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    I love old-school pizza shops. I am full of cask wine, wood-fired supreme and gelato. Perfection.

    Edit: What the?


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      They must be kinda like Thor's hammer. (Appreciation of pizza and cask wine is eminently worthy.) Let's check the other pages... Hm. Yeah, no.


    Anyone ever bought/used it? Thoughts?

    I'm hearing good things about it but apparently the day it goes on sale is hectic. I'll give it a shot though :P!

    I've always wanted to snowboard ever since I played SSX as a kiddo. Luckily a bunch of people at work are into it as well and we're planning a snow trip planned at some point in the future.

      I've never used it, but some people I used to ski with brought it with them for Japan, and... Italy maybe? Not sure if they were buying it back then. They recommended it, good prices, very good quality for said price, definitely good enough for 98% of what Australia will throw at you.

        From my online readings it seems like the snow quality is WAY better in other places that aren't Australia, so I'm assuming if this stuff is good enough for the wet snow in Australia it'll be good for other places? (Europe, Asia, NZ)

          Yeah, it'll definitely handle the cold, I don't really know how waterproof it is, since the people I was talking to shun Australian snow, and in Japan at least even the snow was polite (it'd fall heavily sometimes, but it was generally light and fluffy, and was always dry).

            20k/20k something something words I don't understand


            Any tips of what sort of layering things I'll need? Definitely got my eyes on the jacket, pants and shoes. Thinking of the thermals as well and probably some sort of mid layer (jumper/fleece) but I'm guessing it doesn't get that cold in Australia so that should be enough (any idea on a ballpark Celsius figure?)

              Typically it'll be somewhere in the -5 to 5 range, though I've had days of -12 with stupidly strong winds in the middle of a blizzard, and days of 12 where the snow forms little rivers in the lower areas. I tend to go for just pants, T-Shirt, Jacket, that way if it's warm I can pop the jacket open, take off my gloves, and ski down with a sick* cape-jacket (also, my School's jackets had removable sleeves, and a pouch for them, so you could vest it up!). But I don't feel the cold in my legs at all (some nights I'd hop in the shower, touch my legs and they'd be freezing to the touch, but feel fine!), so you'll probably want thermals.

              *Not at all sick, maybe makes people sick, I dunno

              Oh, also, as a note: Gloves.

              Good gloves are goddamn essential. If you're boarding, you'll want boarding ones (thanks Captain Obvious), which will have reinforced fingertips. I personally like ones with a warm inner, and a waterproof outer, though they're a lot more pricey than simpler ones, but they work better in most weather.

              Also also, helmets save lives. They're annoying, and bulky, and they warm up too much, and you look really uncool in one, but with the number of times I've smashed my head into things, I can't imagine skiing without one (despite the fact that I did in Listvyanka, but I was only skiing for a few hours). This warning has been brought to you by a boring old man.

                Yeah, I had the ALDI gloves and helmet in mind too! But they seemed like things I could pick up for reasonable prices elsewhere if I wasn't able to get them

          Aldi stuff is often imports from Europe, don't underestimate it.

          The trick to staying warm is layers, and staying dry, and keeping the wind out. Avoid cotton (including denim). Polypro, fleece and merino (wool) will all keep you warm even if they get damp. I used to paddle through winter in merino socks. Even soaking wet they kept my feet warm.

          So thermals with a light waterproof and windproof shell is a good bet for general activities. If you are specifically skiing or boarding, the get decent pants so you don't have to mess round with your boots.

      The fleece stuff is top quality. I love my fleece headband.

      Get in early and be prepared - it gets ugly in there!

      Edit: I know plenty of people who love the Aldi stuff - buying it often works out cheaper than hiring it. I haven't bought a lot of the ski stuff specifically, but the other Aldi clothing I've bought has been good quality.

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    I found a copy of Starcraft for $5 at a second-hand goods place today.
    I'm looking to see if there's any way to make it run at 1680x1050, but apparently there isn't one. :(

    Finally, Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars has been officially announced. Way to miss the perfect day to announce it guys.


    Also, Mirror's Edge 2 has finally been announced for a 2016 release.

