The Amazing Bloodborne War That Lasted Two Hours

The Amazing Bloodborne War That Lasted Two Hours

When RhoParkour decided to invade Chihaya_1996's world in Bloodborne, little did he know it would turn into a standoff lasting nearly two hours, thanks to a convenient door glitch.

(Apologies for the Twitch video playing automatically. There's nothing we can do about it.)

Our story begins pretty normally. RhoParkour was looking for someone to kill, and Chihaya_1996's sinister bell happened to be ringing. By luck and matchmaking, the two were connected and RhoParkour was ready to find his prey.

Knowing what was happening, Chihaya_1996 decided to run away. In Bloodborne, it's possible to escape an invader by entering into a fog door, which triggers a boss fight. You're forced to choose between fighting one of the game's worst enemies or face off against a hostile player.

This is where things got weird.

In Hemwick Charnel Lane, if you haven't encountered the Witch of Hemwick boss fight before and you're invaded, you cannot trigger the boss fight. However, if the invader has triggered the boss fight in their game, the fog door does appear for them.

Chihaya_1996 sprints into the fog door, but RhoParkour cannot follow him.

This is quite the pickle. RhoParkour wants to kill Chihaya_1996, but Chihaya_1996 has figured out a clever way of protecting himself from his enemy. In most cases, you'd expect one player to drop out, and that would be that. Instead, it became a war of attrition lasting nearly two hours.

40 minutes later, nothing had happened. Chihaya_1996 refused to come out, but RhoParkour refused to leave. So, instead, RhoParkour decided to wait. He literally took a seat on the ground.

Ever once and a while, Chihaya_1996 would poke his head out, hoping for a few cheap hits that would allow him to kill RhoParkour, but it never came together. Chihaya_1996 would quickly retreat, and RhoParkour was forced to idle around, wondering when his foe would try again.

The two players continued to play with one another. RhoParkour refused to budge, and neither did Chihaya_1996. But the two would experiment, trying to find ways to get a kill, the idea being that it might be possible to whittle down their health, and get them to use all their blood vials.

A worthy attempt, Chihaya_1996, but not quite enough. He eventually ran out of firebombs.

And this is where, more than an hour in, RhoParkour decides to play the waiting game. When you play the waiting game, though, one must find ways to amuse themselves. In this case, it's littering the floor with shining coins.

Or trying to find out if it's possible to move a shining coin by attacking it with your blades. It turns out you can't.

At one hour and 40 minutes, RhoParkour decides to sit down again. There's nothing else to do. Minutes and minutes go by, and there's nothing to report. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Then, it happens. Chihaya_1996 decides to make his move. This is it. The battle has arrived.

The two players spar back and forth, trading blows. Occasionally, Chihaya_1996 retreats back into what RhoParkour has now dubbed the "panic room," but he comes out and joins the fight.

There must be a winner and a loser, however, and in this case, RhoParkour's patience paid off.

With a couple of quick blows, RhoParkour was victorious, and the two-hour battle was over.


    Did you guys invest heavily in gif corp or something... It's getting beyond ridiculous. Link the vid and let us watch it - no need to have 10 gifs or images about a video that is right there.

    Honestly its that annoying that it might just be time to pack up and go elsewhere.

      This. My monthly phone data is killed by this website. Have to turn all images off. Sort it out Kotaku.

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