The Big Question: Controller or Mouse & Keyboard

Here's something I've been noticing as of late. People seem to be using game controllers more. Even on PC. Is this a thing now? People using controllers instead of Mouse & Keyboard?

I mean obviously certain games suit Mouse & Keyboard controls — RTS and FPS spring to mind — but I've noticed my brother in-law who is PC Master Race to the core using his Xbox One controller rather frequently.

Who among you has made the switch?

And who among you was doing this from the very start?


    It depends on the bloody game alright

      Yeah, the answer is highly dependent on the game. It's not something you can just answer as a generality.

      Highly agree. Mind you I would have once said K+M only for FPS, but I'm pretty good at shooting aliens in the face in Destiny!

        Destiny has so much auto aim and aim assist you could probably use some basic hand-waving and shoot them in the face. Great game though ;)

      Agreed. FPS and RTS I like kbm. Racer and fighter I like controller.

      Yeah very much depends on the game...or more specifically the game GENRE for me.

      - First person shooter? Keyboard + mouse. No questions. I refuse to play console FPS games for this reason alone (the Metroid Prime series being the only notable exception, because they *didn't* use dual analogue controls).
      - Real time strategy? Again, keyboard+ mouse.
      - Third person action/adventure games? I tend to gravitate towards a gamepad usually (The Witcher games being an exception).
      - Platformers? Gamepad.
      - Fighting games? Gamepad.
      - Driving games? Gamepad (in the absence of a steering wheel).

      So I guess when it comes down to it, I use a gamepad for more game types than I do the keyboard and mouse - however, those game types I do use the K+M combo for are set in stone and I'm staunchly opposed to using a gamepad for them.

      It also highly depends on the support from the devs too. so many just put k/m in as an afterthought and its royaly fucked up so controller is miles better (ds1 for eg). Given the choice id rather k/m for everything if it was well supported ie menus, inventory, tight controls (srsly fuck off with mouse acceleration its shit) etc there is one exception that being flight sims but a controller is no good for them iether imo.

      Nearly every game is better with KB+M but Dark Souls.

      Dark Souls is different.

    If I played competitively I'd use a mouse and keyboard.

    But I rarely play anything multiplayer, and I like to play on my couch in an almost horizontal position, so a controller works better for this. I hunch over a mouse and keyboard enough at work.

    Controller all the way. Will only use Keyboard & Mouse if there is absolutely no other option.

    But as I mentioned the other day, that probably comes from about 3 and a half decades of being a console gamer.

    Controller & dpad for menus & 2d

    I suuuuuuck with K&M

      Menus? But you point... and then click.

      You know, the same way you got into the game in the first place :-)


          I'm sick. And I have a baby that screams all night. You'll have to forgive me for being dull. My brain is barely ticking along.

            I reckon I could almost type faster with a controller :p

    Both? You can't expect me to play Dota with a controller. KBM only for those that needed it and Controller for everything else. Have a Razer Sabertooth for my controller needs. Mechanical buttons ftw :P

    Playing Witcher 3 with controller at the moment, it feels much nicer than KBM.

    Controller 100% of the time. I play games to relax, usually on the couch. Controllers were designed with this in mind and have been getting better for 20+ year. RTS is the only game that springs to mind, but I don't play them. FPS doesn't really matter, because if everyone is on controller then the alleged advantage of KB+M is a moot point.

    I was actually a bit of a fan of the Wiimote/Nunchuck combo; it offered the analog character movement of a controller, and using the remote to point actually felt surprisingly natural. Worked well for Metroid Prime, at least. And I think the WiiU's tablet controller would be amazing for strategy gaming; use the tablet as a map, and to plan your moves, then watch the action unfold on the TV screen. But alas, for there be no strategy games of note on the system.

    Controller for pretty much everything. I even take the time to get MMORPGs to work with a gamepad, although there's usually a complication like wanting to chat or some menu option I can't bind. PC gamers lord up aiming with the mouse but movement is far more important to me. I can aim perfectly fine with a stick, I wouldn't chose it over a mouse in a life or death situation but it doesn't hold me back. However movement with WASD just clumsy.

    Yeah, where's option 3) Both ?

    Depends on the game, and what I feel like doing at the time. Some games only work well with kb/mouse, some work great with both, some are more comfortable to play with the controller.