      It's Disney. They don't need gimmicks to generate hype. You'll get hype or they'll ram that hype right into your kneecaps.

      I'm curious; how is Infinity as a game as opposed to a gimmick?

      Edit: Genuine interest; however I'm wary of getting interested cos I'm a sucker for collectibles =p

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    DEFILED WATCH DOG IS DONE! The platinum is getting closer! Hells yeah!

    Dammit people, do you not want my money! :P

    Found some site (Derringers? I think they're big in Adelaide?) selling musical thingies I'm interested in. Said they had a "quote phone" which you could text. So I've done that and emailed them earlier in the week but still no response for what seemed like a simple request :(


      'Contact for a quote' for no good reason is a sales technique that makes my vision go spotty with rage.

    The mini and unrelated adventures of Blaghs and Mum:

    So my Mum had surgery on Friday (Knee Reconstruction), and I was talking to a nurse at work today, and apparently she was doing her best Homer Simpson impression that night at the hospital. I have no idea if she was thinking of The Simpsons, or if she really was just high as a kite (my sister's comment was that at least her eyes were focussing this time, since when my Mum had her ankle fusion thingy she was totally out of it for a good few days).

    Comparatively, on Saturday night I was waiting for the bus and there was this couple across the road from me who were just disgusting. They were like, staring into each other's eyes, and constantly touching each other, and having these long drawn out kisses, and I nearly turned into Ted, because I was so close to throwing rocks at them. Why should they be happy (but seriously people, keep that shit out of public, you sicken me)?

      Those kinds of couples are cute.
      I want to find someone who makes me want to be like that :*

        Me too. I can return the favour of grossing out all my friends who currently act like that. Ugh :P

        No, they're horrifying. If I was Malevolent Dictator I'd instigate a 6 foot pole policy, wherein any sickening couples must be kept at least six feet apart while in public. They'd still make gooey eyes at one another, but at least they wouldn't be climbing inside each other's mouths.

    Got the map working on the second screen in Supreme Commander.
    It's a pretty cool feature. :D

      Very cool feature. Why have a minimap when you can just zoom all the way in and out on 2 maps...
      My main PC was built to handle this when the game came out in '07, and I've used the dual screens for precisely zero other games since then.


    Pick up my copy in about half an hour.

    All teh car porn \o/


    "Guitar Hero Live is coming in Fall 2015 for $99 USD. Confirmed artists include The Black Keys, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Gary Clark, Jr., Green Day, Ed Sheeran, The War on Drugs, The Killers, Skrillex, The Rolling Stones, The Lumineers, Pierce the Veil and Blitz Kids"

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. At least it makes my decision to completely ignore Guitar Hero a lot easier. Skrillex? Seriously? Do you use a microphone to go WUB WUB WUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUB instead of a guitar?

      The only thing I like is The killers and green day if it's their old music.

      They're trying to be new and hip (do people even say hip anymore?).

      What they aren't thinking of is the average gamer is in their 30's, So they need to have a setlist with mostly 70's and 80's Hard/Classic Rock and Metal.

      If they want to appeal to the younger peoples, they should've made DJ Hero 3: Wub Wub edition.

        Guitar Hero. Who're guitar heroes? Green Day? Ed Sheeran? Fall Out Boy? All renowned for they're* excellent levels of guitar playing...

        But yeah, I agree. They're aiming for the wrong crowd with this. They're probably assuming though that anyone who played it back in the day will automatically buy it so they just have to focus on getting younger people in


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          Green Day the 4 chord heroes. Sometimes, they even make it 7!

            Clearly I am mistaken *rips up Van Halen posters*


              You did just give me a great idea though. Gonna blast Van Halen in the car on the way to pick up Project CARS.

          They're probably assuming though that anyone who played it back in the day will automatically buy it so they just have to focus on getting younger people in
          Ohohoho. That's very cynical, but probably also depressingly accurate.

            Cynical. Depressing. Accurate.

            Describe me in 3 words :P

      Depending on the songs chosen, I think Green Day, MCR, The Killers, and the Rolling Stones could be okay. Not much else that really interests me in that list, though, and nothing that makes me feel like I need to own it.

