            Ritual? I'd be lucky to still be able to keep bothering at all after two months.

            Assuming I'd bothered at all in the meantime :P

    So, no news of a new Pokemon game this year yet, huh? Ever since 2005 new mainline games have always been announced before mid-May. That's really close!

    Honestly, I kinda hope they skip this year and really focus on getting the game engine up to scratch performance-wise. No more framerate issues please.

      This year should be a skip year. No need to keep pushing *something* out the door as a shoddy, rushed mess for the sake of it.

      Do you think with how prevalent the online trading thing is now, that they might even depart from the 2 games / 70% roster thing for the first time ever in the next main release?

        I dunno. I think the two-versions thing is such a tradition now that there's no major reason to get rid of it. Especially because there are lots of people who still buy both versions when they don't need to. Plus if you could catch everything in one game, there wouldn't be much point in using the online trading anyway.

        If anything I'd like more of a reason to buy both versions to be honest. Give them completely different stories or something. But then that's defeating the whole point of two-versions in the first place :P

        The main new feature I really, really want is a hard mode. Make the whole game use the more advanced AI that they use in the Battle Tower/Frontier/Subway/Maison.

        Last edited 06/05/15 10:02 am

          How about NG+ ?

            I guess that would be okay. I don't really replay the games these days though. Just want something a bit more challenging from the get-go!

            They had a hard mode in Black/White but it had silly unlock requirements and you couldn't use it on your first playthrough so it was kinda useless.

              Hmmm... How about a game that doesn't give you starters and a traditional playthrough - you need to bring your own team from XYORAS...
              Dunno exactly what I'm getting to here, but something with a little more permanence, a platform of some sort, rather than just starting as a 'new' trainer every game.
              ...Sounds suspiciously like I'm suggesting an MMO here though, and that's dangerous territory.

                Hah, yeah. The games are already pretty much single-player MMOs.

                I like starting fresh each game and training a new team every time. It's just that the games are balanced to make it accessible for people who haven't played before. Maybe now that systems are more advanced with accounts and such we could get something like the game will see that you've played a Pokemon game before and after the whole 'Are you a boy or girl?' setup they could add 'How would you like an extra challenge?'

                I dunno, I'm not a game designer :P

          While I too would like a harder version of Pokemon, I think Nintendo has stuck itself into making games for kids and teenagers. I'd be awesome if they put in a few more elements that really increased the depth of gameplay for the older players, I can't really see it happening.

          And I know it's a bit of a cop out but I find Nuzlockes to be a way to increase the difficulty. Often feels arbitrarily limiting but I like it.

            Oh I'm not suggesting they make it harder for everyone. That would be horrible :P It would just be nice to have an optional mode that increases levels, AI difficulty, etc for people like me who want it.

            Gameplay is already super deep, I'd just like the option of seeing more of that in the single player.

      4k @200fps or go home?

        Realistic damage physics and blood effects.

          AND meta-progression, competitive multi, leaderboards, always-online-enabled 'features', premium currency, VIP perks, and Twitter/Facebook account-linking bonuses.

            Funny thing is the games already have 4/7 of those :P

              So much :C

                Weelllll... I'm stretching the truth a tiny bit to get there :P

                Competitive multi = online battles
                Leaderboards = online rankings (only after official opt-in tournament events)
                Always-online-enabled features = lots of communication features if you play while your 3DS is online
                VIP perks = I'm considering Pokemon Bank a 'VIP' feature because you pay for it here, even if it's only a few bucks a year.

    I was hyped for the old Apogee titles going up on steam but I just logged in to look at them now that they've unlocked and apparently you can only buy the games by getting the Apogee/3D Realms throwback bundle, which is $29.99 USD until May 12th, at which point it reverts to $39.99 USD. I guess for 32 games that's fine value, but $30 (or roughly a quarter of a million dollary-doos after currency conversion) is a little more than I wanted to spend this week. :/

      It's ok, Pharaoh's Tomb already went freeware years ago.

    I watched the first three episodes of Food Wars last night. It is an... interesting anime. Not sure if I like it but it's certainly quirky and has a few humorous moments. Veers into some overly sexualised stuff in some instances which I think are unnecessary but I think I'll keep watching. A cooking anime is rather unusual so I want to see where it ends up.

      Oh man, I'm loving that show! The foodgasm stuff is hilarious. :D Certainly not something I'd want to watch anywhere there's a chance someone could walk in and glimpse it and ask what the hell I'm watching, though. :P

      I'm so happy to be watching anime again, it's like I lost part of myself for a while there! It's also perfect for this point in my life where it's easier to fit in one anime episode than a regular 45 minute episode show.
      I've just a minute ago finished the fourth episode of Blood Blockade Battlefront on Anime Lab and I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying that one, too.

