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    The horror of Monday morning after pulling a 3am bloodborne session...

      Ha ha. It's like that isn't it? Sometimes I feel myself moaning. " cold... dear sister..."

      I was good last night. Only 12.30am.

        I wish i had that level of self control.
        I feel like a kid playing dragons trap on the master system again.
        I haven't felt this enamored in a long time, ive sunk huge hours into games before ie wow but not actually been sucked in this hard since being a kid.
        Also i realise im very old now. Ouch.

    Hi everybody! Hope your weekends were good!

    Mine was good. I had a launch event for Undad at Impact Comics here in Canberra. Despite not having any printed copies of the book on hand (except for a proof), the store tells me they took a few pre-orders, including one guy who came straight into the store wanting to buy Undad. Lesson learned: internet hype is real, and can work. This weekend: Comic Gong in Wollongong! Will the books have arrived by then? WHO KNOWS.

    Also, this happened. Awesome. I'm not even going to be humble about this brag.

    @scree and @georgestmichael, your packages are in the mail!

      Hats off indeed! Just Demon's Souls to go now?

        And my PS4 copy of Dark Souls 2. I'm counting it as a fresh venture.

    Hey everybody,

    How was your weekends? I didn't manage to play the Splatoon demo because of lots of family time, how was it?
    I did however play some Mario Kart 8, managed to win my first 3-star trophy for 200cc. I only just finished winning 3-star for all of the 150cc and 150 mirror cups. Some of the new DLC courses were so hard because i was less familiar with them. Much improved now.

    And to kick off the morning; Who is your favourite Nintendo character and why?

      There was a Splatoon demo? Dang, I really need to boot up my Wii-U again. I haven't played any games recently really, Nintendo or otherwise :/

      And what a broad question! Ness from Earthbound holds a special place for me; a kid with a good heart, doing what's right, even if it isn't easy.

      I played the new DLC tracks for the first time last night. They're pretty cool! Haven't fired up 200cc yet - it looks insane! Kudos on the 3 stars.

      Does Phoenix Wright count as a Nintendo character? If so, it's absolutely him... or possibly Maya. Or Gumshoe. Someone from that series at any rate!

        I love Wild Woods and Big Blue from the DLC.
        I think he counts as Nintendo platform character, so that will do.

      Played the splatoon demo, colour me impressed!

      Nice balance between the weapons, and plenty of hidden depth. My favourite special was the bubble shield, you can buff your whole team with it and smash through bottlenecks. I got a quad kill with it, trapping their whole team in a hallway!

      People were complaining that the roller was OP, but they clearly didn't know you could just jump over it! I surprised a hell of a lot of people with that trick.

      As a veteran of competititve tribes, this has the most interesting metagame of any console shooter I've played, and the gyro controls saved DA for me, they worked very precisely.

      I wish the vgs system had more depth, but it should work well enough in such a short game.

      My only real gripe was that you couldn't select your loadout after the teams were formed. That made it very risky to play as sniper (more than one and your team is boned in turf war).

      Last edited 11/05/15 8:50 am

        Wow, thanks for that great overview. I'm actually really keen to play this now. How accessible is it? I.e. Would a wife who doesn't play shooters be able to jump in and have fun?

          It's very accessible, and the gyro controls have a shorter learning curve than traditional controls once you get your head around them. They are conceptually tricky, but the tutorial is pretty good at explaining it.

          Non-fps fans will still enjoy going around and laying paint, especially with the roller as it doesn't require the ability to aim. I was seriously thinking of handing the gamepad over to my partner to see how a first timer got on, but I was feeling a bit (lot) selfish. :P

          It's definitely the best shot you have of converting someone to the genre!

          Last edited 11/05/15 9:42 am

        I always forgot I could jump!

      My favourite character is Toad, because my first Nintendo game was Mario Kart 64, and he won a special place in my memory because of his funny voice acting and the hilarity that came when he had gold mushroom boost and i was constantly mashing the Z button.

      Splatoon demo was great. I really liked it. It's got a nice balance between competitive and fun-for-all, I think. Even if you're not good at shooters you can just focus on inking the ground and still have fun.

      Can't wait for the full game.

        I found the roller wasn't as good as people thought as you have to get in the enemies face to kill them. Plenty of time for someone with a splattershot to kill them.

    Goooood morning kittens! I've had a headache for three days. I think it likes me and wants to stick around; I'm going to name it, "Killme" :D D: :D

    Also saw Age of Ultron on Saturday - probably missed all the discussion on it here!