    I play GTA with an xbox controller and mouse..
    once i get motivated I will unbox my gaming peripherals and get out my orbweaver :)

    The controller is so much more comfortable than M&K (especially for extended sessions). I'd prefer to play it if I had the choice for every game but honestly, it comes down to what games you're playing. On PC, it's pretty much mandatory to play M&K on any top-down strategy game (RTS, MOBA etc) and FPS if you want to be able to compete against others. The accuracy M&K provides for games that do not cater to controllers are definitely why you'd need to use 'em. Pretty much, if it's a single player game, regardless of console/pc, I'll try to whip out the controller if there's official support for it.

    each has its own rightful place, really depending on what genre of game is being played. Some games are much better suited to controller style play like Demons Souls, most platformers and such however most FPS games are better suited to keyboard & mouse, as are most top-down strategy/moba games. Whereas flight sims are better suited to a joystick/HOTAS.

    The debate is comparing apples with oranges. Each type of peripheral has its own place depending on the games that have been adapted for them. Each has its own strengths & weaknesses & for the most part this depends on the game being created.

    voted controller, because yeah, if i have the choice i'll use it over a keyboard and mouse, BUT it depends on the game and even if a game supports a controller sometimes it just isn't implemented well enough

    I also sit in front of a keyboard and mouse for a very large amount of time for work so i don't particularly enjoy using it when i'm at home wanting to relax and unwind, so for me it isn't just a control method preference, it is also to get a break from my 9-5

    Depends on the game. I come from a console-only background, but made the switch to KB/M for Bioshock Infinite after investing in a decent PC, and never looked back for FPS (although I still use the dualshock for Destiny, obviously, and don't have [m]any problems with it). Racing games and third person games tend to work better with a controller, so stuck with that for them, but started Witcher 3 this morning with the keyboard, purely so I could switch more freely between signs, and am having no problems with it.


    ...One time I actually bought a keyboard and mouse to hook up to my PS3. Very few games support it, but it was practically mandatory for Dust 514 . The difference was night and day.

      Der Controller regel alles, mein freund. Widerstand ist zwecklos!!!

        I do now know what I just read but I am sure it is funny.

          The controller rules all, my friend. Resistance is futile!

            Awesome. I kinda could read it then. Common used phrasings I see. Nice.

      I always wished I could use this to play Monster Hunter online.

    It really does depend on the game

    You wouldnt play an RTS with a controller, and FPS games can be played with either depending on personal preference.

    For me I play shooters with a mouse and keyboard, and will grab a controller for racing game, platformers etc.

    For something like GTA 5 which is a mix, then I will swap between them as needed, when on foot I will use mouse and keyboard, but will grab my controller as soon as i jump in a vehicle (unless im a passenger in which case I will keep the mouse)

    M&K unless i'm playing a racing game. Then its controller only if i cant be bothered getting my wheel out, which is pretty much every time.

    If the game supports a controller and the controls don't suck, I prefer that.

    Nothing beats mouse for precision in RTS and FPS games and games where there's a lot of inventory management (like Minecraft or older-style RPGs) but that's about where I feel the advantage ends. In third person games I feel like the controller gives better control of the camera view and for other styles of games such as platformers I feel like I have a quicker response time with the controller whereas with keyboard/mouse I'm more likely to fumble.

    Of course each game on it's own merits, I'd say the only time I've played a game and directly compared where there was a distinct advantage to playing with mouse/keyboard was Castlestorm. I tried the Xbox One port when it went free this month and compared to the PC version trying to aim the ballista is just shocking. I can't imagine trying to play the game on hard mode without a much greater degree of precision.

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    Almost all of my gaming as a kid was on either the Sega Mega Drive or the Commodore 64 with a joystick. So I'm Team Controller. I've never been able to brain keyboard and mouse gaming and I really suck at it.

    Controller for 3rd person/driving/2d scroller/fighting games, mouse and keyboard for everything else.

    Controller for RPG/indie/side scroll games. KB/mouse for FPS/RTS. G27 for racing

    If I don't have to click on things, then controller pretty much.

    Depends on the game. But for any kind of gun aiming, mouse + kb all the way.

    I'll actually sometimes swap between gamepad and mouse + kb in some games. Like an open world game, Sleeping Dogs for example, I'll grab my gamepad in a vehicle and then use the keyboard on foot.

    I'm 99% KBM on PC. The only game I'm playing with controller lately is Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and that's because the keyboard is atrocious in it.

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