        I found it rather ridiculous how they've taken foodgasm and taken it to its literal conclusion. Not going to lie though, it is pretty damn funny and the characters are actually pretty good so far.

        I'm trying to watch more anime lately but I have a terrible habit of watching about halfway into a series and just dropping it. Still am yet to finish Attack of Titan, No Game No Life, and Sword Art Online. Although apparently I sort of dodged a bullet with SAO because I think I stopped at episode 7 or 8 before it got all weird.

          I just finished the second season of SAO and actually ended up quite enjoying it, after getting through the stupid second half of the first season.

          I loved No Game No Life up until I dunno... there were two episodes that acted as a speed bump for me. But once I got past those, it was a race to the finish.

          Have you watched Log Horizon? Its 2nd season just finished up and it is a pretty fantastic trip for anyone who's familiar with MMOs. I've loved it so far.

            I've heard it's good but I haven't gotten around to watching any of it yet. It's on my radar but I want to actually finish some of what I have on the backburner before I jump into something new.

            I have Log Horizon in my queue. I haven't started it yet because just looking at the title gets that Ren And Stimpy Log song stuck in my head....

      You should play Senran Kagura Bon Appetit.

        Considering I predominantly play 3DS on the bus, I think I'll avoid that. :P

      'Wow, fanservice much?' was my first cringing thought, but then there was something really special - just magical - about seeing a trio of yakuza guys in nude foodgasm, basted and trussed up in ham-string bondage.

      For some reason the 'horrifying' naked cherubs with Soma's face and creepy laughs just crack me up.

      My god, though, the food porn... the lovingly detailed descriptions, with a rich, evocative lexicon, dripping in verbal imagery that is somehow matched by some of the finest food art - hell, ANY art - I've yet seen in anime.

        Oh yeah, you do not want to watch Food Wars on an empty stomach because everything looks so delicious. I was surprised as well because they actually go into some of the science of cooking and how certain techniques work. Episode 3 with the beef bourguignon was impressive with how they explained it all.

        The cherubs with Soma's face were great but I found the bees were even better. I like anime that switches its art style around like that with differing levels of detail. It's wacky but I think it really revels in the fact that its animated.

      What is that like a Cooking Master Boy for the modern age? (Old anime I used to pick up from SE Asia while living in PNG)

        I have no idea honestly but Food Wars has transitioned into a high school/cooking anime that apparently also has the potential to develop into cooking battles a la Iron Chef. That's kinda what it's like at the moment.

          Cooking Master Boy was about a kid traveling around China after his mum died to become the best chef. Set in 1800s I remember some cooking battles.

    So I discovered after that big chunk of rain we had up here that the boot of my car doubles as a wading pool. Opened it to load up for a small trip and found the bit that my spare tire goes in was full of water...... full, bailed out a good 10l of water, now to figure out where it's getting in from.

    Does anyone here other than @pixel_the_ferret_viking have Dragon Ball Xenoverse on PC? I need to start teaming up with people to get through some of the Parallel Quests...

      I do!

      Oh wait, I thought you meant on a gaming platform, not a word processor. Sorry.

        Oh look, the peasant has his pitchfork out again.

        I'd be worried about you revolting again, but you're always revolting...especially the smell.

          Can't do his taxes on his Nintendo Playstation 360, can he?

          Check and mate.

          Well yeah, but the smell is just genetics, nothing to do with gaming, and it's rude of you to point it out. I can't help it.

      How much does it cost these days? Still $90?

        I picked it up from G2A for (i think it was) $50AUD. There's cheaper options, but they tend to start looking dodgy.

      How does the game play? Should I watch some Let's Play videos?

        It's a less complex fighter compared to other DBZ games, mostly due to the RPG part of it. This isn't a negative, just making sure you don't go in expecting something that plays like a typical 1v1 fighter.

        I'm having a lot of fun with it, especially because they made sure the quirky nature of Dragon Ball is always a part of the gameplay.

        Honestly, watch the TFS Let's Plays of it. It'll give you a good idea of the game and it's bloody entertaining. Though, some of them suck at the game so they sometimes make it look harder than it is :P

        Last edited 06/05/15 11:06 am

      I do! Oh wait :-P
      Don't be afraid to hit me up whenever, I'm happy to jump in and help/fail with you
      ps Sorry for being so unreliable to come online and play... Real life had kinda been... Getting in the way lately

      Last edited 06/05/15 10:57 am

        Also I need to play more GTA online again but I don't want to annoy you guys :-P

          The last couple of nights we've just been dicking around in the overworld. And it has been so much fun.

          You should join next time.

          You must learn the ways of Choo Choo

            Ugh feelings I'd like that but for reasons I don't want to get into because emotions and other gaaaaaay things I've been too insecure to hit you guys up :-P

            Life permitting i will do this tonight!