      It's almost as if you're not their target audience. Personally, that list of artists works just fine for me.

        Obviously it's not the full list and there'll probably be some harder and heavier stuff on there, but they're not bands or artists I'd immediately think of wanting to have fun playing with 2-3 mates and a few drinks

      Welp, I'll stick to Rocksmith then, where I already have some Green Day, FoB, MCR, GC-Jr, Black Keys, Killers, Stones and Lumineers to play.

    TAY just seems to be getting slower and slower. It's already Thursday and we're not even at page 6 yet.

      It's definitely @dc's fault.
      Also, all the jerks who now have jobs that won't let them post during the day.
      And the crazy cats who migrated to Twitter.

      Last edited 07/05/15 8:46 am

      Hey, I tried. Problem with generating a big discussion is that replies don't add more pages.

      Sorry, I just have nothing much to talk about

    Day 1 down. Osaka is amazing, especially at night. Off to Osaka Castle and the Shitennoji Temple today :o)

      I didn't even realise when you spoke about "wedding" earlier in the week that it was you who got married! #oldladystrange
      Congratulations, and hope your honeymoon continues to be amazing. :D

      Osaka Castle is seriously impressive.

        Osaka Castle is nuts!
        I can barely believe it was taken by an aggressor

    So I played Diablo 3 last night because my friend wanted to play with me. Because I had the starter edition, we couldn't play. =( She went to bed at 9:30 and I played for nearly an extra hour.
    I felt really guilty afterwards, because cosplay D=

      Yes how dare you enjoy a game! Tis the forbidden fruit!

      Jokes aside just going off your posts it sounds like you work pretty hard with cosplay stuff; no need to feel guilty when you decide to indulge in some relaxation!

        I know, but it'll never get done if I don't keep working on it. I will have some photos eventually.

          True but it'll also never get done if you burn yourself out =P

            I know but I need to work.
            If I burn myself out, I will have a nap and be fine

            Last edited 07/05/15 11:44 am

      It starts with just one hour extra. Then you find yourself playing hours upon hours on end.

        No, I refuse DX I refuse to start playing again =P

        Last edited 07/05/15 11:44 am

        There is a cure though. Start a Hardcore character, play it carefully and progress normally until you die to some cheap BS. I haven't touched the game since getting sucker punched by the stupid expansion bubble.

          I had a hardcore witch doctor I was levelling up for the trophy. Got to 64 when that stupid instakill sparkle pony was waiting right at the entrance to Whimsyshire.

          Wasn't happy.

      You know when I play games when I should be doing something else?


        That's why I haven't really bought any new wiiU games

    Ok, people want a TAY discussion stimulation shot...

    The latest series of Big Brother has been cast and in a shocking grab for low ratings they've populated the house entirely with TAYbies. Who is in the house? What are they doing? Who goes crazy first? Is @dc still manning the censorship button or has he been thrown in the residence?

      The temperature is a balmy 25 degrees. Queenslander housemates turn up in ski gear and try to start a fire in the living room to avoid freezing to death. The other housemates put out the fire with an extinguisher, and it turns into a giant foam party that's profoundly embarrassing for all involved.

      There's one odd chap who only wears green. As part of a contracted prank, the other housemates dye all his clothes red, and he cries every night and boycotts clothing entirely until he gets voted out.

      There's a stack of books on every piece of furniture. No one knows who put them there; everyone agrees that they're rubbish. They get used as doorstops, footrests, coasters and toilet paper. The author of the books is in the house, and smiles stoicly throughout as his dreams slowly disintegrate around him. He starts to sneak vodka into all his drinks, and even though everyone knows he's doing it, they agree that he is much better company after this... except for when he starts crying.

      Scree constantly does favours for the other housemates, and does all the housework, and apologises constantly for it.