      Now we can have all the discussion again! =D

        What did you think?

          I liked the movie, I have to say I was a little confused though about a few of the things that were confusing me: Not a massive spoiler but it might be annoying to other folks.
          Like I thought Shield was still a thing in this movie, when did they get shut down?

          I really enjoyed learning more about ScarJo's character she is S2 haha

            At the end of Captain America: Winter Solider, SHIELD is disbanded.

              IT ALL MAKES SENSE!

              I didn't see Winter Soldier :(

                SEE IT SEE IT SEE IT SEE IT!

                It's so so good and probably my top Marvel movie :D

                  Chris Evans is my style icon, I'm actually kinda surprised I haven't seen it yet. I try and get my hair cut like him but mine is too thick for a like for like :@

                  @highperformance DUDE. Then you haaaaaave to see this! He looks super good. Also, you've seen Snowpiercer, yes?

                  Last edited 11/05/15 2:59 pm

                  I've not seen Snowpiercer (nor heard of it truthfully) but the concept sounds so awesome! I think I'll pop down to JB Hi Fi and grab a copy this week. Gruff looking Chris Evans I wouldn't be able to pull off I think though :*(

      Only a scale of 1-10. How good is James Spader as Ultron?

        His performance was pretty solid, like 8/10. Didn't really care about the character though :/


        He started as a 9 all threatening and kind of terrifying. Then next scene he was cartooonish and "witty" and I lost all interest, he just became another forgettable Marvel villain that doesn't stand out at all.

          Kinda have to admit that the villains from almost all of the Marvel films get a bit goofy but the Avengers are particularly prominent in this regard. My favourite villain of all of the MCU so far has actually been Christopher Eccleston's bad guy in Thor 2. Never changed from being a distinctly threatening villain which I liked.

            It's a by product of Marvel making everything completely about their heroes. No one else has any room to be anything beyond support or motivation for the mains.

            That said, for every amazing villain DC has they have 5 that are completely into ridiculous territory

              The Suicide Squad movie will be interesting simply because they have a few of the more oddball DC villains. Captain Boomerang in particular was never really anything but ridiculous so it'll be interesting to see how they try and make them gritty.

      I saw Ultron too. Way better than first movie. (Though Linda Cardelinni's presence ensured that on its own.)

      Last edited 11/05/15 9:19 am

        I think I liked the first Avengers better for Loki, but I was glad Hawkguy actually got some decent screentime this go around. It just didn't give me the warm and fuzzies like I was hoping it would. I do want to rewatch Days of Future Past now though.

          You mean X-Men: the Retcon Movie? :P

          But seriously, Days of Future Past was the best X-Men movie since the second one.

            The Rogue cut of the film comes out on bluray in a few months. Can't wait.

        For me this movie had a lot more heart, as well as all the action and one-liners i was expecting.

      Yay, so did I.
      I thought they overdid the witty banter a bit. Particularly in the last part it was every other scene and kinda made it feel like no-one was taking things seriously. Also red superman guy seemed a bit of a cop-out silver bullet, but I'm sure he will be relevant in the next movies.
      But fun.

    So, I was annoyed at the other players get my character killed in D&D the other week. But we were amazed at what happened to someone else yesterday. Now, a harsh GM would have your life rely on a single d20 saving throw. A normal GM will work in 3-4 d20 saving throws. A nice GM will think up about 8-10 d20 saving throws.

    But yesterday I saw someone fail 30 d20 saving throws and drown naked with a key up his butt.

    Aside from that I finally finished my Halo 2 review. It's currently split into 3 long parts and I'm planning on editing out half the content into a new video.

      I was trying to play D&D with a few friends. None of us know how to play, and our dm saw some of his work mates play and that's the most knowledge and/or experience we had. Had that 4.5 guide/campaign, quickly got into an argument because the other 2 guys wanted to steal the dank cart rather than deliver it to its destination. In the end we could've taken the cart to explore around and still deliver the damn thing, I'm just opposed to stealing and back stabbing. In the end we split when we got to town, I don't know if that's even allowed, and I got all the money rewards, but not so much on the exp. points. Still don't know how to play it properly though.

        It's hard when players try to break or derail the game. In the back of your mind you need to listen to that little voice that says, "Oh man, the DM will suffer if we do this." As a DM you need to be so flexible to avoid hours of prep work going to waste when players decide that a tangent is more important than the actual adventure.

          We've elicited more than one exasperated sigh from @popdart5 in our sessions.

