The Next Need For Speed Will Require An Online Connection

Briefly: The next Need for Speed will require an online connection, according to a tweet from the racing series' official Twitter account. This development isn't too surprising after seeing persistent connectivity play such a big part in NFS Rivals. Let's hope the implementation improves for the upcoming game.


    Trivial thing to complain about these days,

      not really, not everything needs to be an MMO, if a game can't stand on its own two feet for a single player experience it's not worth a grain of salt.

      Titanfall learned that the hard way.

    Let me take a wild guess and say that the servers won't work on day 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5. It will work on 6th day but become even worse on 7th.

    so therefore they have doomed a butt load of potential players who live in the country where inernet is sketchy at best, or not even available.

    good business decision

      Exactly. I'm out.
      Even those travelling with laptops that enjoy a bit of gaming, requiring internet to play just damn sucks, as does the day the servers eventually are taken offline, and the game effectively stops existing.

    Soooo probably no local multi/split-screen then?

      I can't even remember the last need for speed game that had split screen. My girlfriend loves the old need for speed franchise but only likes playing couch co-op type games.

      I think the only reason I have two controllers these days is to charge one while I play the other. I blame the lack of co-op...others may say it's cause I have no friends.

    havr always brought every nfs and this one will be a pass not a fan of these new online only games a lot of people Eva don't have access to contact Internet or can't afford it. I can afford it but don't like online as if you versus some one or there is a issue with connection the game lags. The crew on ps4 is a great example with a game that failed sales never picked up because of the online only

    I think the game industry has gone long enough without some governing body. It would be nice to have someone regulating steam so modders/game developers aren't getting taken advantage of AND to add a requirement to have "Online Only" displayed near the title of a game. Just so people aren't tricked into buying a game they may not be able to play. I would also recommend that online only games have a due diligence to keep the online servers up for .. 10 years?.. with a clause for early shutdown of online servers; return of money to people for every year earlier due to the game being made unplayable.

    Who wants to pay full price for a game that could possibly only be playable for a couple of weeks due to funding? I've never seen this happen yet ...

    Publishers/developers never learn. The NFS franchise hasn't been anything more than background noise since the PS2 days. It's up there with Fifa, Madden, COD, Silent Hill etc where they release a piss poor game once a year with a minor concept change or tweaks and keep trying to milk an ancient franchise.

    Looks like they want to kill it with a mandatory connection. For anything other than MMOs, who in their right mind would use this kind of DRM and actually expect a positive reception? Let alone attempt to convince everyone it's going to make the game BETTER. Many many lolz.

    Good luck. It's not like we don't have a plethora of much better games to play. Way to slit your throat guys. I wasn't going to buy that trash anyway, but now I won't even consider it.

    The Crew was online only. And look how well that went.

    Agreed. My internet is constantly dropping out and there is nothing I can do. TPG and Telstra keep passing the buck.
    This sucks for people who can't get decent internet (and where it isn't readily available) and also want to play the game without having to rely on a connection.
    Remember the very first Need for Speed? I had never heard of the internet! That game was amazing.

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