‘The Difficulty Of Making Manga’ Is Being Turned Into A Feature Film

‘The Difficulty Of Making Manga’ Is Being Turned Into A Feature Film

Bakuman, the manga about making manga is getting a live-action movie adaptation. Check out the trailer (with English subtitles).

As seems to be the ever increasing trend of live-actionadaptations of popularmanga/anime, the next upcoming movie is Bakuman, based on the manga of the same name by the authors of Death Note, Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

Check out the trailer below with English subtitles by Toshi Nakamura.

The story follows two high school classmates who set out to become manga artists and create a hit series for one of Japan’s biggest manga publications, Shonen Jump. Their final goal is to have a hit series that will get an anime adaptation — a rather meta plot considering the original manga got its own anime adaptation.

The original manga spanned 20 volumes and the subsequent anime series had 3 seasons with 75 episodes total, so there’s a substantial amount of content to fit into what looks to be a single movie — a fact that immediately sets off warning klaxons in my head. Who knows, hopefully it will be good.

‘The Difficulty Of Making Manga’ Is Being Turned Into A Feature Film

The live-action Bakuman movie is slated to hit Japanese theatres on October 3rd. No word on an international release.


  • Irony: The 32 second video clip being smaller in file size than either of the 3 second gifs…

    I kind of bounced off the Bakuman manga but the movie looks like it might be an interesting condensation of it. It could be horribly mediocre as well though so I will most likely wait for it to be streamed somewhere. Hopefully not as a bunch of gifs…

  • Oddly enough, they managed to capture the facial expressions well considering that this is live action. I think I’d watch this.

  • I don’t think it look as good as the anime or manga…
    I dunno… I think the actors don’t fit the characters so well.
    of course I liked the original so I will probably watch too.

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