            Still not as bad as my other group who used spaceships to carve a dick and balls on a planet's surface. :P

              @freezespreston, I'm disappointed you haven't tried this yet. You're obviously not playing to your full potential.

          That's the thing. One of the guys I played with was things like "nah, let's steal the cart and go back the way we came from" 2 mins into the damn thing. I was like wth, we are all noobs so yeah.

        You can split. When you are in a village or city with some downtime it's actually expected for you to split and do your own thing. Some people can run off to earn some coin working at the blacksmith or modifying weapons while working there, or go to their respective guilds. Your DM might have someone get jumped by a thief if the player has been an idiot, but normally it's expected of you to split.

        Just don't split out in the wilds or in a dungeon (or a city if you're wanted or it's controlled by a tyrant). That's a gauranteed character death.

        If you got all the money for doing the quest because they nicked off then that's their problem. You can keep all the money if you decide to, just hope that none of the other characters gets wind of it.

          Cool. Well, we were all noobs, so I doubt our dm would've caused anyone to be jumped in the town, unless the book suggested it.

            You should all speak with your DM and each other with what you all want from the game. Need to get that figured out early as you don't want the bored, 'just here for fighting' player to swing his axe at the city guard the 'wants to roleplay everything' player is currently talking to.

            Currently we're doing a 'all actions effect the world' game so something that we did months ago might have an effect in the next session. As such we're all seeking friends and alliances to keep us out of trouble and to allow us to avoid getting screwed over. Which also includes me asking the 'info NPC' last night to keep an ear out for anybody seeking my character, as I am unsure if they will be hostile or not.

      Our DM is quite harsh, but fair. If the players act like tits and rush into dangerous or unknown situations, there is little to no mercy. That has made our group much more cautious and 'realistic' adventurers, unless someone is having a crazy day and decides 'fuck it, I'm going to go balls-to-the-wall'. In such moments are heroes born.

        My problem is that the other players act like dicks and defend themselves with, "I'm just playing my character".

          My counter to those types of players: "Well, you're being jerks. Maybe that NPC you were a jerk to a while back has paid a few thugs to beat you up and they surprise you when you're not expecting it."

          Everything has consequences and there's a reason why nasty people tended to not last long in medieval times.

            It's how my first character got killed. Being the healer in-game, and out of game wanting to keep the other players going, resulted in a zombie beholder blowing him up.

            Now that his character drowned, he went back to his first character that attacked a death knight and has already threatend innocents with an axe. I was honestly going to leave him to his fate when he was swallowed by an Ooze in the sewers. He's just lucky the DM (obviouse to me) lowered the HP.

    Morning TAY! Hope you all had a great Mother's Day, especially our Mums amongst us! On the weekend we played out a tough 2-1 win to put us too of the table in soccer, and spent my Saturday night working on this:

      Working on that? Like, you made him?!

        I didn't make him in the sense Dr. Light created him (:P) but I did piece him together from one of those packages you can buy from Ebay:

      Oh my, that's awesome! Could you make a blue one for me with a white cape? I'd pay you for it! :D

        Unfortunately I don't have the ability to make him myself, I just bought a figure model kit off of Amazon. If you bought the kit and painted it in the colours you want you'd have your blue Protoman!

    I had a great Mothers Day, staying in bed until lunch, reading my new books and hanging out with my kids.
    Today is the other side of Motherhood. Sacrificing your regular Monday morning anime catch-up for cleaning up vomit. :P

      Ooh, what are you reading?

        Not novels, I got books on natural dying, applique, hand sewing, and free motion quilting for Mothers Day. :D

          Natural dying?

            The art of using natural things like bark, flowers, onion peel to dye fabric and thread different colours.
            Not natural ways to die. :P

      Well that's just a reply fail. I'll come up with some witty reply strange when I've woken up :P in the meantime, have some ramblings

      Last edited 11/05/15 8:52 am

      I spent all day trying to get a hold of my mother after making sure my day was clear and sitting at home waiting to go over to see her and do a few things. She had her mobile turned off and wasn't answering her home phone. Then she has a passive aggressive bitch on Facebook about how some mothers are appreciated on mothers day.

      Yay mothers day.

        Mine moved countries without telling me! :D

      Was it your vomit? I'd imagine that's the sort of incident that you teach your children about proper cleaning methods :D

      I want new books. It's been a long time since I've read any sort of book :( damn you internet and being constantly distracting with absolutely nothing of value

    Went away with the wife and kid at the weekend had an awesome time so only managed to scrape in a little gaming last night and that was with Wolfenstien the old blood so far really enjoying it well worth the money.

