The Horrors Of The NBA, Unleashed

The Horrors Of The NBA, Unleashed

It’s funny the first three times you see it, but then you start to wonder, what sound is he making, if he’s making any sound at all? Is it a shrill, bird-like shriek? Or is he singing a song to summon the great spirits of the void, who will emerge from the depths and consume the world?


    • I think the important speech he is giving his players. Whilst waiting for the dentist to ‘have a good root around’.
      It looks weird.

      • Kay now that the GIFs are loading on my phone the whole article makes more sense!

  • Editor: “Okay is this article ready to go live? Hmmm okay so GIFs? Yes 2 of them fantastic. At least 2 lines of text? Wonderful! It’s perfect! Make it live now!”

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