The Trailer For Star Ocean V With English Subtitles

The Trailer for Star Ocean V with English Subtitles

Star Ocean V is a thing and it's coming. Sadly, Square Enix hasn't seen it fit to offer the announcement trailer in English for Western fans of the series. Fear not; that's why I'm here.

Star Ocean V: Integrity and Faithlessness, the fifth instalment of the main Star Ocean series will take place between Star Ocean 2 and Star Ocean 3. According to developers, where the series has always mixed science fiction and fantasy elements together, Star Ocean V supposedly looks to be take a step back from the futuristic technological-heavy atmosphere of the previous game to a more mystical fantasy-heavy world.

Check out the previously released trailer for the game below, but this time with handy English subtitles.

Star Ocean V: Integrity and Faithlessness is scheduled for release on the PlayStation 3 and 4 at an unspecified date in the future. Probably before we actually develop interstellar travel.


    Still on the hype train for this. People can hate on the star ocean games all they want but I love em no matter how big a shark they jump!

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