      There seems to be another housemate, but no one has ever seen him. There's a mysterious locked door at the end of the hallway, but no one has a key. Its shadowy inhabitant only seems to come out at night. Cheesecake never stands a chance in the house, but no one will admit to eating it. Every now and again, they can hear agonising thrashing around, as if there's someone having a nightmare. One night, everyone is woken up by a scream, "IT WAS A HOMONYM!" but no one ever owns up to saying it. It's a mystery worthy of Inspector Nob, who famously declares the noise to be shifting rafters and the disappearing cheesecake to be a case of extreme rapid dehydration, and life returns to normal... sans cheesecake.

      The housemates attempt to institute a Funny Friday, where everything said has to be a pun or witty wordplay. Although approximately half the housemates claim to dread Funny Friday, they end up being the most prolific participants. The network hates the idea, and puts re-runs of Rex Hunt's Fishing Australia on Fridays instead.

      Thousands of women pool their resources and discover the location of the house. They descend upon the site in droves, banging on the windows, demanding to meet MrTaco. The network realises that if the women are here, they're not at home driving up the ratings, and send MrTaco out on a suicide mission to greet his screaming fans. He never returns.

      Every night the housemates gather around and listen to the Most Interesting Man telling stories and doling out life advice. These sessions last anywhere from six hours to three-and-a-half weeks. Eventually, the network sabotages him, though, when it's revealed that he's having too positive an impact upon the harmony of the household, and people are actually switching off advertising giant Dr Phil in favour of him. After unsuccessfully attempting to manufacture Jerry-Springer-esque conflict in Dr Phil, the network, fearing change, elect to return to the status quo. They plant drugs in The Most Interesting Man's luggage, and even though everybody else tries to take the rap for him, he's evicted from the house. He lands on his feet, though, with a multi-billion dollar consultative career just waiting for him.

      There's a cranky three hundred year old man wandering the house constantly. No one knows for sure whether he's an official housemate, but every now and again, he'll take one of the housemates aside for an interrogation. He never finds out who stole the cookies.

      No one knows who brought the pets, but there's a monkey and a ferret for starters. They seem to treat the Big Brother house like a competition, as if they were in the running for the grand prize. They're evicted by the network when they refuse to start slinging poop around the living room.

      There's one housemate who's particularly @strange.

      Liondrive attempts to shock everyone by turning up in assless chaps, but it ends up being a source of great amusement. The conservative network disagrees, and carefully edits the show so that viewers never even find out he's in the house. Consequently, he never gets voted out and wins the grand prize.

      Last edited 07/05/15 9:40 am

        I dunno about me doing housework, I'm actually pretty lazy, although, if it got too dirty...I probably would.

        I would totally fling my poop.

          I'll have to edit the post to include a lynching, then. I was hoping to avoid that :P

        Every time I read this post it just gets better and better. 10/10, would not evict.

          I had heaps of fun writing it. Great conversation starter!

            May or may not have come about as a result of my semi-inebriated ramblings with Freeze and MostInterestingMan. Not tagging them. They know what they did.

      Big Brother is pointless unless there's fighting and an after hours special edition where we see all the nipple slips and under-the-cover handies.

      I'm prepared to walk around shirtless, but I feel like this won't help anything. Anywhere. Ever.

      It wouldn't be so bad. Everyone would automatically know exactly where the bread is.

      I dm for the other people in the house. Winning ratings right there.

        You do DM style commentary for what people are doing around the house.
        *Shane drops a fork on the floor*
        "Looks like Shane rolled too low on his Dexterity check"
        *Shane bobs down trying to pick up the fork and everything else he was carrying slips out of his hands*
        "Make that a natural 1 on his Dexterity check"

          "Oh, look, Shane's forking the floor."

          "Shut up, Freeze. Entendre puns are fine for a while..."

      I'm the weird neighbour who pops up at the window every now and again but isn't there for every episode :P

    After watching the "Honest Trailer" for 50 Shades of Grey I almost want to watch the movie just to see how lame it actually turned out, but I don't want to reward the people responsible for its existence because ironically-generated revenue is still revenue.

      I thought that at first too, but then I realised they were going to make a shit ton of money anyway, so I went and saw it at the cinemas.

      The dialogue is the best part, in a terrible way. "This is my play room." "What, do you have an X-box in there?"