    Early notice that we WILL be having an Oktoberfest Brisbane meat again this year. Interstate folk are welcomed. Haven't nailed down a weekend yet. STAY TUNED.

      I always get sad when I think of Oktoberfest because I don't drink beer but then I remember 'SCHNAPPS' :D

        And bratwurst! And observing drunken TAYbies dancing with strangers! (Oh wait, that was me.)

          I've got the videos!

            And I've got a blackmail file and a gentlemen's agreement not to post it on the interwebs. :P

            Last edited 11/05/15 9:18 am

          My friends have made it a thing over the past year of going to the Brathaus every Thursday. Now I play indoor football every Thursday in combination with being poor, I'm very deprived of bratwurst D: and I haven't been to the German Club in years either DD:

          Damn the Germans for having delicious food

      I want to come! And I will try very very very hard not to be scary.

        Haha! You're not scary, whoever told you that must be an idiot. (Oh wait, that was me.)

          :D First pretzel's on me :D

            I will be the guy obnoxiously singing made up lyrics to 99 Luftballons!

    Finished Orange Is The New Black last night. Damn good TV.

    Wife and I may have high fived each other at the last scene.

    Now to wait a month for the next season.

      Show got picked up for fourth season already, too. Hooray!

        2 more seasons of Captain Janeway doing a Russian accent? Excellent :D

      I love that final scene. I was hoping it would happen, figured it would happen, loved it when it happened, big smiles :D

      I hear good things about that show. Is it worth the time investment?

        It's amazing and you'll know if you like it pretty early.

      I thought it felt like they were running out of ideas in season 2. Like they didn't know where to go with the story.

        First half it did, picked up through the second half though. Guess they were going for a slice of life thing.


          Yeah, I stopped a few episodes into season 2. I probably should finish it before the next season comes out.

    Carrying a bowling ball to work so you can go straight to the bowling alley after work is a pain. Learn from my mistakes people

    Weekend was spent going to Go Lounge in Stones Corner (for Brisbane peeps who know of it) and playing a few board games including an initiation to Settlers of Catan. Also noticeable for it being the first proper outing for the missus since she broke her ankle apart from hospital and doctor visits. It's weird seeing someone going stir crazy from spending 6 weeks trapped inside the house

    Yesterday I trundled off the the model railway show and got a few good ideas of what I want to do. First things first though, save up a shed load of money. Why do I pick hobbies and interests that come with a substantial price tag?

    Happy New-TAY-day everyone

    Rolled credits on Bloodborne.
    Looked up trophy list and things that I just missed:
    Collectibles - missed the claw in the forest
    Upgrades - did everything except walking back into the right room to grab the blood stone. That one hurts.
    Ending - I had the three cords at the end but didn't consume them. Ah well.

    Also a few others that need chalice stuff - got to 3-3 of the p chalice and the random boss was romFuck. That. Might reroll a new dungeon.

    Thanks to Netflix, also rewatched GotG, and started Vikings (7 episodes in), and Orange is the New Black (3 episodes).

      Don't worry. You have two more playthroughs to get the extra endings and easy enough to pick up the missing items to legitimately earn the platinum trophy.

        That's a very bold point you seem to be making about legitimacy... Have people been cheesing or glitching / hacking stuff?

          Actually, I think it's a dig at me, because I used a backed up save file to see all three endings with my first playthrough.

            I'm not angry, just very disappointed.

              I'm far more tempted to just do 2 clean runs instead of NG+(+) to get the other 2 endings. Fairly confident I can do the whole game with starter gear.

                I finished the game with the saw cleaver and hunter pistol. Never found anything else I was comfortable with.

                My plan was to do another clean run to pick up everything I missed then either venture into NG+ for the last one or attempt a Bloodtinge ranged build.

                  After staying at yours, I couldn't use the Hunter Axe anymore. I'm halfway through NG+ and have finished the Chalice Dungeons, and I used the Saw Cleaver all the way.

                  Yep, saw cleaver and blunderbuss the whole way for me, because cover art.

      Additional point about Guardians of the Galaxy:
      As someone that generally doesn't watch or read something more than once, I really enjoyed watching this movie a second time. More than I thought I would.

      Additional point about Bloodborne:
      Thus game gives me a headache. Literally. Somewhere between 1 and 2 hours in I'll start getting a headache, and as that gets worse the nausea joins in.
      Pity too since that's about when I start getting in the zone for playing efficiently, so it's an internal struggle of discomfort vs ability to play.

