The Latest Humble Bundle Is All Australian

So this is really cool and unexpected. Today the Humble Bundle team announced a new bundle — and every one of the games available was made in Australia!

It's been put together in part by Surprise Attack, a local PR and Marketing that we've covered extensively in the past. Surprise Attack began as a company that helped bring Australian games to the world. They've expanded since then, but this Humble Bundle is a great expression of that goal.

The bundle is set up as follows...

— Oscura: Lost Light — Metrocide — OTTTD

These three games are available regardless of how much you pay. Pay more than $6 and you also get...

— A Druid's Duel — Particulars — Robocraft (early access)

Pay more than $12 and you receive...

— Vertiginous Golf — Screencheat (two-pack)

Those are all really great games. Oscura: Lost Light came out pretty recently and Vertiginous Golf came out this week I think. So a lot of brand new video games in this bundle.

Well worth supporting.


    Sweet! Might have to pick up the $12 tier this time :)

    Last edited 08/05/15 10:23 am

    Might as well I guess, never heard of the games, but the price is right :)

    Just recently picked up the HoMM pack myself. Lots of value there - I'm not really into the Aussie indie games scene so would anyone be enlightened to fill me in if any of these games are worth playing :)

      If you're looking to start Robocraft, you should get the bundle that is included.
      Screencheat's also good if you have friends to play with.

    Hold on hold on...

    If I pay more than 6 bucks, I get access to an early access free-to-play game (Robocraft).

    That's amazing!

    EDIT: Wait, just looked at the image. It's for a pack. Probably pieces and a pre-built bot. Note to players -- pre-builts are good on their balance and steering, but their weapons are generally woeful. I was... Obsessed on this game a while back.

    Last edited 08/05/15 11:23 am

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