      All up, I knew I was wasting my money on this filth, but after watching it, I didn't feel like I was cheated out of it, like other films this year (turns and glares at Dumb and Dumber To).


    I find it really sad that it's just expected that every single game will have a day 1 patch nowadays.

      One thing that Sony and Microsoft need to consider doing is making Day 1 patches available a couple of days early for people to preload.

      Waiting around for x additional hours after buying a new game SUCKS.

    I'm thinking of picking up a Seagate Expansion Desktop Hard Drive (4TB) for use with my XBOX One and was wondering if anyone here had any experience with them? Last week I dug up an enclosure and spare hard drive that should have worked fine, but it was constantly disconnecting so I'm a little paranoid I'll make the same mistake again.

    Well, that's a relief.

    Has anyone played the new Wolfenstein game/DLC yet? How is it?

    Dear @shane ,
    I would love to help back the Kickstarter of Undad. Unfortunately, the website does not allow Paypal payments on the website. Is there any other way of backing the project, without using Kickstarter?

      Sadly no there isn't, if there is, it's well hidden. This is the major gripe that bugs me about Kickstarter as well, otherwise I'd pledge to more of them. I'm personally really paranoid about typing my credit card details directly into any online form.

        I just use a visa debit card linked to a seperate account that rarely has anything on it. If they steal the numbers they're not getting very far with it.

        There's also prepaid ones you can use if super paranoid.

          I am super paranoid, so I might try that.

            I had problems with Kickstarter not accepting my Australia Post pre-paid, btw. Could've been an issue with credit limits, could've been an issue with the name.

            But the Debit + second account is what I use with MasterCard and it's proven to be very handy. I don't have to worry about interest, debt, or much in the way of fees, and it's accepted everywhere because it's actually 'legit' instead of the 'Valued Cardholder' name that the Oz Post ones generate.

              That... may be an issue, seeing as I don't have a credit card at all, if that's what MasterCard is (cause I don't really know).

                Yup. The big 'credit card' companies which are accepted are usually Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner's Club. Your bank keycard doesn't count, you can't input those digits into anywhere that will accept it online. Conventionally, a 'credit' card is associated with an account that is... well. Credit. You buy with the card up to a nominated value, you pay for it later - spending money you don't have. Dangerous, can get out of hand. It did for me, so I cancelled mine.

                When you sign up for a pre-paid card with Australia Post, they sign you up with a Visa account, but instead of spending and getting a bill, you put the money on the account first, and anything you spend over it gets rejected.

                Banks will often issue a card for you as well, with whichever credit company they're partnered with. Commbank, for example, pairs with MasterCard. You can have your standard key card replaced with a 'credit'-capable card, which CAN be input into online shopping systems. This has the advantage that transactions will be rejected if there isn't enough money in your account to pay for them, keeping you from running away with spending money you don't have. Because you're not borrowing though, it's not a credit card... it's a Debit card.

                The catch is that there is usually an annual fee for having that facility available to you, for the banks to pay to the credit companies. Some will do various deals which reduce or eliminate that fee, depending. But there's always a catch.

                I find having a Debit card like that to be incredibly useful, but I pay for that use.

      I would be willing to facilitate on @shane's behalf. I.e. up my pledge accordingly and then if when the campaign is successful, have you PayPal me the amount.

        That does depend, however, on the rewards you are already pledging for. I really want the paperback of Undad reward, so if you've already pledged $50, there is no way I could receive it.

          He's the one who issues the rewards, so he can tee something up I'm sure. :)

          Shane makes things happen. In the original campaign I wanted 2 mutually incompatible pledges. I just got in touch with him and he made it happen. See below where he wants to make it happen for you. What customer service! What attention to detail. Who is this mysterious, handsome @shane?


            Also, I don't understand why this is a big thing. You guys want to give me MONEY. It seems like the absolute least I could possibly do is make sure you're getting what you wanted :\

        You're awesome, man. Thank you.

        It's not necessary, though, as I'm happy to accept off-the-Kickstarter-books money.