              Alright, I'll just add you to the list of people to yell at on Steam when we're about to play.



        Figure I'd ask around for a third person cause you can do them as a team of 3.

        Also, no reason to apologise. Im trying to play 3 games at once lately so trying to organise multi is rough :P

      I'm waiting for it to go on sale. I think $40 is the max I'm willing to spend on it.

    Is there anyone going to PAX that hasn't organised accommodation yet?

      Is there anyone going to PAX who has organised accommodation yet?

        The past 5 people I've asked about sharing accommodation have.

        That or they just don't want to be anywhere near me, which is plausible.


          Man, I was going to go with my old last minute organisation thing again...

          Simple, stay with Pixel, you buy him tickets. *nod nod*

        Day the tickets went on sale / I pre-ordered my pass, actually.

        Seriously. It feels way too early!

        But it's really not...

        Is there anyone going to PAX who hasnt organised anything even tickets yet?

      I haven't. Need a roomie?

        That was the intent begins the question, yes.

          Let's do it.

          Last year I stayed at the Arrow on Swanston, bit of a hike to the venue but the rooms were a) nice and b) cheap. Have friends staying there again this year:

            Sounds like a plan. I'm in. Let me know the details.

              Cool. I prob can't book this month (credit card cannae take nae more) but I'll look at it at the end of month. I'm probably going to fly in thurs and out mon

            Quick scan of wotif shows a good balance of cheap and close at Apartments of Melbourne Northbank

            A few of us stayed practically across the road from the convention centre in a short stay apartment. Worked out to be pretty great value, even though the amount of people in the apartment fluctuated from day to day.

            EDIT: Link.

            Last edited 06/05/15 11:42 am

      I am, at present, planning on going. I don't know if I'll stay at my house or the warehouse?

      Thank you! You just reminded me to hassle backlot

      Same here - can't afford accommodation until tax return time, but don't want to stay at my mothers house.
      A) she lives in Sunshine.
      B) I plan on getting home late.

      A+B=Mugging, according to most Melbournians I've talked to.

      Plus, I'm no longer 18/19/20. I don't like my mum seeing me half drunk stumbling in the door at 1am.

      EDIT: What I suppose I'm trying to say is, I'd love a roomie somewhere. If there's enough of us, maybe we can book out a room in a backpackers? It'll be cheap and us TAYbies can stay up late getting dru...playing 3ds.

      Last edited 06/05/15 12:30 pm

        We can work something out there, absolutely.

          Alright Red, hit me up via Twitter and we will get it organised over the next few days, eh? I'll find room in the budget to book it now.

      I haven't but don't know if I'll have a baby with me or not yet.

      I'm still tossing up the idea of Fri/sat accommodation so we can do late nights / drinking without worrying about an hour of travel (and make the most of Friday night actually at PAX instead of cutting it short)

      I have tickets, but neither airfares, accommodation nor time off work yet. Winning!

    It's trying to rain, but not quite able to do so...
    Also, I still need to get something for mum for Mother's Day.

    Hey, haven't done this in a while, Requests?

      Do a funny dance while singing the French national anthem.

      Wait... you meant song requests for your show.

      Same thing. Or Bruce Hornsby & The Range - The Way It Is

      I want you to perform a live on air kazoo cover of Honey 2 The Bee by Billie.

      Blue Swede - Hooked on a Feeling.

      In honour of watching Guardians of the Galaxy the other night.

        Cherry Bomb - The Runaways

        In honour of Stan watching Guardians of the Galaxy the other night.

      Toxic - Britney Spears
      Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
      Shot at the Night - The Killers

        I second these except for the last one which is crap.

          Thems fightin' words, Transient.
          I ain't afraid of messin' up that pretty face of yours either.

            Well you're not so bad yourself, handsome!
            I'd feel bad messing up your face, though, since it's all you've got. ;)


            (Edit: OhmygodIfeelsoguiltyaboutthat even though I know you can take a joke and you know it's not true because of your talents who knows which hidden insecurities lie beneath the surface, struck upon inadvertently? I'm so sorrry!)

            Last edited 06/05/15 4:00 pm

    After re-watching Iron Man 3 last night (re-watching the entire MCU in rapid succession), I have decided that the film now falls under the category of Romantic Comedy. Maybe just romance, for the 'awwwwws'.

    Educational message:

    If you open your car door and cause a hazard to another road user, you are in the wrong. "I missed you" is not an excuse.

    If a cyclist has to swerve out of the bike lane into motorised traffic to avoid you because you've got out of your car without looking, you are in the wrong, no matter how far you think the gap was between your door and the cyclist.

    Message ends.

      The only issue there is "cyclist in the bike lane". Not sure I've ever seen that.