        That happens to me on lots of games. Some will be fine, but others give me splitting headaches. I don't know if it is the graphics, seeing as I've never had this problem on my PS4.

          Generally hasn't ever been a problem for me before over my many years in the PC Mastah Race, which makes me wonder what's different here.
          Edit: Maybe it's just because I'm getting old...

          Last edited 11/05/15 9:54 am

            I distinctly remember it happened when I played Duke Nukem Forever on my PS3.

            *Insert joke at Duke Nukem Forever's expense here*

      Don't re-roll the dungeon. Only the ones with 'root' in the title are randomised. Others are all set in stone. Rom is a boss you'll need to take out. I didn't find him that hard in the Chalice Dungeon, though...

      Also, I'm not sure the claw is in the forest... is it? I had to grind through a Chalice Dungeon to find it.

        The item (beast hand thing), not the weapon.

          Ahhh right, sorry. Disregard me.

            Good thing about that is that the quickest way to finish that cheevo will be to just run back to it in NG+ since I got to keep the other special items. Only 2 mandatory bosses between the start and there.

              Make sure you pick up a second lot of Red Jelly as well (Nightmare Lecture Building bottom floor). You'll need it for the Chalice achievements, and the road there requires you to have set foot in the forest at least once.

              Last edited 11/05/15 10:11 am

      Claw is in an Ailing Loran chalice dungeon (Layer 2 I believe) as I just got it last night.

      Blood Stone - those Winter Gardens are real bastards to get past. I recommend lowering insight to under 20 and wearing a +200 Res. Frenzy rune as well as some good anti-frenzy clothing.

      I'm pretty sure all the non-Root chalice dungeons are not random. Only the root chalice ones are. With chalice dungeon Rom you really need to use the pillars as cover against the meteor strikes because otherwise you don't really have the room to manoeuvre.

      I'm still going hard after the platinum myself. Just got to finish the chalice dungeons and the true final boss and I'm set. So easy to get distracted by co-op though :-)


        Insight = frenzy weakness. It all makes sense now.

    I had a coffee and there was a weird fussball stuck in my belly button, that kept me entertained for AT LEAST 30 minutes...
    I lead an interesting life I swear!

      Oh, I did rewatch Alien, whilst playing Elite and getting drunk on red wine... Then I caught myself belching out Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of my lungs... Must have been a sad sight but it was worth it!

      Last edited 11/05/15 9:22 am

        Yeah I killed some random player on elite, because he was marked as wanted. Collected 159 credits bounty. He had a sidewinder so I guess he just has to pay for modules. Felt bad after it, but he did say he just got a 23k bounty, so I guess I just kinda teleported him to the station so that he may hand his bounty in. Still though, he wpuldve had to pay for his ship being blown up.

        My saturday night was quite similar except I was drinking red wine and playing heroes of the storm =P I'm sure there was a point in the night where I started randomly singing and dancing to the utter dismay of my mrs =D

    Had a pretty decent weekend. Went to the local farmers market with my parents on Saturday morning. Mum and Dad got some nice fruit and vegies and we had breakfast there. My parents tried okonomiyaki for the first time and really enjoyed it. I had a haloumi and chorizo burger which was really good. Also discovered that one of the local coffee roasters does $2 espressos at its stall.

    After the farmers market, my parents took me shopping and then we visited my Uncle and Aunty. We went to Maccas for lunch and I had a create your own burger with bacon, pineapple, jalapenos, caramelised onion, and chipotle mayo. It was great.

    Didn't do much yesterday, but I did watch Edge of Tomorrow again. I enjoyed it a lot. Finally, I've given up soft drink again and I'm looking at upgrading my coffee machine from a pod machine to a proper coffee machine. mmhmm

      Urge to play.... rising... rising...rising...

    Hola Tayberinos



    Friday I flew out about Lunchtime here, arriving in Sydney about 3:00. Navigated to my Hotel, which was in Leumeah, which is pretty remote- just outside Campbelltown and apparently chain fast food central. (Hooters is apparently a thing in Sydney? Also Sizzler??) Dumped my stuff in the hotel then got back on the train to head into the CBD.

    @cj had picked out a bar to meet at, but it was kinda hidden, so I wandered down the road to look for it. Suddenly, a wild @alexpants appeared! We found that we'd walked right past CJ, so we queued up with him to go to Stitch and were joined by @mrtaco.

