The Gold Mario amiibo Is Exclusive To Target In Australia

Well, there you go. Nintendo Australia has announced that certain upcoming amiibo will be exclusive to certain stores. That fancy gold Mario amiibo? That's gonna be exclusive to Target.

And the silver Mario amiibo? You'll only be able to pick that up at EB Games. The silver Mario amiibo is set for release May 30.

No word yet on when the gold Mario amiibo is hitting stores.

Good luck getting either of them. It's gonna be a bloodbath.


    Still won't shop at Target.

      We should go and start our own store. With blackjack and hookers.

      Better than Kmart & Big W and sopping there will save you $10 to $40 a game over EB prices.

        Because you're so wet, they'll give you a discount if it means getting you out of the store faster?

    I might try to get either of them, but if I don't, oh well.

      Jesus, just paint a mario amiibo gold or silver. fuck it, paint a Link as well! Metal Toad? Why the fuck not?? amiibos are a great idea executed terribly from a consumer viewpoint

        Yeah. Scree really needs to dial back her rabid obsession. It's out of hand, let us help get you the help you need!

        [Edit: I do get that you're making a more general comment on the concept of special edition Amiibos, it's just funny you paired it with Scree's 'meh, I might get one of those two if they happen to have any left' comment.]

        Last edited 15/05/15 10:55 am

          When you put it that way...The only one I was really interested in was wooly Yoshi because wool. =P

          I mean, Oh god I have a problem! Thank you for pointing it out to me. I need amiibos anonymous! (am I doing this right?)

          Last edited 15/05/15 12:21 pm

        I don't have time to paint them. Same reason Link still looks crappy.

    Don't Target know the Mario series is about an overweight drug addict hopped up on shrooms who travels around crushing animals to death, feasting on the severed heads of the Mushroom people, and relentlessly stalking a woman who was so terrified of him she had to move castle eight times just to get away from him?

    Probably should ban this stuff too.

    Last edited 15/05/15 9:23 am

      We share the exact same theory! I love you so much Jesus!

      Would it be horrible if we started a petition using this?

      Another person upset someone decided they felt uncomforatble making money out of something they felt was a little dodgy? It's not like they were saying people shouldn''t buy them, just that they don't want to sell them...
      Oh no, Target refuse to sell Lamborghini super cars, I won't shop there anymore!
      EB are laughing about people like you who would rather go spend an extra $10 to $40 for each game than shop at Target.

        I'm not upset, I just choose to vote with my wallet. Some customers threatened to pull their business until the product was removed, I pull my business until the product is reinstated. EB are welcome to laugh but it's not like they get my business either so it seems like a kinda empty victory really, don't you think?

    Meh. They both look worse than the normal MP Mario. Which in turn looks worse than the Smash Mario.

    I am so over Amiibos. I got a Link one and was really excited when I found it. But now I look at it and think, why did I bother?

      I'm the opposite. Initially I wasn't too interested, then decided I wanted to get about 4 of them as they were my preferred characters in Smash, and I thought "Okay, I'm done". But just the other day I found myself buying a few more. Dammit.

    Not smash bros themed, not getting

    If by fancy you mean tacky, then, yeah, I guess it is fancy.

    Just ordered my Silver Mario... now I need Goldie to have an announced release date, and it's all good =3

    Just when i received my gold one from america.... FU!!!!

    Just bought a silver one on eb will try and grab that gold one
    Called Target its coming out same date ~ Let the battle BEGIN!

    Last edited 15/05/15 10:35 am

    Ordered up two dozen odd silver Mario amiibo, I made $1800 on Marth and Villager scalping alone so this should be quite a good haul.

      Not that you are wrong for gaming the system, but I don't think it's supposed to work that way :-)

      Ugh, congrats? It's one thing to be low enough to scalp, another to boast about it.

      On behalf of everyone who legitimately wanted one of those figures and couldn't get one because of extortionist pricks such as yourself, fuck you.

      Considering the EB website only lets customers preorder one, I wouldn't be surprised if you're just a troll trying to get a reaction. I highly doubt you drove around to 24 EB stores to preorder that many amiibos.

      I like to think of Kotaku as a troll free zone. Thanks for ruining it.

    The temptation to try and get one of these elusive figures is... actually not that much. Kinda at a "meh" point concerning Amiibos. Sad really...

    Someone should keep an eye on the ebay prices for this amiibo once its released in australia, cause they're at like $100+. Im expecting prices to drop

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