The Witcher 3 Has A Heartfelt Thank You Note Inside

The Witcher 3 Has A Heartfelt Thank You Note Inside

When you open up a physical copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, it comes with a surprise from the game's developer, CD Projekt RED. Awww.

As part of his unboxing process, here's a photo shared by Imgur user ChestPaddles:

The Witcher 3 Has A Heartfelt Thank You Note Inside

CD Projekt RED has always been known as a studio that closely listens to its fans, and while it's simply a letter in a box, there's something very cool about a developer articulating their thanks. It reminds me of how Resident Evil provided a note of congratulations and thanks from the game's creator, if you managed to beat the game under some extremely hard conditions.

All I need to do now is get through the rest of the work day so I can actually play Witcher 3...


    To me this does way more for keeping a buyer from becoming a pirate than any in box 'warnings' about the legal ramifications of piracy.

      Goes to show that you will get more people to buy a game with kindness and value than threats and payed DLC

      Makes people realise the devs are just trying to make a living.

      word. I opened it and was genuinely surprised and happy about it.

    The whole team also signed every collector edition box. Which was an awesome surprise! I havnt seen many studio do that.

      I was so happily surprised to open the C.E to see a hundred or so signatures on the inner of the massive box.

      Not sure if its individually signed though. Even if printed is still an awesome addition.

        Mine smelt like permanent marker, and some were slightly smugged O.o

    Had every intention of just waiting for the GotY edition. After reading this Im gonna go pick it up next payday.

    Its this kind of thing that will make me pre-order games of interest in the future from CD Projekt RED. Free or Paid for DLC is fine when this sort of respect is shown to customers.

    Ok that makes me just want to run out and buy the game now. I had no intention of doing it previously because I still haven't finished 1 or 2 and have very little gaming time these days. But something like this just makes me want to give them money for being so awesome.

    Yeeesh, good on them. 16 FREE DLC updates. Thats pretty damn great. Meanwhile, over at Activision....TWO DLC updates! Yes TWO! So much content*!

    *content may be limited to 12 minutes or less of new gameplay at an approximate cost of $24.99

    And, and, and, the base game also came with a manual, map and a soundtrack. :O

      Sigh. Manuals.
      I miss my manuals.
      I may end up getting this physically, not digitally, simply because of the manual.

        It smelled good too!

          How do you know that I enjoy smelling freshly printed manuals that maybe only one other pair of hands has touched!?!

            I'm also aware you like to do it on the toilet while the game is installing. ;)

    Is it just me who feels like a second rate citizen for buying the Digital version?

    This makes the fact I'm still waiting for my preorder to arrive just that much more tolerable, to be honest.

    Over 200 of them... damn.

    Ubisoft uses what, 3 or 4 thousand on Assassins Creed games?

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