The Witcher 3's Launch Trailer Is Predictably Gorgeous

But maybe not gorgeous in the way you'd expect.

Video game trailers are marketing, but I still have a soft spot for them. I remember trailers that — for better or worse — had some sort of impact on me, or felt iconic for its time. The Gears of War 'Mad World' trailer for example, or the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV. This trailer for The Witcher 3 gives me the same sort of vibe. The song is perfect, the images are well put together and edited. It's also strangely subtle for a video game trailer. I love it.

I started playing The Witcher 3 last night on the PlayStation 4 and it's such a beautiful game. Counting the hours till I can go back home and play again.



    Waited outside the store I work at this morning for it to open so I could pick up my copy and play for a few hours before going back there to work later today.

    So damn excited.

    Ugh. Girlfriend is picking it up for me as she works at EB, but she won't be home til around 6:30. The wait is gonna be agonising!

      I'll be grabbing the game today, then just have to wait for my PS4 to be delivered. That post tracking page may well be the most refreshed page on the interwebs this week!

      I have to wait until I finish work, Train my PT clients and then pick up a mates car :'( probably not going to get to play for at least another 8 hours.

    Going to buy a new 34" ultra wide monitor and pick up my copy of the game on my way home today. Man today is going SO SLOW!!

    I've said goodbye to my friends and family. Stocked up on food and energy drinks.... My copy arrived yesterday.

    Woke up half an hour early so I could get to Target at 8:00am and get my copy for $69.

    Tonight when I get home there will be a great feast of pizza and soft drink to celebrate the start of my journey (after a short update).

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      Me too! picked it up at 9am from Target in Melbourne... burning JB Hi Fi who don't open until 10 am and they're selling it at 79. Now just have to get through my working day...

      I just called my local JB HIFI to see if they would price match Target and they said they couldnt, because Target is selling the standard edition that doesnt have the extra stuff like the compendium, map etc. Can you confirm that?

        EB will price patch Target. No questions asked at my store.

        My version from Target came with the bonus content. Compendium, World Map, Soundtrack, Wolf Head Stickers.

        My JB matched Target, but it might have only been because their games department wouldn't pick up the phone...

    Got a week of annual leave, playing right now! Just taught some fools outside a tavern a lesson.

    naturally one of the biggest game launches of the year happens during my busiest time at uni, I guess I will buy it and put it in a draw until I have the time to play it.

    I think i'm going to have to buy this game, but i've got soooo many other games to play :(

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