        There are lots of reasons why riders ride to the extreme right of a bike lane or avoid them entirely. Glass, potholes and tree branches among them. That they're too narrow or take odd routes no where a rider is going also.

        But the biggest is dooring.

        This happened to me this morning. Had to swerve hard to avoid a door, managed an "Oi", got a "Fuck off, I was nowhere near you" in return. Nowhere near me because of my avoiding move and because I knew I had the room to swerve as I head check frequently.

        This is from yesterday:

        Last edited 06/05/15 2:37 pm

          My drive to work has a 1km section of several blind corners of one lane each way with no shoulder. Every morning traffic is hopelessly jammed up for several kilometres because of the Lycra brigade in the middle of the road.

          There's a relatively new dedicated cycle track running parallel to it. They refuse to use it and I know it's in perfect condition as I use it regularly.

          Edit: it's just a personal irritation I have to deal with every morning that gets me cranky. It has far more to do with the type of people on the Gold Coast than anything else. The paddle boarders on the creek tend to upset me as well.

          Last edited 06/05/15 3:15 pm

          Is that you riding? Those bike lanes are massive and that dickwad still manages to occupy it for 50 meters!?

          Also, who the f*ck throws a car into a slide like that through a suburban intersection?

            Yeah, that's my very own bike cam footage. Been using a Fly6 for a while now. It's a rear light with a camera built in.

            That's one of the better bike lanes, it's a full metre wide and actually goes somewhere useful. Still is a dooring risk especially past the Carlton ground and adjacent to Melbourne Uni, but it's wide enough that taking a position to the right of the lane leaves room for cars to pass and to avoid a dooring.

            As I commented elsewhere, it was a nice piece of car control but a terrible piece of driving.

          A few folks in the office are cycling enthusiasts. They fit go-pros to their bikes and helmets now, thanks to the truly staggering number of incidents of (actually illegal) abuse and road rage.

          They brought some in. It was fucking insane. Made me furious.

          I always see motorists complaining on any online forum about bikes coming out of nowhere, not following the rules, but you sit down and watch this go-pro footage as a supercut... multiple incidents a week, sometimes daily. It's crazy. And you can see from the footage that they haven't been doing anything wrong, it's just motorists being pricks. It's just BAFFLING. People being complete fucking assholes for no discernible reason.

          I can only think that it's some psychology of not wanting to share the road. Plus a healthy dollop of ignorance of the laws, so they THINK cyclists are breaking the law, when they're actually following it.

          I couldn't do it. I'd be in jail already.

            I've had one guy refuse to give way to me on a roundabout. Seems harmless and just done out of impatience until you take into account I was already in the roundabout at the time. He slams on the accelerator as he's about to enter the roundabout where I'm about to pass (I wasn't turning I was going straight on) I managed to skid to a stop side on and I was literally millimeters from the car mirror. I was that close to being hit by a car going 50-60km/h, I still get the shakes thinking about it

            Statistics. Here's an oversimplification.
            Let's say, for argument's sake, that 1% of drivers are complete nutters. As a driver yourself, you come across a subset (x) of the driving population in a similar place and at a similar time to you, thereby giving you a chance of 0.99 to the power of x of not encountering a nutter. Out of interest, you cross the 50% mark when x is greater than 68 other drivers.
            Riders move 2 to 3 times slower, so over the same trip they most likely encounter 2-3 times as many drivers. So over the same stretch of road where you as a driver have a 50% nutter encounter rate, a rider has a 74-87% nutter encounter rate.

              Yes indeed. That's a reasonable analysis. Doesn't make it any less scary...

          Also also I'm not implying drivers are any better because holy shit most people turn into dribbling imbeciles once you put a wheel in front of them.

          Pretty sure I hate just about everyone on the road.

            LOL Yep. I get plenty of clips of riders doing dumb stuff too, and I've got no time for Strava warriors on shared paths.

    Wednesday afternoon thought exercise:

    You are a sufficiently evil yet benevolent that has created or discovered a magical device that creates all of our basic needs - food, water, any raw material you could want, cures for any possible disease or ailment, and copies of itself.
    How do you use this invention to advance our race as a whole, without civilisation as we know it collapsing and self destructing?

    Edit: I want to tweak the wording on this. There's no need to preserve society as we know it, but the goal is still to retain and/or advance a modern society. No bombing each other back to the stone age.

    Last edited 06/05/15 4:15 pm

      Civilisation as we know it could use a good collapsing so screw it, flood the market with free stuff.

      I make a whole boatload of rare things, devaluing them, then flip off humanity as we inevitably self destruct.

      Manufacture my own robot uprising.

      It's not collapsing civilisation, nor is it self destructing. It's the birth of true civilisation

        Valid. That's why I said 'sufficiently evil'. Room for these sorts of things while still wanting a greater good outcome.