Tell Us Dammit: What Genre Of Games Do You Miss?

Remember when we didn't really have any good 2D platformers and then all of a sudden you couldn't move for them? Remember when fighting games were in decline, and then there was a sudden renaissance?

My point: these things are cyclical as hell. What genres would you like to see make a comeback?

A couple of years back I might have said the graphic adventure, but that's already back in a big way. Turns out I'm not as enthusiastic about those games as I once was!

Nowadays? I dunno. Maybe my needs are being satisfied? I'd like to see 'extreme sports' games come back: snowboarding games, Skate, that kind of thing.

Also, I think a new Fight Night game is long overdue.

What would you like to see make a comeback?


    Old war games, not just WW2. Not action packed, Tarantino style ones, either. Old first-person cover shooters with fantastic graphics, and awesome realism. Maybe using the Killing Floor gore system.

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    Space Marine

      You talking about the 2011 THQ game? That was pretty decent, and the multiplayer was excellent (although when I played it the number of people online was very low).

        That's the one.
        My god that game...
        I don't don't care what anyone says - it was excellent.
        Also, as you said multiplayer was inanely cool and quite well balanced. The only downfall was the limited number of people online.

    I'm hoping the new Tony Hawk game does really well and we end up getting a new version of SKATE.

    I really miss SKATE....

    If you asked me a couple of years ago it would have been a decent Space Sim but it looks like we're getting flooded with them now.

    Now, with so many Indie studios and the dawn of the age of kickstarter, it's hard to pick out a Niche that hasn't been re-discovered and re-explored.

    On a more serious note:
    Novelty sports games.

    Mutant league football and Rock n Roll Racing, anyone?

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      Would love a new NFL Street.

        there was a new NFL Blitz a few years ago.. was good but not as good as the original. Also what about Blitz the leage! That game was amazing. Banned here because of drugs but what a game! More of that!

      Sega Soccer Slam was pretty rad.

        The Hot Potato mini game in that was played for many an hour at mates houses.

    I'd like to see Call of Duty go back to basics and would like to see Guitar Hero make a comeback

      Both Guitar Hero and Rock Band are getting new releases this year on the new systems, so you get one of your wishes. Sort of, at least. New Guitar Hero looks quite different.

    I miss good old fashioned turned based RPGs. The classic Final Fantasy games, Suikoden, Phantasy Star and Breath of Fire come to mind. I would say a good Mega Man game, but we are getting a spiritual successor in September.

      Turn based RPGs still exist in force these days. Most are mobile games of varying quality but the Vita, 3DS and PS4 have and will have a number of good turn based RPGs. For example, Etrian Odyssey: Knight of Fafnir, Etrian Odyssey V, Operation Abyss, Bravely Second (hopefully), Persona 5 and Disgaea 5 are all coming out in the next year or so.

        never was able to get into persona or Disgaea. Never checked out the Etrian series, so I might have to look into it.

        I'd like to see a turn based rpg with high production value on PS4.

        Fingers crossed Persona 5 fulfills all my hopes & dreams

    Low level turn based strategy along the lines of XCOM and Jagged Alliance. Obviously they did the new XCOM a couple of years back, but in general they're few and far between.

      Oh yeah! A Jagged Alliance game using the XCOM template would be fantastic. I miss JA2... My favourite mercenary was probably Magic or Scully, but I always liked training up Biff to a ridiculous degree and turning him into a kind-of-average killing machine. His cowardly remarks were so hilarious.

        Igor Dolvich was the best one, everybody knows that :P

        But yeah, XCOM did a perfect job of showing how that kind of game can work with a controller, not just mouse and keyboard. Should be more of it.

    Already been mentioned but yeh, novelty sports games or arcade style sports games that aren't so hung up on being a simulation. NBA Jam, that NHL game that had the fighting game in it, arcade racers that seem to be replaced by simulation.

    Though my money is on Adventure/RPG games that shirk spectacle in favour of story. Too many games are going "look at me, look at how pretty I am" rather than "take a seat and listen to my story"

    Master of Orion , but nothing like MOO3

      Look up FreeOrion.

      It's a free and open source version of MOO, runs on pretty much every platform, is still actively developed, and, most of all, is a heap of fun!

    Old school strategy games with no RPG element. No Heroes that build stats or collect items, just good old fashioned build your army against another army and attack their base with resource collection. Ala Warcraft 2, AOE2, Dark Reign, etc.

      Yeah I was gonna say this. Some new good RTS games. Right now, Starcraft II (and maybe Company of Heroes 2) is basically the only option and while that's awesome, it would be nice to have some more variety in the genre. Like for example, oh....I don't know...Dawn of War 3 maybe? That returns to the root gameplay of the original Dawn of War and not that piece of poo sequel? That'll be great, thanks.

        How is StarCraft 2? I honestly haven't really given it a go, I just presumed it would be hero based like Warcraft 3.

