The Latest In Witcher 3 Bling: A Purple Horse

Not just a purple saddle, or Prince-pleasing purple reins. But an entirely purple mount.

I'm not certain that nature works this way, but I guess when you're a Witcher, you can bend nature to your will. According to Bitcoin Boffin, the bug happened when downloading the Temerian Armour set for Roach prior to starting the game, but it's not clear if the file fully downloaded prior to playing, or something else that could be patched out has occurred.

Thanks to Emanence for the tip!


    ...or Prince-pleasing purple reigns.
    That made me lol. Like more than I should have...

    I came across a purple horse in the wild near the mill used axii to calmthe beast and rode it, is there a way to saddle said beast or is Geralt an exclusive Roach man?

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