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    Remembered about this today and it has been a while, so here we go.

    [Edit: This is for last week's TAY]

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    Post #1: @evilmonkey on April 27, 2015 8:31 am
    Post #1000: @greenius on April 29, 2015 9:21 pm

    Have a great weekend!

    Last edited 08/05/15 7:30 pm

    Well, I'm gonna jump into Assetto Corsa.
    Have a good night, folks!

    So any TAYbies going to splatooning it up tomorrow at 1PM and 9PM? should be a fun timed exclusive demo, suppose to be some Nintendo staff joining the fray aswell, be cool if I come across any.

    Looking into racing wheels for the PS4 and it seems my choices are $120 for something terrible or $600 for something great but gorram $600.

    Might hold off Project Cars for a bit. Maybe a good one will be released alongside GT7 in 2043.

      Do you have a wheel? I have a G25 and apparently there's a thingummy what will allow it to be used with PS4.

      Or the wheel will keep being used with PS3 Launch Game™ Gran Turismo 6. :)

        I've got a Driving Force GT and all I can find online is a bunch of complaints about it not working.

    Apparently @fled mentioned me, but the link brings me here...

      I got it too

        Maybe it's in approval limbo?

          Better then any explanation I can come up with

            There was an empty page here for a bit so that's what it would be.

              Let's leave this to the professionals please.

              Hmmmm, *smokes pipe*

              @Fled obviously sent a post on TAY from the future warning us of an apocalyptic event but due to the mechanics of quantum physics his message has not appeared yet.

              *Inspector Nob takes another smoke of his pipe*

              Another case closed by Inspector Nob. Take him away boys.

              Last edited 08/05/15 8:41 pm

                The officers look to each other, nod... and each grab an arm, taking away Inspector Nob.

                Last edited 08/05/15 9:29 pm

        Me three. Well, probably more than three by now.

      He posted a TABTOL, but it's stuck in moderation.

        What on Earth is a TABTOL? Google won't tell me.

          The Awesome Batguy Table Of Legends.

            Now why wouldn't Google tell me something like that?

            Seriously though, I have no idea what it is.

            Last edited 08/05/15 8:34 pm

              It's a list of who posts the most for the week

                Oh, thanks.

                Edit: Also apologies @freezespreston . I totally thought you made that up on the spot.

                Last edited 08/05/15 11:16 pm

                  We kinda stopped doing them after we got caught up in a race to the top, which produced a bunch of spammy comments, and upwards of 20 pages of TAY...
                  Was fun while it lasted, though, haha.

                  It was actually kind of fun. I'm almost up to 15000 comments.

                But I've posted about six times in the last eight weeks.

      Urm? I have also been dragged to this page and I'm barely even a proper TaYbie yet.

    Melbourne folks, it looks like the proposed dinner on the 22nd is not gonna happen :( Really sorry to get anyone's hopes up - the missus has booked something for us that night, and I don't think we're going to get a chance to hang out at any other point that weekend :(

    Just realised that two days ago it was the fifth anniversary of my first ever TAY post.
    Crazy long time, filled with crazy awesome people.
    You guys are the best.

      Man, the five months you spent without Blaghs in TAY must have been some rough times indeed.

      Aw, my 5 year one was just under 3 weeks ago :P

      I passed my 6th anniversary in Japan with awesome TAYbies. \o/

      Oh wow it was my two year anniversary three days ago.

      Wait no, that's post-midnight time. So the same day as you!

        Also I thought I had that thing bookmarked, so just went through a whole load of random TAY bookmarks that I didn't even know what they were trying to find it (it wasn't there). Hoooooly shit some of that 2013 stuff. Barely even recognise that guy.

        Last edited 09/05/15 3:58 am

      I don't even know what mine is. I feel like it's only been a year though.

        23rd November 2011

          4 years? But I swear I joined before Greenius did.

            I thought I was after you but it seems I was 9 days earlier.

              I started posting on Kotaku in 2010. Tay in 2011.

                Yeah, TAY isn't something to go diving straight into.
                I kinda forget sometimes how daunting it was.

      I assume you mean "you guys" in the most abstract sense, considering we have people like Greenius and Pants and people who vehemently abhor the idea of pineapple on pizza here.

      Next Thursday will be my 3.5 year anniversary of scaring @strange

        I remember seeing you AFK in Realm of the Mad God

    Things I like: Rebels winning on a Friday night. Victory winning on a Friday night.

    Things I like less: Sitting at my desk doing firmware upgrades on switches on a Friday night after returning to the office from one of the above mentioned events...

    Things that make things I like less slightly more tolerable: Discovering a Banco de Gaia track I have no recollection of...

    Things that make the night weird: Getting a call from the other half that when she got home from rugby the back door was unlocked and open a crack...

    MasterChef hype!

