The Humble Sale Continues To Be Amazing

Just about every Rockstar game. Alien: Isolation and a ton more Indie games makes up the majority of today's Humble Store sale. A lot of good stuff to check out here.

But Alien: Isolation, 2014's game of the year for me, is $12.49. You can't argue with that. It's good. It's so good. I definitely recommend picking it up if you don't already have a copy. Super Hexagon is 29 cents. Wow.

What else? Man, there's so much. Max Payne 3 is cheap at $4.99, L.A. Noire is $5.99, Gunpoint is $1.99 — I haven't played that yet, so I think I'm gonna bite on that one.


    Looks like the 4-pack of Screen Cheat is only $15 as well.

    Remember how much fun Goldeneye was back in the day? Well, that's exactly what Screen Cheat manages to do without the dated clunkiness.

    Gunpoint is pretty damn fantastic. More of a puzzle game then anything else at later levels. The movement just feels right in this game. Very well written as well.

      Although it's not the best Game ever made it's the only one I've played so far that I actually wished I paid more for the game than I did (I bought it during a steam sale). With a wonderful sense of humour, fantastic art, great music and excellent gameplay (not to mention well designed levels) it's exactly what I want from a video game and it delivers for me on every front so well that many "AAA" games I've played since feel lifeless and dull.

      Bloody hell I love that game, seems a shame to me that Gunpoint is not often mentioned as being in the same league as the likes of Hotline Miami, Super Meat Boy and FTL when it's equally as excellent in my eyes.

    I just bought Alien Isolation but they've run out of Steam Keys so I'll have to wait until they get more before I can download it.

    Even in the digital age you can run out of stock.

      Bought GTA 4 collection now that I have a semi-decent PC.

      Now my wishlist is one game down, 65 more to go :/

    Alien Isolation GOTY? Surely you jest? It was decent, but most of it was in the atmosphere, not the gameplay, and when the atmosphere wore off, there wasn't much left to hold you. Did you even play many other games?

      There wasn't a huge number of contenders for it. What was your GOTY. There was DA:I and shadows of mordor as first big options but I can see reasons people wouldn't like both of them.

    As good as the Humble Store sale is, and it is great, all it really does is reminds me that there's probably a Steam sale around the corner, and that they often end up having even better deals.

      I give it about a month before the next Steam sale.

      Most Humble games seem to be sold as Steam keys anyway, and it doesn't seem necessary to hold out for the chance that something currently under $3 might be cheaper later - especially if some of it goes to charity.

      As someone only recently getting back into PC gaming after a long hiatus, is there any reason besides price to prefer buying them during a Steam sale than through Humble?

        Tradition? No, there's no real reason to hang off. If there's a game you want available for a good price then go for it.

        Game prices drop so rapidly these days, and there's always another sale or bundle around the corner, so I feel like the impetus to buy has been taken away. Every new sale just makes me feel like there's probably a better deal just around the corner.

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