Tell Us Dammit: Best/Worst “Cheap” Gaming Accessory

We’ve all been there. The lure of a controller, or mouse, or other bit of gaming peripheral tat that’s so much cheaper than the official kit.

What are your victory or defeat stories with third party gaming kit?

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Sure, we all know it’s a risk. The official kit is probably more sturdy, less prone to button failure or terrible clicky analog sticks or unresponsive d-pads. But in the real world, we’ve all got to live within a budget, and sometimes that means buying budget gear. Also, sometimes it’s a risk that pays off.

My own recent tale in this regard relates to a “spare” PS2 that I ended up with quite randomly. When I say randomly I mean it, too.

I was walking back from dropping my kids at school one morning while an elderly neighbour of mine from just up the street was topping up the stuff in her red wheelie bin.

Including a PS2. So while I didn’t know her particularly I stopped and chatted to her, mostly to point out that e-waste recycling would be a better option for a PS2, which I presumed was broken.

“Oh no, it’s not broken. But it was my son’s, and he doesn’t want it any more”

I immediately offered to take it off her hands, because hey, free PS2. You’d do the same, I’m sure. Anyway, this left me with a “spare” PS2 and power supply, but no controllers.

PS2 controllers aren’t exactly common any more, so I hit the wide bay of dodgy goods that is eBay, and ordered up some $10 PS2 “Dual Shock 2 style” controllers. From Hong Kong, naturally. For $10, I wasn’t expecting much.

That was going to be OK, I figured. The PS2 was going to head to a relative’s holiday place so I could unwind with a few games while away from home. I didn’t need great controllers, because I wouldn’t be doing any serious in-depth gaming with them. As long as they didn’t send direct electrical shocks up my arms while I played, I’d be happy enough with mediocre.

I was pleasantly surprised when they turned up, partly because apart from the obvious lack of official Sony logos, they were cut-out clones of the actual DualShock 2 body. Really close, when I’d expected to perhaps end up with something that was going to be bright purple or something. What’s more, they’re just as good as the real ones I’ve still got for my primary PS2, and that I really wasn’t expecting.

Sure, I’ve had my share of third party controller sob stories, but they’re not always duds. Anyway, that’s my story. What’s yours?

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