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    Did anyone else play the Splatoon demo? It was pretty fun with some interesting ideas but I can see it getting stale pretty quick, not sure I'd fork out full price for it. What did you guys think?
    Edit: only my 8th post on this TAY and it's another get, I'm going to go buy some lotto tickets while the gettin's good :P

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      I enjoyed it, but I think it's a short burst game. Great to jump on and play a few quick games.

        Yeah, I hope there are more options in the full game, 2 v 2 local couch battles could be fun, bots might be useful too. I had fun but didn't get that "must play another round" feeling.

          I think it's the control scheme which kind of ruins it.

            at least they let me turn off motion control.

              Really? I couldn't

                It was the first thing I did,, swinging around the gamepad didn't feel good at all. I think it was just in settings, made it so much easier.

                  now i feel like an idiot

      I've always felt like it looked like a fun $20 downloadable game.

      Full retail though? Fuck no. Maybe if I was 19 and living in a university dorm.

        It depends on what they do with the rest of it.

      Yeah I thought it was awesome fun! Y'all are such downers in here! It will be much more interesting in full game with experience points and upgradeable clothing/guns, finding what stats you want to push for. And also the single player campaigns! There's a lot more variety to the multiplayer than what we got in the demo too. Cant wait for full game! Ya bunch of downers

    Oh yeah, I forgot about Karmaflow. I should set it up so I can play on my TV and through my sound system. Or even better, have someone else play while I just listen because platforming frustrates me. :P

    Do Bugbear exist anymore?
    I'm worried about the status of NCG: Wreckfest...

      Their devs posted stuff around Wreckfest on their company forums late last month so I'd say they're still around:,7517.0.html?PHPSESSID=fba68ab587aa7a1d8a215c8af7dd50e1

      Sounds like they're a bit iffy on the way the game's developing and looking for user feedback to guide them.

    Just roasted a bunch of chestnuts in the pizza oven, my contribution to the mother's day cooking. There was a cinnamon and butter sauce for them afterwards. SOOO GOOOOOOOOOD.

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