The Humble Store Is Having Another Of Its Bloody Sales

So yeah, if you don't have any money go ahead and assume this sale doesn't exist.

Because there's a lot of stuff on-sale here. To the point where Bethesda and Namco Bandai have their own sub-pages full of just about every game they've ever released.

The Bethesda one is probably the best . It's full of Elder Scrolls stuff, Dishonored stuff, Fallout stuff. And just about all of the stuff you could imagine.

But outside of that? Loads of stuff really. Dark Souls is $4.99, Limbo is $2.49, Alan Wake is $5.99. A lot of excuses to waste money here.

Have at it.


    GoG is also having a semi-decent sale.

    Steam must have a sale in two weeks

    and BundleStars and IndieGala - all vying for our delicious internet moneys before the Steaming giant awakens!

      HAHA Steaming giant...
      I could only think of Sloprano from Conkers Bad Fur Day

    Psychonauts & Trine for $1 & $1.50 respectively. Two awesome child-and-adult friendly games for the price of a cup of coffee, can't beat that...

    This is the point where I get bummed that I already own these...

    Ah hell, might as well get into the souls games now...

    What sale, there's no sale going on anywhere on the internet at all ever.

    Might be time to grab Morrowind at long last as well as a digital copy of Quake 4

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    PSN is having a half decent one atm as well - the only one I can remember is Alien Isolation at $24.95, but there were a few other noteworthy titles at that price too.

      Yes, this! I picked up Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition for $23 and Watch Dogs (since I'd never pay full price for it) for $25 which I thought was pretty good value.

    I picked up Alien Isolation from EB yesterday for $35, which I thought was pretty decent, then chased up the Nostromo DLC online and noticed the sale.
    But I thought, "a 20gb download plus a trip back to the shops to save thirteen bucks? Eh."

    Oooh there's a link this time

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