The Big Question: Dark Souls III, Demon's Souls II, Or Bloodborne 2?

Okay, Bloodborne is finished, there's DLC on the way no doubt, but imagine you have the choice. You can greenlight a brand new game for development. Which do you choose?

Dark Souls III, Demon's Souls II or Bloodborne 2?

You might as well ask me which of my children I love the most.

Actually that's pretty easy, I only have one child. This question is way harder.

I'm gonna go with Bloodborne 2. I think I've had enough Dark Souls, and I didn't quite get into Demon's Souls in the same way I did Dark Souls. Bloodborne is a brand new universe and I feel like we're just scratching the surface. I want more.


    I don't want a Bloodborne 2 like the way we got a Dark Souls 2 - we've gotten something better every time they make a new IP.
    So, I choose none of the above. Something new please.

      Yeah! Bloodborne really feels like Dark Souls: Gothic Victoria.

      I wanna see other Dark Souls locations!

      Dark Souls 2 would of been wonderfulif they didn't maim the development.

      Then again, I do like my mystic sky elevator.

    I'd go Bloodborne 2 for the pace of the combat and just generally slightly tighter gameplay.

    It'd be good to get out of the Haunted House environment though.

    I think I actually like Dark Souls better than Bloodborne, but given that I:
    - Am half-way through Bloodborne
    - Have not yet played Dark Souls II
    - Have not yet played Demons Souls

    Then I figure that I have less remaining Bloodborne to play through, and would therefore benefit most the existence of Bloodborne II.

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      Yah having finished Bloodborne and Dark Souls 2, still personally think neither really compare to Dark Souls. Would like to see a DS3, but capturing what DS2 failed to.

    Maybe "Hello Kitty Super Rainbow Fun Time"?

    ‘From Software presents: Stuck Behind a Bus Simulator 2016’

    A driving game with the all the fun and progression speed of the Souls series.
    You start the game in a manual 1980’s Hyundai and over 80 hours must progress 5km up a steep, narrow and windy road to the top of a mountain passing barely moving heavy vehicles which will ram you all the way back to the bottom every time you make a mistake.

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      100% I would fund this as much as possible

    To be honest, I'd choose "New IP that breaks away from the 'Souls Game' mold". I chose Bloodborne 2 though for the potential it represents. While Bloodborne was at the right edge of the Souls game bell curve, there were many times it felt like it was a mediocre Bayonetta/Devil May Cry. There were also more than a few times when I wished I could climb onto monsters like in Dragon's Dogma. I think if From tweaked the combat a little more then it would be something really amazing. (For me at least)

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    Soulborne: The Bloodening.

      Lol but wouldnt a gameplay hybrid of the 2 just be badass?

    What about a Souls game but set in the future?

    Could be all new lore and crazy future-monsters and whatnot.

    Upgradeable laser-anything, anyone?

      I think the problem with this is that it's very hard to balance guns in a game like this especially if they're lazer/phazer/crystal etc

        Just don't have guns I reckon. It'd be like if Star Wars had Jedi and Sith but nothing else. Could have phase claws, plasma blades, and maybe a few High Energy Phasal-Plasma Swords, with added Laser Claws ;)

        Hey, if Star Wars games can get away with 'personal shields only nullify laser bolts, ushering the era of melee combat', then I'm sure future-souls can, too. :)

        Or go a System Shock 2 style route of scarcity.

        Personally I like the idea of an escape-pod crash on a dust/urban planet whose architects all considered H.R. Giger's work to be their ideal.

        That'll let them keep all that 'grey' theme they're so fond of, all ornate and arcane and prone to awe-inspiring locations visible from afar, and at some point maybe you'll come across the cracked-in-half burned-out-to-fuck husk of your city-sized ship, showing a completely different human-future aesthetic... albeit burned/corroded/crushed.

    I would like them to keep their core gameplay ideas (the same one that are shared by the DeS, DS, DS II, and BB) and keep evolving their game into a new ip. It felt like BB was the "next step" and I would like them to keep taking more steps. I am so in love with these games!!!

    Bloodborne was amazing.

    But the setting was all a bit too dark and samey. Not so much for the first game, but more or the same in a sequel would be a bit much.

    I'd definitely like a palette cleanser before we do BB2.

    if i had to choose 1... it would be in the setting/era type of dark souls but with more bloodborne style combat pacing.
    Having said that, just give me all three sequels and i will devour them accordingly

    DSIII for no other reason than I probably can then at least play it on PC (I'm eating my heart out not being able to play BB for want of a PS4).

    Dark Souls 3, mostly because it's the only one that isn't a playstation exclusive and I like my shield

    Dark Souls III, simply because it'll be on the PC, and so I don't need to pay extra to play online

    I opened up the article thinking "How is this even a question?! Demon's Souls."
    Huh. Apparently you all suck. :P

      Yeah. I totally did the same thing. I got plat for Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II and about to get it for Bloodborne but I still think Demon's Souls was where it was at! They were all excellent games but we need more Demon's Souls.

      ...Earlier in this thread I have apparently accused you of being a hipster. :D

    Dark Souls 3 without a doubt, even if it's the last i think they'd pull it off better than the previous 2

    Demon's Souls II would be amazing in my opinion. It has such great lore and environments and I'd love to see them explore a bit deeper using mechanics from the new titles.

    Or Dark Souls 3, Chronicles of Detroit featuring voice acting from Adam Sandler (give the protagonist a voice) I feel like it would deliver on the whole "new ip" experience people want while giving Dark Souls fans what they want, perhaps GM HQ could be a fragment of Manus and the rejuvenation of the car industry can be a metaphor for the first flame?

    Viewtiful Joe sequel!!!!!!!!! Take over!!!!!!!!!!

    8===========D ~ ® °°°°{{√√√√bdub√√√√}}°°°°

    Let's go with Demon Souls II - would love to get a next gen reimagining of that universe. Alternatively, Dark Souls III would be my pick, there's still a story to be told there. There's no need for a Bloodborne 2.

    Definitely Dark Souls III

    With the same team that worked on Bloodborne and with all From has learned from DSII, just think... It will be amazing. Bloodborne esk visuals with DarksoulsI/Bloodborne level design and Dark souls story/setting!!

    Time for some dual-wielding Great and Large clubs pvp!

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