    Kudos to Ten as well. Nice and easy to stream the episodes online and they upload them really quickly :D

      When Mum wanted to watch I'm a celebrity get me out of here and My kitchen rules, Ten made it really easy for her to watch the episodes she missed on my computer.

    Less than 40 minutes till the Splatoon Global Testfire goes live!
    Get hype!

      So fun! I came 2nd in my first game and was at the top for the remaining games. My team was undefeated :D

      Roller is easy mode!

      Pizza came though so now I'm eating :P. I want to try out the other weapons in the next run though (which I think is 9pm?)

        Worth downloading for the last window tonight?

          Definitely. I thought the game looked okay and was probably going to buy it anyway, so I was planning to pass on this demo but I gave it a shot and it's fun!

          I think there's only one game mode available ("which team can paint most of the map") but it's fun enough :D

            Rolled around a bit, it was interesting enough. Context and progression free with all randoms doesn't really keep me engaged for an extended time though.

              I ended up skipping the 9pm sesh :P. I liked the 30 mins or so I played so I was "convinced" enough. Not sure how long the game will last me but the TAY multiplayer sessions should keep it going on for a while.

    How much of a nerd am I if I think one of the coolest things happening this year is that the New Horizons probe will be doing a flyby of Pluto on July 14th?

      The idea that
      a) We have something that far out in the solar system,
      b) we can take relatively close photos of Pluto, and
      c) we can actually communicate with something so unbelievably far away is pretty fucking cool IMO.

    Just finished the Splatoon timed demo.

    Paint rollers are op =( if your up against 4 of them in a turf war expect to lose big time.

    Also aiming in the game is a big pain in the ass, expect to reset your camera over and over and over... probably contributes to why easy weapons like the paint roller dominate.

    Than again its just a demo with choice of 4 weapons we'll see if it more diversive in the full release I guess.

      Lost count of how many times I was swearing at deaths via Paint Roller. :(

      I think you can turn off motion controls (which I assume would give you normal right analog stick aiming). It took a while to adjust to the controls as well and I would've preferred if I could use the right stick to move up and down in addition to the motion. Seems weird that it only does right and left :/

      (something like the OoT 3D where you could aim using the stick but make small adjustments using motion)

      I think you just need to get used to the controls. By the end of the hour I was really getting the hang of fine aiming. Worked pretty well I thought.

        I'm also not very experienced at motion controls, last time i remember using them was with Skyward Sword, had all types of nightmares trying to use that scarab thing.

      @tech_knight was using a rifle but it's really terrible for close combat. If he'd been up high he probably could've taken out the pesky rollers.

    Anyone looked at the HumbleBundle site today? They have a big arse sale on and it's got some really good discounts, well worth looking at if you're in the market for a bargain.

    A few notable prices:
    Skyrim: $10
    Fallout New Vegas Ultimate: $12 (Though Fallout 3 GOTY is $24 for some reason)
    Dark Souls: $5
    Antichamber: $2
    Legend Of Grimrock: $3
    FTL: $5

      There really are some very good sales at Humble today.

      The Vanishing of Ethan Carter $6.66
      Enslaved: Odyssey to the West $4.99

    Run out of games I feel excited to play. Wolfenstein: Old Blood was a good 6-7 hour diversion but need something a bit more substantial, and The Witcher 3 isn't out for another week and a bit.

    Not sure what to do. I'm so unsure that I'm actually tossing up giving Assassin's Creed No Face Edition another go. Or playing more of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth since that's actually okay (the original game was horrid in comparison).

    Last edited 09/05/15 8:25 pm

    Games finished in 2015:
    • January
    1. The Wolf Among Us (Episode 3-5)
    2. Halo 3
    • February
    3. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
    4. Captain Toad
    • March
    5. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
    • May
    6. Broken Age

    Pathetic list compared to last year :P

      Games finished in 2015 off the top of my head (suspect I have a few more):
      - Shadow of Mordor
      - Dragon Age Inquisition
      - Danganronpa
      - Danganronpa 2
      - Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (Co-op with my sister)
      - Assassin's Creed: Rogue
      - Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim
      - Broken Age
      - Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

        You should make a @dc inspired list! It's pretty cool looking back on what games you've completed each year. I thought about doing a "games I played" list as some of the Kotaku US editors too but it seems a bit pointless, especially if I'm just derping around for 5 minutes in some mobile game.

          Yeah I probably should. I've definitely played more games than I've finished, eg spent a lot of time recently on Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd - cleared all the tracks except The Intense Voice of Hatsune Miku (which is fucking insane) on Easy and started into clearing the ones I like on Hard. But that's the sort of game you don't really 'finish' so much as just stop playing, usually when a sequel comes out.

      Games finished in 2015:
      1 - Dragon Age: Inquisition.
      2 - DragonAge: Inquisition.

      None. No games finished. I'm playing Destiny and Elite, neither have an "end"... :/

        Destiny had a "story mode" so I considered that finished when that was beaten and the credits rolled.

