The First Retro Five Minutes Of Thirty Years Of Gradius

Three decades ago, back when Konami released video games, Japanese arcade goers were graced with one outstanding space shooter. I was so much better at Gradius back then. Collecting pods, choosing which power-ups to activate in which order, and that horrible feeling of loss when you die and lose it all.

That's what Gradius for the NES was for me, and while it wasn't released in the US until December of 1986, I don't have the original Japanese arcade cabinet, so we're doing this.

Those of you with the means to play original NES games or a copy of the game on Wii or Wii U Virtual Console, feel free to play along. Or at least wave to my remains as you gracefully sail past Bitch Mountain.


    'Three decades ago, back when Konami released video games...'


    Gradius gave rise to Parodious, and for this we are most thankful.

    Lifeforce, so many wasted hours. Can't remember how many times I 'clocked' that game with my brother. I loved ripple, he loved lasers.

    We are making a 8bit sci fi starship game to bring back same feeling:

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