          Nah. Starcraft II luckily stuck to the formula of the original Starcraft and Brood War - there are no heroes (not in multiplayer anyway - single player has "hero-like" units but they still don't level-up or anything like that). You should give it a go it you want more traditional RTS. The final expansion, Legacy of the Void, should be arriving sometime this year too, which looks like it's going to shake up the metagame completely.

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    I'd love to see Final Fantasy being made again but unfortunately no one seems interested in making them any more.

      they play different, but both Type 0 & the XV demo are well fun.

    Back in my flatting day's we used to love Shaun Whites Wake boarding on the PS2 I think we had that rented for like 8 months straight.

    Space sim, somebody pick up the rights to Freespace and make the 3rd game so I can avoid sunshine and work on my vitamin D deficiency

    I miss two things that no games in last few years have quelled my yearning for...although funnily enough there were announcements in the last fortnight that may be winners...

    3D Platformers - Why hello there Yooka-Laylee (or however its spelt). Cant wait.
    Extreme Sports - THPS5 (YESSSS!) Now all I need is a new California Games please.

    Isometric action/adventure ninja game is the genre I miss the most. Yes... I am talking about The Last Ninja. Ben Daglish and Anthony Lees made that SID chip sing.

    3D platformer adventure games (Think Sly, Jak and Daxter, and Ratchet and Clank) are something I miss along with top down racing games. There's a severe lack of AAA shmups as well, although the indie crowd tend to be really good at making quality, fun bullet hells and standard shmups. Isometric shmups like Firefight and Jungle/Desert Strike would be nice to see more of too.

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    Great platformers like those available on the N64. Think Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie.

    edit - a few other people above me thought the same thing since I opened the page!

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      As A.X. mentioned, might wanna check out Yooka-Laylee. It's being made by the Banjo Kazooie devs!

    Xwing Vs Tie Fighter
    Carrier Command
    Warcraft II
    Pengo :)

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    I miss Scrolling beat em ups, you and a bro cleaning up the city by personally kicking every bad guy arse in the city. Also the fantastic Alien Vs Predator Capcom released.

    When they remake the old beat em ups they just seem so slow after the HD make over.

      Yeah I used to love those games back in the day when I had to pay 20c a go :D

      They did a new Double Dragon for PS3 / 360 a few years back. It wasn't very good :(

      Dragon's Crown is the closest thing to a good old side scrolling beat 'em up on a newer platform.

    Single player games

      Give this guy a medal

      One of the best games that came out last year was wolfenstein and it was only single player. Plus it's a great war shooter, obviously not realistic but I beats the freakin pants off COD.

    LIGHT GUN GAMES. Please listen and make me some new light gun games.

    Also good management/sim games like theme hospital, dino park tycoon etc

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      Was scrolling through the answers looking for someone who had already said light gun games. There you are :P

      I thought with the Wii we'd finally have a proper renaissance of the things, but at the best we got (the absolutely fantastic) HotD: Overkill and 2&3 Returns. Then Ghost Squad? I can't remember how that was, only played briefly with friends. In mid-tier there was Dead Space and the RE Chronicles games, which I heard were pretty good quality but I don't really count those as "proper" light gun games - they were just cursor clickers (cursor disable + 1:1 calibration or bust). Then at worst you have that seemingly infinite stream of chicken shoot games and similar redneck-obsessed titles. Gross.

        All the wii ones felt like cursor clickers ( I still liked the hotd ones and still have them hooked up). I currently use a virtua cop cabinet with a ps2 in it for the time crisis/virtua cop/point blank series.

          The only light gun I have is my NES Zapper, with Duck Hunt and To The Earth :(

          If I suddenly gained the power to alter history I'd make it so that GameCube had a light gun. It's about the only thing missing from its pile of weird and crazy peripherals.

            I think light gun games are really great for local co-op too, whenever people are around it's always great to play point blank and virtua cop. Not so much time crisis because it sucks in split screen and I don't have the space to run 2 cabinets.

      I have a vision where the two genres are mixed. You build and manage a dinosaur park, build it giant with all different dinosaurs and open areas and snack stands... everything and anything you would expect... but when you eventually tire of managing this park you trigger a calamity Jurassic Park style and the game automatically generates a light gun adventure through the Dinosaur park, where you have to blast both giant angry Dinosaurs AND THOSE BASTARDS WHO CAUSED SAID CALAMITY - AN UNDERGROUND TERRORIST ORGANISATION CALLED DINOLIBERATORS INC - to the final boss who is the leader of DINOLIBERATORS INC, a part man part Dinosaur hybrid... called like .. Victorious Rex or something ... He has a machine gun arm and is like 15 feet tall and stabs himself with serum like the guy from the end of Ong Bak.

      When your done you start all over again, and the adventure will be different because your park will be different.

      I'll get my coat - but i maintain that is a good idea.


    or extreme sport in general

      Yeah. I loved Tricky, SSX 3 wasn't quite as bonkers but the top to bottom track flow was incredible if you did the full race. On Tour had its moments but was buggy.

      The reboot might have been better if I'd had more friends playing it, but it was a lot of fun.

      I'd love a new one.

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      Ahhh... now I'm setting up the PS2.

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