      Yep, in the nothing crowd.
      The only games I have even played in the last six months are WoW, DA:I and Bloodborne, aside from brief pokes at a couple others.
      Stellar year.

    Games finished in 2015:
    • January
    1. The Wolf Among Us (Episode 3-5)
    2. Halo 3
    • February
    3. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
    4. Captain Toad
    • March
    5. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
    • May
    6. Broken Age

    A pathetic list when compared to last year :P. There were a few other games I started and kind of gave up on or held of temporarily (Grim Fandango - probably won't go back to that any time soon, and Bloodborne - I'll probably finish this soon).

    Act 2 of Broken Age kind of bummed me out :P

      Whaaat? I think I'm actually ahead of you this year. The world's gone crazy.

        Listy list it!

          Borderlands The PreSequel
          Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls (Platinum)
          Destiny (PvE Core game)
          Wolf Among Us
          Grim Fandango
          Link Between World's (finally)
          Resident Evil ReRemake

      I don't even remember what I've finished. Captain Toad, Bloodborne, Grim Fandango, err, others? Probably some others.

      Wait, why did that post twice with my "first draft" version being posted too? WEIRDDDDDDD

      FINALLY started Wolfenstein and it's awesome. Just the type of SHOOT ALL THE THINGS game I was after :D

        New Order? It starts out as shoot all the things but then once it gets going it's so much more than that. I mean, it's always doing shoot all the things, but the bits around it are amazingly well done. Hell, BJ himself becomes effectively a commentary on Wolfenstein's place in modern gaming - he's essentially a meathead that knows nothing but killing Nazis, transported into a world where that is no longer necessary or interesting and where he is effectively obsolete and outdated. There's insane amounts of detail in it all. You could write essays on the way it handles some of its stuff. New Order was my game of the year last year by a mile.

        Old Blood which just came out is basically about murdering Nazis and not much else. Primarily just the combat parts of it. There's still some amazingly well written internal monologues though.

        I love the way they periodically will have internal monologue lines from BJ on entering some areas or similar where he will talk about something from his childhood or similar, because it's a brilliant way for them to convey the atmosphere of an area in a really subtle way. Old Blood had one point where he starts talking about the smell of the area reminding him of his neighbour's abandoned farm, talking about rotting plants and the smell of damp wood. That gives you a bunch of extra detail to the area you're in in a really sophisticated way, and conveys things about the environment that the game will never be able to convey to you.

    I have a favourite fabric designer and ordered some fabrics from her recently (with the money I got back from returning FF Type 0 and an undisclosed extra amount :P ), but I'd ordered too much to go in the regular international shipping bag she uses so we've been emailing back and forth to sort it out (I ordered more fabric to make the extra postage worth it).
    In one email she mentioned she was looking forward to seeing what I do with her fabric so I told her about the hashtag I've been using on Instagram for the quilt I'm making completely by hand with her fabrics. Turns out she's noticed it already and asked me to tag her in future posts about it so she can keep up with my progress! Which is kind of awesome. :D

      I missed something, but how come you returned Type-0?

        I didn't have time to play it yet, mostly just wanted to check out the FFXV demo, but the code was "already used" and they didn't have any left to give me so I asked for my money back.

          Fair enough! I bought it at launch and haven't touched it :/

          FFXV demo was cool though but it would've been a bummer if the code was already used :(

    Woo, got the crystal cruiser! cheating a little :P

    Wondered if there was a way to determine the sector layout without having to get to the end of the first sector, then found out about the seed value for the sector tree stored within the save. Found someone who claimed to have the number of a successful map, but while I got the crystal guy I didn't get the rock homeworlds. Tried again to check the other branch, and nope. Got sick of it and went back to my pre-branch save, then went through with the save modifier tool incrementing the seed until I got a rock homeworld up next. Screw battling with the RNG any more.

    Oops, that took a while.

    Double oops, I forgot I had to wrap mother's day presents still.

    Crap, it's mother's day tomorrow. Uh. Maybe I can't do board games after all. @redartifice @trjn @gingerchris86

    Although my sister's not getting here til sometime later, so it might be a possibility. Assuming I don't sleep in til then. Though I don't even know where it is and didn't think to ask on Friday. Dammit.

    Does anyone else have Steam games "uninstall" themselves?

    They disappear from my Installed Games section but when I click to Install it again it just rediscovers the existing files and everything is normal again :/

    It's just mildly inconvenient since the rediscovering of files can take a while. For smaller games it's just been a couple of minutes but Wolfenstein's 44GB seems to be taking forever :(

    So playing Dance of the necrodancer and I just want to say to newbies, don't start with Cadence who is the main character you start with. Start off with Bard as monsters will move when he moves and it gives you time to get used to how the monsters move. I have gotten past Zone 2 this way.

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