    Stitch is really cool, lots of old sewing machines as decor. Friday being Friday, when we arrived the place was packed out and we had to wait ages for a table, so we stood near the bar and chatted until we could get a table. We got a booth, and Alex and I were fascinated by the wallpaper which included a diagram of the urinary system from an old almanac among many others. We were then joined by @dkzeitgeist and moved onto Mojos, where more beer and conversation was had.



      Reminds me of the time I walked straight past @freezespreston at the airport for PAX last year... then called him going "where are you? you said you'd be at the terminal... I'm cold and lonely..."

      And then he told me to turn around and all was well...



    What days and times work best for everyone?

      Tonight or Thursday night? Sometime after 7pm?

      Mondays are no good for me, because I've taken up basketball again. Most other nights should be okay. I will never be on before 8pm.

      Best not to plan around me, though. I'm very unreliable.

    My son was playing Minecraft yesterday and yelled for me to come and check out his new house. I asked if he built it and his response was "Nah, I stole it from a villager. But it's okay, I killed them first. With my IRON SWORD!"

      Pretty sure he broke no laws.

    Might be of relevance to @redartifice or @popdart or other RPG fans
    D&D5 50% off:

      I would be interested however I already own all of the core books. :P

      Hah, cool.

      I'm not playing D&D atm, but if I was that'd be a steal (I have the PF book)

        I think PF has a leg up on D&D atm due solely to the fact that PF information is freely available online and there are PDF versions of all of the books. D&D 5E is either physical book or nothing except the absolute basic rules.

          Did you see the new Dragon+ app Wizards released?

            I saw it but it seems to be just a e-zine type thing that gives you updates on new products and things like that. I'll download it when I get the chance.

              It's similar to the old Dragon magazine stuff (though less in depth). Could be cool if they do Dungeon+ (which is apparently on the cards)

          Yeah, this is a massive reason why I think Pathfinder's largely displaced D&D.

          It was one of the big roadblocks for me for setting up an Edge of the Empire game as well. They don't even have the basic rules available for free.

            I managed to acquire a *ahem* "free" version of the PDF for EotE but apparently I lucked out because no one else I know has been able to find one.

    Jesus. Lego Dimensions, which is Lego's spin on Disney Infinity and Skylanders, is going to have Doctor Who & Portal 2 expansions, which means we'll see Peter Capaldi and Chell in lego form.

    We've hit the Fanfiction Singularity, folks. Gandalf wielding a Portal Gun and Harry Potter equipped with Batman's utility belt, along with trusty pet K9, go back in time in the DeLorean to save Springfield from Dinosaurs from Jurassic World.

    Wow. so that weekend happened.
    Naked Magicians - there was magic, there was nakedness. would recommend!

    Megagame! - I was a mage in a maritime country, I may have caused a volcano to blow up right next to my city. But at least my god liked me! even when I helped banish magic from the realm...
    10/10 would recommend
    A bigger write up of this is coming, watch this space

    Alt-J - I almost fell asleep but the concert was amazing!

    BOARD GAMES! - @redartifice @trjn @mrtaco @freya all came over - we played Cosmic encounter (Sooooo goood need to play more!) and 7 Wonders with Babel (Also good)

    I planted Freesias, Daffodils, Tulips, Anemones and Ranunculi. My balcony is going to look so pretty in spring :)

    How was everyone elses weekend?

    Last edited 11/05/15 10:13 am

      Everyone was casting huge magic spells to wreck the land while @alexpants was just sitting around looking at his ponies.

        I don't even need context for this.

          I gave him an activity book, with stickers!

          Last edited 11/05/15 11:58 am

      You put your bulbs in people? Monster!!!!!

          Lawdy I love that show more than I should. No, fuck that. It's an ace show. Fucking gorgeous. \o/

        there should probably be a comma in there somewhere, but its funnier as is :P

    We were going to go ice skating for Mothers' Day but my wife fell over while rollerblading and hurt her elbow. So ended up just wandering down to a nice bakery for some lunch (all day breakfast woohoo!).

    Got some good gaming sessions in. Finally finished Bravely Default (awesome ending credits sequence). Almost finished Bloodborne. Looking forward to Witcher 3 coming soon. My first Witcher game :-)

      I would strongly encourage you to check out Witcher 2 before you dive into Witcher 3. I don't know how much of the story will directly continue but there's a lot of background information and general world-building that goes on that serves as a nice introduction into the world.

        Think I might make a start on Witcher 2 today. Hopefully if I buckle down I'll be able to finish it by next Tuesday.

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