The Star Wars Theme, On Top Of A BB-8 Droid, On Bagpipes That Are On Fire

Sometimes, when the world is getting you down, what you need is footage of a man balancing on top of a BB-8 Droid playing the Star Wars theme on bagpipes that belch actual fire.


[puts fingers to mouth]

You're welcome.

In the next Mad Max movie they should totally hire this guy instead of the electric guitar guy. Way better in my humble opinion.


    I could do that, I just don't wanna.

    I won't lie, sometimes Kotaku posts absolute shite and then just when I think all hope is lost you post something like this and my faith is restored.

    I saw "bagpipes on fire" and got excited for a moment.

    Scotts are my kind of people =)

    Want to make something awesome? Just add fire =)

    Video in article is a remake likely for May 4th (be with you) or as the lead up to force awakens by the same guy in this video below

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