      Hey man,

      Thank you for your interest! I've taken cash pledges from other people already, so I'm happy to accommodate non-Kickstarter options. I manage my backer list using Excel and emails, and I'll be keeping all campaign updates public, so you won't miss out on anything by sending me cash separately. You'll still get your name on a dedication page, and the exclusive rewards, etc.

      (Obviously cash pledges won't be counted towards the funding target of $3,500. But if I have to, I'll be funnelling all cash pledges through a family member to make up $$ towards the target - if I don't need to, I'll save the Kickstarter fees, hang onto the cash, and be 9% better off!)

      Paypal is totally fine - [email protected] - and just whatever amount you want (aligning with a reward tier is preferred if possible).

      cc @tech_knight (and anyone else who hates Kickstarter)

      PS: Was it you who bought a book on my site yesterday? If so, thanks! I'll be sending it out hopefully tomorrow!

        I ended up paying through my bank account because Kickstarter kept trying to take money out when I hadn't been paid and then cracked it. Shane sends me stuff related to my tier and I'm super happy with the service. 10/10 would fund again.

        Ps. Shane, did you send those 50 bookmarks? Aus post can be funny sometimes.

          ...eeek. They're still in my convention suitcase. I'll send them out tomorrow as well. SORRY! :(

            No problem! I just was making sure Aus Post hadn't stuffed up.
            Also, I would like to back the $30 tier, but I'm lazy and don't want to put in my details

            Last edited 07/05/15 12:01 pm

        Thanks for that, that really helps out.

        Also, yes that was me.

          You don't have to thank me.

          THANK YOU. You made the effort to reach out and contribute, even though it's not convenient.

    I'm always surprised when I get a smooth, easy and great customer service experience from an online retailer.

    Bought some work shoes from the iconic end of January. Noticed in last weeks downpour my socks were soaked. Flipped shoes over and soles had worn through already. Got onto their live chat, they opened a ticket, got an email straight away to send a few photos to. Sent email yesterday morning and by that afternoon I had a pre-paid Australia Post consignment note to return the shoes.

    They also offered full refund of 110% store credit. Took the store credit and then another email came through a few minutes later with a $10 voucher.

    One of my best online shopping experiences to date, and easily the best faulty product return experience I've had ever.

    Just wish some other retailers would catch up... So many places with clunky and dumb online store fronts with overly difficult checkout processes.

    Yooka-Laylee is very close to AUD$3 million.

    I really hope they manage this one well. Only the second kickstarter video game I've backed. Please don't fuck it up.

      More concerned they're going to get over-funded now and people's expectations are going to be sky-high.

        Could be worse, they could have Tim Schafer level of money management and only end up making half the game!

        I think this is the downfall.

        You want to make a game, you say it'll take 1 million to make... people give you three, they want a game three times bigger. That's a big problem. Because it really doesn't work that way.

        Given that a number of people back projects not as a donation to make something real but as a pre-order, you'd really think that it would be more acceptable for crowdfunding past the required total to be considered the same as sales. Revenue for them to do with as they please - including continue to fund the project past any unexpected (and fucking inevitable) delays.

        But apparently that makes backers shitty for some reason I really cannot understand. Like they're expecting that the first batch of sales shouldn't count as 'sales' when it comes to earning a profit.

          They actually addressed bloat in their pitch and said they wouldn't be using extra funds to add, only to polish and refine.

          This. There was actually a really interesting article I read the other day about a project that incurred all these extra costs because it was way too successful. Fulfilling pledges is a time-consuming and expensive process all of its own, and the bigger the backer list gets, the more complicated it all gets.

            Most people don't cost out the stretch goals.

      Was kinda on the fence about whether to back it or not. Bugger it, I might as well.

        I'm not going to bother. Never ended up playing the Double Fine game I backed way back when :P

        I'll just get it when it comes out. Not like they're struggling!

        I kinda wanna, even though I never feel like backing a game on Kickstarter. But since it needs either the eShop or Steam it makes the decision easier :P

        Last edited 07/05/15 3:32 pm

    Tune in to hear my dulcet tones, live now at

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